Run my trail with me today!

So this morning I decided to slow down and enjoy the park that I spend an hour in every single day.  I mean, it’s seriously beautiful and I’m not just saying that.

Kapok Park

Kapok Park is home to an immense amount of wildlife.   Both amateur  and professional photographers come from all over with the hopes of capturing images of some of these beautiful creatures.

I’ve been lucky enough to see cranes sitting atop alligators, wild coyotes running through the palm scrubs and baby osprey learning to fly.  It’s an amazing park to run in and today I’m showing it to you.

Kapok Park Trail

Kapok Park 5

There is a little pier which you can fish on but I run past it most days unless I see a gator in the water and then sometimes I go watch the gator.  I’m curious like that.

Kapok Park  Water

This is the water view.

Kapok Pier

This is the view from the end of the pier.   We turn back and head back to the trail.

Kapok trail

Sometimes birds perch on the railings and just sit there while you run by.

I love Florida's lush greenery

I love Florida’s lush greenery

Kapok Trail

Fountain Grasses are some of my favorite landscaping plants. I have them in my yard as well. Love them.

Kapok Park

Another beautiful view of the water.

Alligator Lake

This is another little bridge you run over which takes you over Alligator Lake and no, I’m not kidding, it’s called that.

Here’s a really good view leading up to the bridge.

kapok park

This is one of my favorite views in the park. I’m not sure why but I think it’s pretty.

Another money shot, check out the lake.

Can you see the lake?

Can you see the lake?

Kapok Park

How bout now?

Stunning, isn’t it?

One more

One more

Or two

maybe more...

maybe more…

And then we make the last turn to leave the park…

I'm always sad to leave

I’m always sad to leave

So pretty

So pretty

I head on down the trail

Leaving Kapok Park

Headed out of the park

Kapok Park

Always reminded I’m still in Florida, Hello Palm Scrubs!

Kapok Park

See ya again Tomorrow Kapok Park, Thanks for giving me an hour of your day.

There you go.  That is Kapok Park the place where I go practically every single morning of my life and the place that I spend damn near an hour of my day every single day and now you can say that you spent your time with me there today and guess what you can never get that time back.

What’s your go to place to run, even if it’s not your favorite place, what’s your go to place and why?


A beautiful Run – and it’s a pictorial!

Do you ever read about running routes and actually wish you could see it because it sounds so amazing? Or have you read about the place someone ran and they show you only one measly picture and then you’re left hanging, wanting to see more? That happens to me all the time….and it sucks!

So today, I decided to photograph my run and tell you all about one of my favorite routes. Don’t worry, today was a short run so I’m not gonna bombard you with 100 pictures, more like twenty, but they’re good, I promise, because this place is beautiful.

Are you ready to see the beautful park I run in?

Are you ready to see the beautiful park I run in?

Well here ya go, may I introduce you to Kapok Park,

First off we have to run over some railroad tracks. I’m always afraid I’m going to get hit by a train even though the only time I EVER hear the train is at 4AM.

Running over Railroad Tracks

After you run over the tracks you enter the park:

Welcome to Kapok Park

Kapok Park is located at the end of the Ream Wilson Trail and sits upon a lake. The lake is very popular among local photographers mainly because of all the birds, turtles, plants and event the gators.

Kapok Park is also home to a disc golf course. I was never familiar with disc golf until that time I got hit in the head with one. Too bad I didn’t read the warnings beforehand:

Flying discs

After seeing the contraption that they were aiming for, it’s no wonder they hit me in the head instead…

Disc Golf Receptor thing

This is the Disc Golf Receptor thingy. How does that even work? (I’m sure some disc golf expert will let me know, I’m almost positive…)

After entering the park you run beside the lake which is located on the right.

The lake

Running around the lake

It’s really beautiful and if you go early enough you’ll see lots of wildlife. I’ve even seen a coral snake on the trail, but that’s not exactly a good thing. Coral Snakes = BAD!

Entering the foot bridge

After a while, the path turns into a foot bridge and you run over the water. It’s very quiet and I love to run without any music and just listen to all the birds.

Running over the lake

foot path bridge

There is one part of the lake where it’s very marshy. It’s also probably one of the best places to dispose of a body if you ever had to do that sort of thing. Not that I would know, but it looks like it would be anyway, just sayin.


Where would you ever find a body in this place? The gators would probably eat it.

There is a point on the bridge where it splits and you can continue on the trail or head out to the fishing pier. This morning I decided to go out to the end of the pier and just breath in the beauty.

fishing pierIt is gorgeous, isn’t it? But can I just ask, who exactly is this sign for?

Gators, do not molestThe feed part I get, really but the ‘molest’ part always cracks me up. Who wants to molest a gator anyway?

The path then circles around and you run beside the lake and then over it once again.

foot path bridgebridgerunning in kapok parkbridge in kapok park

Kapok park lake

I hope I’m doing this park justice. It’s really insane how beautiful it is.

The Park

If you ever come to Florida, you have to come run here and I’ll come meet you. Afterwards we’ll go get froyo, and Hank will even drive us. He’s an excellent driver.

Hank drives for froyoWhat is your favorite place to run? Describe it to me.

Yesterday, 14 miles, Today, Rest!

Happy Sunday to you! I’m taking a rest day. And by rest day, I do not mean I’m laying on the sofa watching reality TV, snacking on candy, and drinking soda because we are completely out of soda.

Yesterday I ran 14 miles at a really easy pace. It was a nice run around Kapok Park and on the Ream Wilson Trail.

Kapok Park

Kapok ParkKapok Park, Clearwater, Florida







Nice, huh? Isn’t this another trail that just makes you wanna move here and come and run with me? Yes? Well, do me a favor then and call my Mom, and tell her that she needs to move here permanently. She went home today and I am not happy about it.

I am missing her already. She and I went to Nokomis beach on Casey Key on Friday, and spent some time looking for shells and sharks teeth. (Sometimes we do take a little break from the shopping), I took a lot of pics, of course, as well as a video:

Nokomis BeachCasey Key






Casey Key, Nokomis, FLNokomis Beach






Nokomis, FloridaCasey Key, Florida

Sharks Teeth in Nokomis, Florida on Casey Key

Can you believe she left all that? I know!

MacGyver brought home an advertisement from Radio Shack today that says,’ Accidents Happen’, it has a dachshund on it. We also found a can of spray used to deter dogs from urinating where they aren’t supposed to. It also has a dachshund on it. Both Dachshunds look eerily similar to Hank:

Dachshund Ads

Are you noticing a recurrent theme here? MacGyver says we are doomed.

That’s all I got for today. MacGyver made this awesome homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and I am going to destroy that bowl! YUM!

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Tell me what you did?