Nailing negative splits, lumo lift, and more.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I’ve been nailing my negative splits like a boss.  Of course, I’ve always been pretty good at negative splits.

negative splits

The only thing is, those are walking splits, but hey I’ll take a win wherever I can.

Since its Thursday let’s talk about some of things that I’ve been reading and reviewing this week starting with my Lumo Lift.  In case I haven’t mentioned it or maybe I did and I just forgot because it took me forever to try them but anyway, MacGyver got me both the Lumo Lift and the Lumo Run for my birthday.

lumo lift and lumo run

I haven’t used the Lumo Run enough to tell you what I think about it yet, but I love the Lumo Lift.  LOVE.  In a nutshell this little sensor resides on your clothing and helps you maintain good posture.  Since I have so many back issues, this thing is invaluable and it works really well.  Almost too well.  It’s like my Mother is standing over my shoulder saying ‘sit up straight young lady!

The only downside is the buzzer can get annoying but you can turn it off or remove it if you’re in the mood to slouch on the couch and pull off a Netflix marathon, not that I would encourage that sort of behavior but hey, to each his own right? 😉  Of course the point is to learn to have better posture….and seriously, I love it and if you have a tendency to slouch or have back issues due to a desk job, I highly recommend it. I’d go so far as to say it’s an invaluable tool for me.  (And for the record MacGyver did buy this for me as a birthday present and this post is in no way sponsored, besides I’m not that big of a deal.)

You can read more about it here.  Now, sit up straight!

I watched this video not because I hate running but because it leaves with me with severe migraines currently and I have to find alternate means of getting a good cardio workout.  If nothing else it’s a good HIIT workout and I don’t know why but the fitness models in the video look odd to me, almost like too stiff cheerleaders who really want to break out and do some hip hop but can’t…. you be the judge.

hiit workoutYou can see the video by clicking on the image.

I still read every article I can about running because obviously I want to run again as soon as possible so I best be prepared.  And I also might be obsessed.  A little.

The next article from GrindTV reminded me that there are things I can do every day to help me improve my running even though I’m not currently running.  Plus, if you aren’t in the habit of doing these things already you really should be.

GrindTVCheck out the article by clicking on the image.

And if you’re over 40 and you started running later in life, consider yourself very lucky.  According to this article, your running career may be longer than runners who started in their 20’s!

Do you remember last week how I told you about the girl who ran a half marathon while pumping her breasts?  Well, this woman actually does some pretty hard core yoga WHILE breast feeding.

Breast feeding Yogi

Click on the image to read the full article but I warn you, the graphic you’ll see is a bit more that what I’ve posted here.

And now for my favorite thing.  And it really is my favorite video that I’ve seen in a long, long time.  I personally nominate this guy for dad of the year.  And he would win too, hands down.

best dad everClick on the image above to follow the link and remember, you are no better than anyone else and no is better than you, you are blessed!

Have a great Thursday.

Do you have good posture? 

Do you like reading about running even when you can’t run?

Correcting my running form with a clip on sensor

I feel like I sound like a broken record sometimes since lately all I seem to mention on a regular basis are my back problems.  I hope I don’t seem negative because I’m actually a very positive person and I feel like I can find a solution if I can correct my posture but therein lies the problem, it’s a lot harder than it seems.

It’s like this:

back pain

Recently I’ve started to look at products that I can use which will help me improve my posture when I’m running.  I wanted something that could tell me in real time, ‘hey, you’re slouching’ or ‘hey, you’re bouncing up and down like a rabbit’.

Lumo seems to have a product that offers something close in a small sensor that clips onto the back of your shorts.

Lumo Run is a tracker that also offers real-time audio coaching.  It measures your cadence, bounce, braking, pelvic drop and rotation.  It uses the knowledge of the company’s research to determine key characteristics for proper running form and then conveys that info directly to you in real-time but it goes even further.

Based on your weaknesses the Lumo Run app will even tailor exercises for you to help you strengthen the areas where you are weakest.  So it doesn’t just tell you what your weak areas are, it helps you correct them.

lumo run exercises

Now to be fair my Garmin 620 can do a lot of the same features but not all and I also have to wear the heart rate monitor to fully access all of the features.  Lumo Run is a small clip that sits right on your waistband.  The company also sells capris and shorts that are compatible with the sensor but they are not a requirement,  (and they’re sort of expensive in my opinion) if you’d prefer running in your own shorts, by all means do.

And don’t worry if you’re out running and end up in a rainstorm or I you happen to jump under the shower with your clothes on, don’t fret, the Lumo Run in waterproof!  That’s right, I said waterproof, as in, you can even accidentally wash it.

lumo run

Too bad you can’t do that with iPods and Fitbits 😉

I also like the fact that you can wear the Lumo Run and your fitbit or garmin at the same time because then I get all the stats and that makes my analytical heart so happy.  Best of all the Lumo Run is under a hundred bucks.  Even better August is my birthday month and MacGyver needs present ideas.  I’ve put the Lumo Run at the top of my list.

Does the Lumo Run sound like a product you would try?

Do you currently or have you ever suffered from back issues?

Have you used Lumo Run?  If so, tell me what you thought!  Please!