WTF Wednesday, it could only happen to me.

Today I finally did it.  Despite all of the opportunities that I’ve had over the years today was the first time that I actually did it and believe me it was completely unintentional.

For the past few days I’ve gone out for a run early in the morning.  Yesterday I was ecstatic that I was able to complete 5 full miles without stopping once.  The key for me is running so slow my brain feels like I’m walking because it is stupid hot, even at 6:30 in the morning.

Anyway, I decided to try and duplicate my efforts from yesterday and run another 5 this morning.  So, I headed out around 7AM, a little later than usual, and that is why I ran into one of my neighbors.  He showed me a red spot on his arm and told me that it came from a poisonous caterpillar.  He said when he went for a walk yesterday it fell out of a tree and hit his arm and it stung him and he told me to be careful.

I wasn’t too worried about poisonous caterpillars to be honest, I mean, I’ve never really seen them at the park and even if they are there, I don’t typically run under trees so I didn’t really give it a second though.

I ran 4 miles at a pretty slow pace and it seemed to go by fairly easily but at 4.2 miles I decided to walk a bit.  And that’s when it happened.  Something dropped from the sky and landed right in my shirt.  It went into my sports bra and took up residence right between my sisters.  Yep right there.


I had no idea what it was but I could feel it squirming and all I could think about was poisonous caterpillars so I yanked my shirt up but I couldn’t get to it.  The whole thing probably lasted about 3 seconds but it seemed like it took forever as I yanked my sports bra up and grabbed the squirming creature.  The ‘creature’ turned out to be a lizard.  A freaking lizard.

And I flashed at least 3 people.

flashing pun

WTF, it’s Wednesday, a lizard jumped in my shirt before 8AM and I didn’t die, bring it!