Puzzle piece number two, a mineral, no really.

Late last year I went to a new doctor and had my thyroid medicine switched from synthetic to natural.  It has helped me immensely but not as much as adding one little mineral to my daily routine has.

The doctor and I talked about my daily routine, how much I work, how much I exercise, how much stress is in my life and then she did some blood work.  She noticed, as I always have, that my calcium tends to run on the higher side.  It’s not too high but it’s in the upper limit and it always is.

She then explained to me that having a higher calcium level means that your magnesium is probably low.

yeah obviouslyExcept it wasn’t obvious to me because no one ever mentioned it to me before.  She suggested that I take a magnesium supplement daily and then she explained why.

Most of us do not get enough magnesium from our foods but we get too much calcium because it is added to our dairy products, dairy alternatives, processed foods, and sometimes orange juice!  When your calcium levels become high, magnesium levels can fall. And you can have a whole host of issues if you are deficient in magnesium, such as anxiety and depression, muscle spasms and cramps, high blood pressure, calcification of the arteries, low energy, problems sleeping and it even affects your bone health.

give me the magnesiumSo, I was like, give me all the magnesium!

For my age my body needs 320MG of Magnesium daily so the doctor suggested I take a supplement which provides 250MG daily via two pills because magnesium is found in some foods and you don’t want to take too much.  Then you could have issues related to too much magnesium, (like diarrhea).  The key is balance.

She did however suggest that if I had a day when I binge on sweets or on days when I do a long run I should take one additional pill which would mean taking 375MG for that day.  The reason is because sugar depletes magnesium and also there have been some studies that show that magnesium supplementation has helped patients who suffer from migraine headaches.  I was skeptical but I started taking the magnesium as she instructed.


OMG, it worked!

Guess what?  Yep, I was able to run long without migraines.  And if I was unsure whether or not the magnesium had anything to do with it, I got my answer a few weeks ago.

When the kid was in town we were really busy going to the cabin and to the other house and I was trying to stay on top of work so that I could spend all my time with him and I got lax with my medications and especially my magnesium.  I didn’t take it for almost a week.

That Saturday when I ran 12 miles, I got a hellacious migraine and the only thing I could attribute it to was magnesium. I started taking it again and the next few weeks I ran 13.1 and 15.25 miles with no migraines.

If you are curious about how much magnesium you need or the symptoms caused by the lack of it, the NIH has a great article here.

That was the second piece of the puzzle in helping me run headache free and so far it’s been working.

Do you take any supplements?

What and why?

Two double digit days and the workout that killed my legs.

On Friday afternoon MacGyver called me from the bar where he was having a drink with our friend Scott.  That never happens, but since it did, when he asked me to come meet them, I did.


I’m there!

After a few drinks and no dinner I had the brilliant idea that we should all go to the races.  So, we went home to get ready and MacGyver called to see when they started.  Only they didn’t because there were no races that night.

Anyway, one thing led to another and by the end of the night it was decided that we would go to the races in Bradenton on Saturday.  Then Saturday happened and I said nah.  Instead I did this,

Running ten miles

I had planned on doing 15 miles but it was supposed to rain all day Sunday according to the weather forecast and my lawn has been seriously neglected.  That’s why I spent the next six hours raking leaves and pulling out dead plants and I’d love to show you pictures of how beautiful everything looks except it doesn’t.  I have at least 10 or 11 more days before it looks even decent!

raking leaves

Pretty much my life right now….

In my life the kid swinging into the leaves is actually just the wind from the bajillion cold fronts we get every week.  It’s nice for running but hella annoying when it comes to the lawn.

Anywho, raking leaves and squatting down for six hours to pull weeds is apparently a work out because the next morning my legs were SORE!  Does that count for strength training because it should.  Did I mention how sore I am?

I didn’t let that stop me though because on Sunday morning, I did this,

run another 10 miles


Two days of double digits.  Not bad.  That brought my total running miles for the week to 40.  Walking miles 4, biking 3.  Strength training, 0, yoga, 0.  Leave raking and pulling weeds, 6 hours.  I’m counting it!

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out at home avoiding all forms of infected human life and by that I mean prolonging the days until MacGyver and I eventually catch the dreaded flu.

Me and Hank

Not if I can help it.  I’m hiding out with Hank.  I’ll catch up with you after flu season is over.

How was your weekend? 

Did you run?

Do you like yard work?

22 miles, concussing myself, and drinking lots of water

Happy National Clean off your desk day!  No really it is.  I planned on getting started early and I was going to do it this weekend but it didn’t happen so I guess I have an excuse to do it today since well, it’s the national holiday to clean off your desk!

national desk day

Oh if it were only that easy…

I really did want to get organized this weekend because I feel like the first week after the new year is sort of a throw away week and no one gets anything done.  Or maybe that’s just me.  Anyway, I planned of getting organized but I still had the Christmas decorations to contend with.

I wish I was as smart as this guy…

I am not a genius therefore, the decorations that I put up take me several days to take down.  And it sucks.

Do you know what sucks more?  When you are putting the decorations into the storage loft in the top of the man cave where MacGyver has also carefully placed two rather large wake boards leaning ever so slightly in the absolutely wrong direction on the top of a shelf.

And as you’re carefully placing your bins of decorations neatly under the shelf, BAM!


Both wake boards fell directly onto the top of my head.  I’ve got a knot the size of a tennis ball and I’m pretty sure I concussed myself.  I guess I can be happy that this occurred Sunday afternoon and thankfully it all happened after I logged all of my miles for the weekend.

So, lets talk running for a minute, shall we?  I ran 12 miles on Saturday and then 10 more on Sunday!  The best news is, both days I was migraine free!  It was an epic weekend for running and I have to tell you that I absolutely love doing those back to back long runs once a month.  The week after I can really feel a difference in my endurance.

I wanted to tell y’all about something I’ve been doing to help prevent migraines after my long runs because I feel lie it’s made a world of difference.

I feel like I’m pretty good at determining how much water I need and typically if you see me, I’ll either have a sports drink or water in my hand. I have tried almost everything I could think of to stave off those long run migraines and hydration was the one thing that I thought I had under control but I decided that maybe I should tweak it a bit and see if it helped.  Spoiler alert, it did.

Here’s the trick I’ve been using.  I weight myself right before I go out for a long run and then I weigh myself immediately after.  For instance, on Saturday my after weight was exactly 2 pounds less that when I left!  Two pounds.  Converting that to water weight, I needed to drink around 32 oz of water to compensate and so I did, and guess what, no migraine.  None.

happy dance

Some of you may already use that trick and honestly the only reason that I hadn’t was because I thought I knew my body well and I thought I could tell when I needed more water.  In reality, I was underestimating the amount I needed by a ton.  If you haven’t tried it, do so and let me know if it helps you.  In case you don’t remember the conversion, (I didn’t), it is 15.34 oz to 1 lb of weight.

The weather here is heating up again thankfully so I’m pretty sure I’ll be sweating even more.  I will miss seeing these two cuddling on the couch though.


How do you determine how much water you need after a long run? 

Do you suffer from migraines?