If it hurts to breathe you should see a doctor

Last Friday I had to convince MacGyver that it was time for him to go back to the doctor.  Do you have any idea how hard that is?

It’s almost impossible.

Anyway I finally convinced him because after we got home from Tennessee we both went to the doctor and I had a raging sinus infection and I was convinced that he had gotten bronchitis from me but the doctor on staff thought he might just have allergies or a ‘little cold’ and he didn’t prescribe anything and so MacGyver never got any better.   He needed to go back because he was having sharp pains in his back every time he took a deep breath and I was convinced he had pleurisy.

Dr. Google

So MacGyver went to his Doctor but they couldn’t fit him in until the end of the month and I told him with the sharp pains he needed to go to urgent care but did he listen to me, hell no.

But when the regular doctor told him he should go to a walk in clinic or urgent care immediately, he listened.

He never listens to me

Go figure.

Sometime later that afternoon he called me from the Publix where he was waiting for prescriptions to be filled and asked if I needed anything.  I asked him what the doctor said and he said that he did indeed have bronchitis and probably had for some time which is why he had inflammation and irritation which had resulted in pleuritis or pleurisy from all the coughing.

BOOM!  I knew it!

He said the doctor told him that the previous doctor should have given him antibiotics especially knowing that I had bronchitis and sinusitis because people living together tend to spread things.  Now, if I would have been there I would have asked the doctor if he thought it was the same strain and if it were possible for MacGyver to transfer it to me again but do you think he asked the doctor anything like that?  NO.

Instead MacGyver said, ‘If you think the other doctor should have given me antibiotics can I get my 25 bucks back?’

what the hell man

We stayed home this weekend to keep from spreading MacGyver’s janky germs around but that didn’t mean I couldn’t run.  I ran my longest distance since dealing with the migraines.  I ran 7 miles on Saturday with no issues at all!  And on Sunday I ran 5 miles and finished the last mile with a max pace of 7:34 for the last quarter mile!  It was epic.

I did a little shopping too but maybe it’s just me because I am starting to prefer online shopping so much more than actually going shopping.  The mall was horrible.  And I mean horrible.  The lines were long and the sales weren’t really all that good and I couldn’t find half the things I was looking for.  I just wasn’t all that impressed.  I totally prefer shopping during any other time of the year and online shopping during the holidays.

I did see this bumper sticker though and I laughed but after thinking about it now I just wonder what it even means.  I now realize that I hate bumper stickers that make me think why?  It doesn’t really make sense, so why?

my dog is a republican

How can your dog even have a political party?  How is that possible?

Have you done a lot of holiday shopping this year?  In the stores or online?  Which do you prefer?

Did you run this weekend?  What was your long run?

WTF Wednesday, the baddest of them all!

When MacGyver and I are down in Nokomis we frequently log onto the local news station that we watch in Clearwater so we can keep abreast as to what’s going on around our house while we’re away.

We were watching last week and it was a typical news day until this story came on:

razor theif(Click on the image to read the story or click here.)

And then we heard that the razor blades stolen were the exact same ones that MacGyver uses and the ones I steal from him to shave my legs, which is why 1,700 dollars for razor blades seemed perfectly reasonable.  He probably only got 5.

On Independence Day when MacGyver and I made our annual trek to the emergency room, (for the second time), the doctor was pretty explicit with his orders.  He said to make sure that we called an opthalmologist as soon as we could and and to make sure that we got an appointment immediately, because if we didn’t MacGyver could lose his eyesight.

Again, he was explicit.  I heard him correctly however, MacGyver heard something completely different.

doctors orders

I made getting an appointment my job and I called relentlessly until I got him in to see a specialist at 10:30AM this morning.  I wasn’t able to go with him because I had a prior appointment with the accountant but I asked him to call me if he needed a ride home just in case they dilated his eyes or anything.

I got home at 1PM and he was already there.  He said he went ahead and drove home but it wasn’t a big deal.  He said his eye was just a little blurry but that was probably because of the steroid shot that they gave him.



MacGyver just reached new levels of badassery today.  He is the new King of Badassdom and I bow down to his majesty.

WTF, it must be Wednesday

Have you ever had a shot in your eyeball?

Are you afraid of needles?

You got served!

Yesterday MacGyver had Jury Duty which totally cracked me up. If you know MacGyver, you’d know why.  Anyhow, he really didn’t want to go and was asking me how to get out of it.

I’m somewhat of an expert in the field of jury duty since I’ve been picked to go countless times, gotten out of it a few, and even been chosen as a juror.  In fact, once I was on the jury of a murder trial AND I was the foreperson.

Since I’m an expert, I told him to wear this shirt:

get out of jury duty

He didn’t of course.

He was there for several hours before I heard from him and then when he did call I asked him what the case was about.  I could tell he was uncomfortable with the question but I thought I could break him.  I asked again.  “Is it a high profile case?”  “Is it a murder case?”  Is it a case I’ve heard about on T.V?”

Finally, I said, “Oh, I guess you can’t tell me huh?”  And then he replied, “NO, especially when the judge and the attorneys are RIGHT HERE!”

He could not and would not be broken, right then, but let this be a lesson, you do not want MacGyver on your jury, because….ME.  Unless you want a hung jury, it’s best not to pick MacGyver because I will not give up…..I will poke and probe until I get some answers, it’s nothing personal.  It’s just my natural personality.

Anyway, MacGyver was there all damn day long and we were  seriously on the wire because we were pretty sure he would be picked which was really bad for reasons other than, it’s jury duty.

Anyway, at 5pm, I got the news:

no jury duty


And in case your wondering, the answer to all three questions that I had asked was yes.

Have you ever been selected for jury duty?