WTF Wednesday – G Day

So yesterday was…

G Day

I am going to be really honest and admit right up front that I did not have high hopes.  I mean, I didn’t go in all negative either, but let’s face it, I’m not batting 1,000 in the medical arena so to say I was expecting miracles was putting it mildly, I was just hoping the doctor was more than  competent, if even only slightly so.

While sitting in the waiting room, my mom and I overheard the receptionist on the phone requesting medical records.  She stated that it was her third request in the last six weeks.  She then went on to say that she didn’t feel she was rushing them at all especially since they had referred the patient and expedited the request.  And then she said she’d prefer they fax the records because the patient was in the lobby and she said the name but I already knew because the medical Gods hate me.

I just looked over at my mom and shook my head….

I believe it

It was my name.  Of course.

The nurse came in and took my vitals and asked me the basic questions.  I gave her basic answers.  And then the Doctor came in.  He seemed like a nice enough guy.  I told him why I was there, showed him the records that fortunately I had brought with me, and then I told him all of the things that have been going on, the tests that I have already had, and have not had.  I may have also mentioned that I was a little miffed with the medical industry lately and their lack of compassion for patients.   And me in general.

Anyway, he spent about a half hour with me going over my various complaints and ordered a ton of blood tests and an x-ray, both of which I will have to schedule at a different facility because, insurance, so we will follow up after the results of those and go from there.  He said it wasn’t necessary for me to start eating gluten again because if I felt better without it, then I shouldn’t eat it.  No big revelations but who knows what we’ll find out from the tests, maybe something, maybe not?  Maybe more tests, only time will tell.  I mean, how many digestive diseases can there be anyway?

digestive diseases

How long can it possibly take to get through all of these?

This morning, I ran 5 more miles.  It felt pretty damn good after taking yesterday off.  And Pokemon Go decided to treat me to a Halloween treat and throw in some ghostly pokemon today.  I even got two new ones today, a Marowak and a Gengar.  I almost tripped over a curb when they showed up!  I’ve never even heard of Marowak before so if you’re one of the four people that still play Pokemon Go, this week is a good time to play!  WTF, it’s Wednesday, what else have you got to do?

What are you doing for Halloween?  Have you gotten a costume?