WTF Wednesday, row, row, row with your mate….

I wonder if there are divorce statistics on Hurricane season anywhere.  During Irmageddon MacGyver and I had more rows than we’ve had in the last five years.  Seriously.  And they were stupid ones too.

Like whether or not he was only trying to save the items in the garage because he only cares about his tools and not our furniture and whether I was saving the garden gnomes because I actually like them or because they were outside and could actually become missiles during the storm.

So not kidding

No, really I wish I was kidding.  And that’s just one example, they got even stupider but I’d rather not embarrass myself further.

Both of us were exhausted.  Remember that we had to prepare for Irma which meant we had days of preparing the houses by storing and then boarding up everything, and then we had to deal with the stress of the hurricane itself, and then we had to deal with the aftermath.  Fortunately, Englewood had very little damage at all but Nokomis and Clearwater were littered with fallen trees and we had some fallen fence panels in Nokomis and since we’re selling it, that home took priority.

A shameless plug for my house for sale here….

The County is actually picking up all the debris.  All you have to do is drag it to the curb but we didn’t want potential home buyers to have to navigate around all of the debris that would surely have been stacked a mile high at the curb.  Also, there was  the issue of time since the county didn’t give a date as to when they would be picking the debris up, so instead we loaded the majority of the trunks of the trees in the bed of the pickup truck and made a few trips to the dump.  That’s why I now have nerve pain in my hand and arm, and MacGyver has back pain.

Yes, we're stupid

Yes, yes we are.

And that’s also why I’m talk typing and why my post is late because it took me 25 minutes to get the computer to recognize Irmageddon, which it didn’t, and I had to type it, and it hurt, and so I suffered for this post, but it was all for you.  Don’t worry though, I argued with the computer.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and it’s not the same when you argue with your computer because all caps doesn’t have the same effect!  Stupid Computer.