19.5 miles, some injuries, and a pig in costumes.

I ran 19.5 miles last week.  Sounds like such a small amount but it was really big considering I haven’t been able to run all that much lately.   The best part is I split that 19.5 miles up over 7 days so I ran every day.  Some days it was 3 miles and some days 2 but I didn’t care, I ran.

And I’m pretty sure that I was so happy you could see it.

happy running

Girl, I get it.

I’m meeting with two of my doctors this Wednesday so hopefully we’ll get closer to finding some answers because I’d like to increase that 19.5 to 40.  That would make me really happy.

Over the weekend MacGyver and I went to a few garage sales and estate sales.  We found a few things but the best thing we found were the two benches I needed for my new table in Nokomis.  I’m super excited to take those down.

Our neighbor also moved to Maine so we had to say goodbye to Tilly.

Hank and Tilly

Hank will seriously miss that pig.

My neighbor had a very long drive, which unfortunately was over twice as long because his truck had some mechanical issues.  I had hoped to make the trip less boring by sending pics of Tilly dressed up in Hank’s costumes that I took when I babysat and he didn’t know about.

Here are a few of them…

Pig in costume

Tilly as Chewbacca

pig hotdog

What’s in a hotdog anyway…..?? This might be wrong on so many levels

sporty pig

This is my favorite, it looks like she’s saying, ‘sports is hard y’all.’

I might have to get myself a pig now.

On Saturday afternoon I was picking up some tree limbs from the backyard and MacGyver came out to help me and rolled his ankle.  It isn’t broken but it hurts so he had to stay off of it all day yesterday.

That’s why I ended up doing the lawn work.  Mowing, weedeating, trimming, you know, the usual.  Don’t get me wrong I like doing lawn work but lately I’ve been all kinds of clumsy and that’s why this post is so late today.

Because it’s a bit hard to type with my left hand, in particular, my left ring finger.

hurt finger


While I was writing this post MacGyver and I were watching something on TV and they were talking about first memories and I said I can remember my very first memory.  So MacGyver asked me about it and I started telling him that I remember getting dressed in my little wrangler jeans…..

And MacGyver interrupted me and said, ‘of course your first memory would be about clothing, of course it would.’

How many miles did you run this week?

What’s your first memory?

Tuesday by the twos

Two miles.  The amount that I walked yesterday morning.  It seems like such a small amount but when you’re having breathing problems and it’s hella humid, two miles is a marathon.

Two minutes.  The amount of time it will take me to put on my running shoes and run a marathon as soon as my doctors figure out what is wrong and then ultimately fix it.

when you cant run

Two Days.  The amount of time until I actually meet with my new pulmonologist.  Also, an eternity.

Two movies.  I told you about one of these months ago but these are two movies that I simply cannot wait to see.

Love, Gilda

Three Identical Strangers

Two for the price of one.  A cassette tape in which I am auditioning to be a teacher, at 8 years old because yes, I thought I needed to audition.  So I reigned in my brother and sister and on that same tape my sister can be heard pretending to be Rosanne Rosanna Danna who stepped in cat poo and my brother, who is playing my student pronounces agent as ag-ant.  AG Ant.  I have that cassette tape in my possession and I am just waiting for the perfect moment to play it again.  Embarrassing two of my siblings at the same time.  Two for the price of one.  Finding a cassette player may prove to be  challenging…… and also I just dated the hell out of myself.

Never mind found it, AMAZON.

Two Dogs.  The amount I have and the little boogers who keep me somewhat in shape by insisting I walk them many times, every. single. day.  And feed them and pet them and give them snacks and take them for car rides and….

Two Birds.  Also the amount I have although I’ve released them countless times because they refuse to leave me.

Too Many.  The amount of peacocks and ducks that I feed daily in my yard.  Also why the two birds may be refusing to leave.  My shopping bill is huge.  HUGE.

Two hours.  The amount of time I slept last night because MacGyver is in Nokomis and it was eerily quiet without the soothing sound of his snoring.

Your turn, tell me something in twos. 

Is it unusual to see a disembodied head more than once?

So, yeah I know, I’ve been awol.  We went down to Nokomis on Wednesday for some family time and didn’t get back til late yesterday morning.

While we were down there I got sick of looking at the landscaping which we haven’t done anything with since buying the house.  So, I did something.

Dona Dr. landscaping

It’s a start.  I have a lot more to do but it’s been hard to find the time.  The only reason I had extra time over the weekend was because I’m a little bit injured.

It’s Boomer’s fault.

Okay not entirely because I was feeling tightness in my left hip after coming back from Ohio.  I’m pretty sure I stretched a bit too far when I was climbing some rocks in Hocking HIlls.  Anyway, it seemed to be just a little tight until I was getting out of the shower and didn’t realize Boomer was laying right beside the tub.  I had to hyper-extend my leg over him and when my foot hit the rug it slid across the floor.

On Saturday I woke up thinking it was better and went out for a run.  It felt great at first.

I feel great!

But that only lasted for about a hot minute.

hip pain

Yeah, it was just a nagging little irritation at first but by mile 6 it was intense.  Yes, I know only an idiot runs 6 miles with hip pain.

I'm stupid

The problem is I just kept thinking that if I ran slower with a shorter gait it wouldn’t be all that bad but it just made it worse and I of all people should have known that because I’ve been running for years.  Apparently I’ve been running stupid for years.  I didn’t listen to the voice of reason and instead buried it way down and kept going.

I only stopped when I saw a head on the running path.


Oh, did I forget to mention that?

I was running along the Legacy Trail but unfortunately at one particular intersection it’s been closed for a while.  It seems they are building a bridge over the main road, which is nice but I wish they would finish the damn thing because it’s been under construction for months.

Anyway, I had to veer off the trail and weeks ago I chose another path which takes me down a few local roads.  I decided to take a different road on Saturday and I chose a road that I’m familiar with but wouldn’t necessarily walk down at night and that’s when I saw it.  It was lying right there on the sidewalk.

a head

Just a head.

And then I realized this is the second time I’ve seen a head while out running.  I mean a disembodied doll head, by the way.  After I took a picture of it, I walked the rest of the way home and didn’t run again for the rest of the weekend or Monday.

I ran and walked this morning but the pain is still there so I guess it’s time to go to weights and biking for a week or two. At least it’s almost summer.

When is the last time you were injured?

Did you take a lot of time off?  What did you do instead of running?