It wasn’t how I planned it but hey, I ran 20 miles!

Hey y’all, I’m writing this post from somewhere on I-75. We were still in Nokomis this morning but MacGyver has to get back.


Hank is ridin dirty….you know cause he’s in the laundry basket, get it?

We came down Friday Night after work. Originally we had planned to come home Sunday night but then we realized we didn’t have enough time to accomplish some of the things we came down to do so we decided to stay just a tad bit longer.

When we got here I laid out all of my things so that I could go running the next morning. But then Boomer had some issues with his ears and was shaking his head so hard we thought he was going to give himself brain damage.

Sometime around 1AM we got up and put some medicine in his ears and he seemed to feel better. I feel back asleep shortly after but I kept waking up. Until around 5AM that is. Precisely an hour before I was scheduled to get up, that’s when I finally fell asleep and somehow missed my alarm.

No matter, I had 12 miles on my agenda and that’s what I set out to do, at 7:30AM which is much later than I usually leave but the weather was good so I was ready.

I decided to run the Venetian Waterway Trail rather than the Legacy trail because part of the Legacy Trail is under construction and I didn’t want to have to detour. The only thing I hate about the Venetian trail route is the bridge over 41 because it’s straight up, but I ran over it no problem and soon after that I ran along the water and all I can say is, the view.

Venetian Waterway
About mile 7 I started getting really tired. At first, I thought it was just my mind telling me to quit so I played head games with myself. Like, if I see 2 dolphins I’ll stop and walk but then I actually saw two dolphins so I had to get more specific like, if I see two dolphins jumping out of the water and kissing in the air because no chance of seeing that right? It worked for a while but it was not going to work for 12 miles.

I noticed at mile 8 I was starting to slow down. Normally when I start to slow down, even though I’m trying to keep the same pace, I know my body is trying to tell me something and I was right because shortly after my back started hurting.  So I finished 10 miles and then I walked the last two.

Garmin shot

I have to be honest I was pissed at myself at first but then I decided that I would alter my schedule a bit and do a back to back semi long run if I felt better the next day.

On Sunday morning I got up bright and early, determined, and feeling strong. I ran the Legacy Trail portion this time because I wanted a different view and I really wanted to run 10 miles, but I was ready to call it quits at any time if my body didn’t agree with me.

Fortunately my mind and body were on the same page because that was the best 10 miles I’ve run in a long time. I’m pretty sure I could have gone to twelve too but I didn’t want to push it.

Sun Run
It felt really good and I’ve decided that I like running back to back longish runs. A lot. As a matter of fact, I’m going to incorporate them into my schedule at least a few times a month starting now.

And maybe it’s a mind game but 10 miles doesn’t seem quite as daunting as the 12 and then 6 the next day I had originally planned on running, even though it’s actually more miles in the long run. Long run, hehe, see what I did there.  I know a lot of ultra runners practice back to back long runs and it helps them with their endurance and I’m hoping that maybe it will help me too.

Other than running we didn’t do much this weekend other than work on the house. In case you’re wondering what the new house looks like, here are a few pictures so far.

We worked on the house some but we also visited with my in laws. While we were there a neighbor came over to tell us there were cops at the end of the street and some crazy mayhem going on but let me back up and give you the back story.

When MacGyver’s parents first started coming down to Venice, they fell in love with the area and decided to buy a house here. After a lot of looking around they found one in a quaint little community in Englewood and immediately fell in love. Since they aren’t year round residents I told them about a website I subscribe to that keeps me up to date on any criminal activity and I added the area around the Englewood house to my notifications.

Every now and again I would tell them about things going on in the neighborhoods like the time we had a vehicle theft in Clearwater or the time there was a drug arrest in Nokomis and they would ask me about their little community in Englewood and I would say, ‘crickets’. Nothing ever happens there, ever. I’m pretty sure they roll the sidewalks up at 9PM. It’s pretty much crime free. Until Saturday afternoon.

We ran outside to see what the commotion was and low and behold, detectives, forensics, crime scene tape, it was a serious matter whatever it was. There was much speculation but no one really knew anything except that it was probably bad and we didn’t find out for sure until later the next day.

Sadly it turned out to be a murder and the whole situation was just horrible. You can read about it here. I just feel really sad for the woman’s family and I pray they can find the strength to deal with their loss.

Any ultra runners who run back to back long runs? Have you found it beneficial? In what way?

The long run that really shouldn’t be called a long run because really

I wrote most of this post last night and woke up this morning to hear the shocking news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.  My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families of those who were killed or injured in this horrific and senseless tragedy. 

Well just like that it’s October.  Already.  Seriously, does it seem like the year is just flying by?  Maybe it’s just me but some years seem shorter or longer than others and this year is just flying by, flying.

Anyways, let’s get right to it shall we?  I ran 17 miles last week.


I know.  I have to say that I was pretty happy with it considering I haven’t really racked up any real miles in what seems like forever.  Plus, I’ve got that nasty situation with the nerves in my hand which make it almost impossible to do anything without pain so seventeen miles is golden to me.

I will admit though that on Saturday I cut my run short to dig through a neighbors garbage.

Don’t judge.

im judging you

They happened to be throwing away a perfectly good plastic tool box exactly like one I already own which houses some of my crafting supplies and it’s overflowing and I know I paid 30 bucks for that thing and if I can get one for free, well, I’m going for it. So I may have ended my run a tad bit shy of 3 miles and dug through the garbage hoping it wasn’t busted in some hidden area that I couldn’t see, and, it wasn’t!

so excited

I dropped the toolbox off and then finished the run so it’s a win win!  The next day I decided that since I had cut my run short the previous day I would try for a long run on Sunday.  Not a really long run mind you since I haven’t put in any serious mileage since my hips have been recovering and my hands been nervy but just more than 3 miles.

I made it to three and a half.  Good Lord, when did three and a half miles become a long run for me?  It was the breathing thing again.  Can you feel my frustration?  Yes?  Well, ignore it because I’m channeling my determination now.

Good God

I’m determined to get to the bottom of it and I will.  I suspect it has something to do with my spine and I’m going to add in some yoga this week and visit the Physical Therapist to see if that helps.  Couldn’t hurt, right?

MacGyver and I worked in the yard for most of the weekend in Clearwater, taking out some more trees and limbs, of course.  I also managed to find time to decorate for fall so I thought it would be fun to show you.

I made this wreath.

Fall Wreath

I had a few leftover flowers so I put them in this jar,

fall jar

And these are the decorations around my front door




I even pulled out one of our favorite fall blankets which Hank promptly claimed.

It’s obviously one of our favorite times of the year.  I just wish it was a little cooler but you can’t have everything. What you can have is Oktoberfest and this year Tampa Bay Downs is having a, wait for it….

Weiner Derby

Did you see it?  It’s the Wiener Dog Derby!  Hells yeah!  Hank is in training people.  I may not be a race contender but my dog is.

How many times have you had to come back to running after an injury?

Older runners, do you find running is harder after injuries as you get older?

Memorial Day Weekend and a White Dove

I love going down to Nokomis for the weekends, especially when it’s a three day weekend, but after packing up to go down and then cleaning up to leave, and then coming home and unpacking and putting everything away, by Tuesday morning I feel like I got hit by a mack truck.

Mack TruckWe left Clearwater on Friday night and drove down to Nokomis.  MacGyver wanted to leave early but I had some rewards points from my credit cards and I had to spend them or lose them so I HAD to go to the mall.  Had to.

new outfit

In case you had any doubt about my skill, this entire outfit, including shoes was less than 30 dollars.

After power shopping we headed down to Nokomis and on Saturday morning I got up bright and early and got in a long run on my favorite trail.

long run sat

MacGyver and I had some lawn debris to pick up and some garage sales to visit so we piddled around for much of the day on Saturday doing those things.

We didn’t find too much at the garage sales but we did go over to the jetty and we met this guy who had a metal detector and he was picking up things right and left.  He told us that he had found 28 rings in only 6 months, twenty eight, including diamonds and sapphires.

money eye


On Sunday MacGyver got up really early in the morning to go work on the boat and I went out for a run.  He was supposed to change out the prop while I ran six miles and walked the dogs and then we were going to go out and try to do some fishing.  Here’s what actually happened.

six mile run

I did run six miles and walk the dogs but on the walk Hank got over heated and fell down which scared the hell out of me so I picked him up and carried him back home, (he loved it, I’m not sure but he may have planned it).

MacGyver pulled the boat out of the water to change the prop but the dealer had given him the wrong parts so he had to put the old prop back on, which meant he wasted a shit ton of time for no reason.

Finally, around 11am, my mother in law came to pick me up so MacGyver could get the boat back in the water since it was at their house in Englewood.  When she showed up, this was what she walked in on.

woodpecker on my head

My mother in law and I loaded my things, and by things I mean, my menagerie, into the car and then we headed off to Englewood.

my family(In case you’re wondering were Hank is, he insisted on driving.)

We finally made it onto the boat around 1:30 in the afternoon and made our way out to Stump Pass.  I haven’t been to Stump Pass since last year and I was super excited to get out there, mostly because I really wanted to fish but also because I knew there would be a lot of people out celebrating and enjoying the holiday weekend.  I was shocked when we got there and I saw this.

Nothing ever stays the same

Apparently the pass isn’t deep enough for the larger boats so they are ‘fixing it’.  In my opinion, it will never be the same.  Progress?  I’m not sure that’s what I’d call it but it is what it is.

Anyway, there hasn’t been any bait fish anywhere.  MacGyver is convinced that the red tide we recently had ruined the fishing but I disagree.  We went to a few spots looking for bait and didn’t see any and we threw a few lures out but MacGyver was getting frustrated.

Eventually MacGyver and I decided that we should maybe start metal detecting but I said I wasn’t really ready to give up yet and that’s when I threw out a lure one last time and I landed the only fish of the day, and it was a snook!


Boom!  What you can’t see in that picture is that when I was holding the snook, he flipped hard and his gill caught my thumb and cut it pretty good, and when he flipped, because I caught him on a double lure, the second lure flipped up and caught my hand as well so in that picture I’ve got blood all over my hand.

About 5 minutes after I threw the snook back I looked to the left of the boat and saw a large fin.  Yep, a shark.  I had hoped to get a closer look but it swam away.

After locating some band-aids we decided to head back and have some dinner.  Later that night we had desert back in Nokomis and we decided to go over to the Jetty to try some metal detecting with a unit that MacGyver had bought at a black Friday sale a few years ago.


It didn’t work.  (I’m searching craigslist for a new one today.)

Yesterday we hung out in Nokomis for most of the day.  It was so hot that I really had no desire to go out in the sun at all.  MacGyver and I watched some TV and hung out with the animals and worked a bit in the yard.  We just enjoyed the day.

Late yesterday we met my laws for dinner before leaving and had a really nice time.  The restaurant pulled a bait a switch on us which was annoying but there was a white dove hanging out there and I really wanted to take it home.

white dove

Wouldn’t you like a woodpecker brother?

I didn’t.

We got home last night around 9PM and MacGyver and I made it to bed around midnight.  I managed to get up and run/walk around 4 miles this morning but I have no idea how I did it because I’m exhausted and I still have a full day of work ahead of me.  This is why lunchtime naps were invented 😉 and why I excel at them.

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything special?