Is it unusual to see a disembodied head more than once?

So, yeah I know, I’ve been awol.  We went down to Nokomis on Wednesday for some family time and didn’t get back til late yesterday morning.

While we were down there I got sick of looking at the landscaping which we haven’t done anything with since buying the house.  So, I did something.

Dona Dr. landscaping

It’s a start.  I have a lot more to do but it’s been hard to find the time.  The only reason I had extra time over the weekend was because I’m a little bit injured.

It’s Boomer’s fault.

Okay not entirely because I was feeling tightness in my left hip after coming back from Ohio.  I’m pretty sure I stretched a bit too far when I was climbing some rocks in Hocking HIlls.  Anyway, it seemed to be just a little tight until I was getting out of the shower and didn’t realize Boomer was laying right beside the tub.  I had to hyper-extend my leg over him and when my foot hit the rug it slid across the floor.

On Saturday I woke up thinking it was better and went out for a run.  It felt great at first.

I feel great!

But that only lasted for about a hot minute.

hip pain

Yeah, it was just a nagging little irritation at first but by mile 6 it was intense.  Yes, I know only an idiot runs 6 miles with hip pain.

I'm stupid

The problem is I just kept thinking that if I ran slower with a shorter gait it wouldn’t be all that bad but it just made it worse and I of all people should have known that because I’ve been running for years.  Apparently I’ve been running stupid for years.  I didn’t listen to the voice of reason and instead buried it way down and kept going.

I only stopped when I saw a head on the running path.


Oh, did I forget to mention that?

I was running along the Legacy Trail but unfortunately at one particular intersection it’s been closed for a while.  It seems they are building a bridge over the main road, which is nice but I wish they would finish the damn thing because it’s been under construction for months.

Anyway, I had to veer off the trail and weeks ago I chose another path which takes me down a few local roads.  I decided to take a different road on Saturday and I chose a road that I’m familiar with but wouldn’t necessarily walk down at night and that’s when I saw it.  It was lying right there on the sidewalk.

a head

Just a head.

And then I realized this is the second time I’ve seen a head while out running.  I mean a disembodied doll head, by the way.  After I took a picture of it, I walked the rest of the way home and didn’t run again for the rest of the weekend or Monday.

I ran and walked this morning but the pain is still there so I guess it’s time to go to weights and biking for a week or two. At least it’s almost summer.

When is the last time you were injured?

Did you take a lot of time off?  What did you do instead of running?


Back to our normal, but what is normal anyway?

So, we have power and internet and cable at both houses.  Well, we don’t have cable at Nokomis but then we never did so that wasn’t a loss.  What we don’t have are three and a half of our former trees and a bazillion tiny limbs and palm fronds.

I wonder is snap peas grow on snap trees?

Anywho, this will be a really short post because apparently my body is not meant to do the things it used to do when I was, ahem, younger.

I am broken.

After 7 days of constantly lifting 100+ pound logs from cut trees I was not able to sleep for the past two nights.  I had a very severe pain in my right arm that radiated down to my fingers.  So, early this morning MacGyver insisted I go to the urgent care.

My hand is badly swollen and I can’t grip anything.  Fortunately it is not broken or fractured but I have some nerve pain and very bad inflammation and the doctor noticed some bone spurs on the xray as well as a little arthritis.  He also mentioned some other underlying issues involving my spine and and asked me to follow up with my regular physician.

And then he prescribed some pain medication and told me above all, do not use that hand for at least 5 days, so here I am, typing out a blog post.

How was your weekend?  Your week?  I can’t type so you better fill me in on your weekend.

Spines and shoes

My shoes still haven’t arrived! This is why I had to make a desperate move yesterday. I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and came home with the same shoes that are currently in the hands of the postal service and not wanting to be at their mercy any longer, I bought another pair. When they finally do arrive, I’ll have three new pairs of shoes.

So. Very. Tragic.

Cumulus 17
These are the Asics Cumulus 17’s.

When I went to try out some new shoes recently my first selections were all Brooks, since I’ve been mostly wearing Brooks for the past few years, but after mentioning to the experts at the running store that I have scoliosis they shifted gears. They brought out quite a few different shoes and then they asked me a few questions and finally I tried on the Asics Cumulus 17’s. The Cumulus is a model that I wore for years and always loved until I started wearing Brooks.

Let me be clear here and just say that shoes have never been my problem. My feet are also not the problem. Typically I wear a neutral shoe as I don’t really under or over pronate.
My hips are also not the root of my problem although they do bother me occasionally. My problems are all based on muscle strain and imbalances and all of those things originate from a curved and twisted spine, scoliosis.

It doesn’t bother me often but when it does it can be nightmarish. Running is actually healthy as it helps to keep my bones strong but long runs and poor form can be hellish for me. I didn’t realize that I had scoliosis until I was older so a brace was never an option. In fact when the physician mentioned my twisted and curved spine he was surprised I wasn’t already aware of it. I wasn’t.

About 10 years ago was the first time that I had any real problems due to scoliosis and that came in the form of sciatica after sitting for too long. That’s when I first learned about stretching and how beneficial it is for me. The sciatica went away and only returned when I would sit for long periods of time without properly stretching throughout the day.

When I started running again about 8 years ago I didn’t have any issues for several years but then came problems with my Achilles, next was issues with my hips and IT band. I also had a little trouble with my knee. What had changed was the fact that as the years went on I ran longer and the longer I ran the more lax my form became and that’s where my problems started.

asics shoesThe Cumulus 17’s are a bit different than the previous versions I’ve run in. To me they felt more like the Nimbus and I think that’s because the Cumulus 17’s have the built in FluidRide System that cushions the entire sole. It feels sort of like running on a cloud but it also has great traction and stability. It’s definitely heavier than any shoe I’ve worn in the last few years but it doesn’t feel heavy when you’re out running. I tested them this morning and I’m positive I made the right choice in going back to this shoe.

My Brooks Pureflow 5’s may still be an option in the future but for long runs and training I need a shoe that provides stability and extra cushioning. I’ll still have to stretch and work on my strength training regularly, and I may have to add some physical therapy into the mix but I’m confident with the right balance, I’ll be running as long as I want to.

Are there any obstacles you’ve had to overcome to keep running?