Migraine medications finally

So, this post is a little late today because I’m using my lunch hour to write it.  Did I mention that I’ve taken on another part time job?  No?  Because you know one of my recent part time endeavors is dealing with the idiots who are supposed to be providing me with insurance but instead are constantly refusing to pay because of what they say are ‘wrong approval codes’ or ‘out of network services’ and what I say is bullshit.

health care


And now I’m fighting with my current doctors (who have referred me to specialist) because I’m on a waiting list for the specialist and in the meantime no one wants to treat my migraines which are ongoing.

After weeks of phone calls and emails I finally won a battle.

My neurologist has called in a prescription for Topiramate (Topamax).  He is also prescribing steroids.  I’m not sure about those.  I took steroids once before for a few months.  I’m not sure how much they helped me but I did refinish almost every piece of furniture that I owned, twice.

Or maybe I should take the steroids….

what meds do

But for now I’m taking on a third job.  I’m researching the side effects of my new meds.

all the jobs mon

I have 17 jobs mon!

Bonus points if you can tell me where the jobs meme is from.

Anyone else take medications for migraines?  Has it helped?