Mourning doves and Mother’s Day

We got us a baby! Possibly two. I can’t really tell yet. However, seeing as how we are now bird parents, (sort of), I thought it might be a good idea to learn about mourning doves and boy, are they interesting.

mourning dove

Can you see the momma? The baby is hidden because I didn’t want to get too close.

First of all they are lifelong mates and they equally share the parenting duties. I thought it was odd when I saw another bird fly in every morning and take over, so I researched it.


                                                     Such attentive parents!

Sure enough the father typically comes in during the day and the mother takes the night shift and they both feed the hatchling for the first few days because they both make milk! So interesting. I just love them.

And because I must show you something that I grew with my very own two hands, check out my gladiolus which finally bloomed.

I am quite proud to say that I planted those from bulbs two years ago and moved them at least 4 times but finally, pink flowers!

Oh and I downloaded some of my pictures from the weekend on the boat. I wanted to give you a brief glimpse into our adventures on the boat and the new local eatery called Nokomos and maybe you’ll see why we love Englewood, Nokomis and Venice so much.

Hank the Dachshund

                                                     “Don’t fly off the boat Hank!”




                                      We have the best sunsets ever!


This is Nokomos.  They don’t have a full menu yet but do have CornHole and a full bar so really, that’s all that matters….

Hope you enjoyed those pics.  I sure had a good time while I was taking them 😉

And to all you Mom’s out there, I hope you have a happy and relaxing Mother’s Day!

What are your plans for this weekend?