It very peopley out there on Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th y’all!


That scene still freaks me out to this day, even though I totally know what’s coming, it still freaks my shit out!  Other than the movie, I like Friday the 13th.  Typically it’s a lucky day for me and so far this year, same.

I got this present in the mail yesterday.

chia bars

I’ll tell you all about soon but I’m pretty excited about it, especially the coloring book. I mean, who doesn’t want a coloring book about marathon training, right?  Duh!

Also, we have a new bird on the pond.  I’m not sure if he’s decided to move in permanently but it’s been 3 weeks and he’s still here so I’m thinking he’s decided to call our pond his new digs and I am beyond excited because he is beautiful.


And if that weren’t enough to make me feel lucky, October and November are traditionally the season of community garage sales around here and today, THERE ARE TWO!  I don’t know how I will find the time to go to all of them but I must.

G sale

The only thing you have to remember is that when you go to a garage sale on Friday the 13th, you cannot second guess any purchase, you cannot!



If garage sales aren’t your thing and you didn’t get presents in the mail, it’s still your lucky day because check out the best T shirt I have found yet for any introvert out there.


So as you can see Friday the 13th is a very, very lucky day.  And if you don’t believe me, ask Taylor Swift, she loves Friday the 13th. ………… See, I didn’t feel like I had enough content for you so I had to throw in some Taylor Swift, look what you made me do.

And with that, I’m out.  They pyrex is waiting people!

Happy Friday, 13th and all!  Is it lucky or not, what do you think?

What are your plans for this weekend?

Lasso that Yasso, 800’s that is.

Good Morning!  I hope your weather is as nice as ours is today because I am in heaven.  It was 71 degrees this morning when I left to run at 6:30 but the humidity and the dew point were in the low 60’s so it actually felt like 71 instead of 90, crazy isn’t it?  I would give up chocolate if we could have weather like this every day.

chocolate, yes please

Okay maybe not chocolate but broccoli, I’d give up broccoli.

Anyway, my point is it was really nice this morning and so I decided to practice some 800’s.  I’m not training for anything right now but when I am, I love incorporating Yasso 800’s into my routine.  This morning I ran them while listening to Lewis Del Mar’s Loud(y).

The weather coupled with that song make anything seem easy.

In honor of track Tuesday let’s talk about Yasso 800’s for a minute and what they are exactly.  For newbie’s or those of you who don’t run, an 800 is roughly a half mile or two laps around the track.

The premise behind the yasso 800’s is that if you want to run a 3:30 marathon then you would need to train by running 800’s in 3:30 each and jogging the same amount of time in between.  If you want to run a 4:20 marathon then you run your 800’s in 4:20 and so on.  You get the point.

You should start doing Yasso 800’s when you begin marathon training.  You start by running four 800’s and then increasing each week until you reach ten of them.

Yep, we are

Now, in my experience Yasso 800’s have not been 100% accurate for me, but that’s my experience.  I’m not a running coach or a scientist but I do like numbers and analytics and I like the theory behind the 800’s but I use them mainly for speed work because they do help me with speed.  I personally feel like for the theory to work for me I’d have to run a lot more of them for a much longer distance.

Adversely, I think it’s also really important that you don’t forget your weekly long run as well as some tempo training and a few easy runs.  With all of those things in your arsenal you should be able to nail your next race.  With that being said, I’m interested in knowing about your own experiences.

Have you run Yasso 800’s in your training and if so were they accurate for you?

What’s your weather like today?

Do you have a favorite speed work song?  What is it?

Two runs in absolute paradise!

Happy Monday! I have a confession to make.


We’re on a little vacation 😉

MacGyver’s parents are staying at our house in Venice so we came down Friday nite…..and we’re still here. We might come home tonite. Or not. Anyway, let me tell you about my favorite two trails and two runs this weekend, okay?

First, let’s talk about Saturday. That morning I got up early to do a long run but I had inadvertently screwed up the internet the night before so by the time I got frustrated trying to fix it, it was already 10:30am. I finally left to go running on the Legacy Trail around 11:00am and it was already getting hot! Not good conditions for a long run but I thought I’d attempt it….

Legacy TrailThe Legacy Trail is one of my favorite places to run in Florida and I’m always looking forward to running it when we come down here.

Legacy Trail

You Can’t beat these views!

the Legacy Trail

There’s water all around, wildlife, sun, lots of people and gorgeous views…

Despite all of that, the long run was a fail! I did manage 7 miles at a 10:45 pace but I did quite a bit of walking. That being said, 7 miles is still 7 miles. Take note of that and never sell yourself short. If your out moving instead of sitting on the sofa, it’s a great day. Am I right?

Moving on….

On Sunday I was determined to get up and run, and to go long regardless of what was going on. I managed to leave the house by 7:30am and decided to take the short portion of the Legacy Trail and head down the Venetian trail towards Caspersen Beach and then back.

41 bridge

Running over US41, this bridge is short but steep.


41 bridge

Does anyone know why they put these cage things over the bridges, I mean other than to keep people from falling off. Why do they need to cover the entire thing? I’m just wondering.

The Venetian Trail is a long trail beside the canal leading to the Gulf of Mexico. I took lots of pictures but to be honest, most of them look the same. So I’ll spare you by not posting them all.

The Train Depot

The Train Depot

Leaving the Legacy Trail and entering the Venetian Trail

Leaving the Legacy Trail and entering the Venetian Trail

The Venetian Trail

More water views!

Pictures on the Venetian Trail

This is one of two pics where I tried to get all artsy but it’s impossible to do that while running! For me anyway.

Venetian Parkway Trail

The second artsy attempt. I tried a wave effect because…water. Big fail.

I ran 13.1 miles. A practice half marathon if you will. I also took pictures the entire time.

The Venetian Parkway

And I didn’t stop once. I finished in 2:15:20, with an average 10:21 pace. Not bad for a little training run. The best part of the entire run was my surroundings. It’s just beautiful, and so relaxing here.

After I got back, my Mother-in-law and I took the dogs on a one mile walk and then I spent several hours working around the yard. We also took a little boat ride at sunset to check out a few houses that the parents are interested in. It’s been a lot of fun and MacGyver isn’t ready to leave yet, so I’m working from paradise today.

Venice, FloridaTry not to feel sorry for me.

Did you do a long run this weekend? Or a race? Tell me about it!