Monday, Sharks and Treadmills

And just like that it’s Monday and MacGyver and I are back in Clearwater, so let me recap the end of the weekend and we’ll be all caught up.

On Sunday I got up and got prepared to go running. My foot was tender on the top but not terribly sore. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t able to run because, shoelaces. Um, yeah, I forgot about shoelaces and when I put my running shoes on, ouch. So, I decided to take day off and play it safe.

funny shoes

My shoes were comfortable but my laces felt like hell!

It’s not an easy decision for me to take a day off when I’ve already had a pretty suck-y week as far as running goes, but for some reason last week I just couldn’t make it happen. I’m sure everyone has an off week every now and then, but what I’m saying is that last week, I just really didn’t like running at all.

i hate and love running

This is a fairly accurate representation of how I feel some weeks.

The benefit of not running first thing in the morning is that I was all ready to go do something and MacGyver had the boat ready, so after taking the dogs for a quick walk, we went fishing!

Our vacation house is on a canal in Shakett Creek which leads to Dona Bay and then the Gulf of Mexico at the Venice Inlet. It takes about 10 or 15 minutes to get all the way to the Venice Inlet in the boat and it’s all a no wake zone because of the manatees that inhabit the water.

Our vaction house

The red arrow is my house and the white line is the path to the Gulf of Mexico.

The original plan was to head out to the end of the canal and try to catch a tarpon in Dona Bay but all of our bait fish had died overnight so that plan was a fail. Instead we headed out to the mouth of the inlet to get more bait fish.  While on the way there we spotted something in the water.  We weren’t sure what it was but we could tell that it was feeding on something. Since it was at the area where the bay meets the Gulf waters, we didn’t think it was anything all that big but as we go closer, we could see it was very big.

And there was fin….

shark fin

And it was definitely a shark. Most likely around 7 or 8 feet long.  MacGyver threw a line out to try to catch it but no luck. It was moving fast.

shark sighting

It’s unusual to see a shark here. It’s really not that far from the house.

We went ahead with our fishing and eventually forgot all about it. I was really looking forward to fishing for trout and hoping to beat the state record and catch one a little bit bigger than the day before.

We headed out to the same spot as before and ended up meeting a neighbor that we see out there all the time. We had a fun time fishing but unfortunately, we didn’t catch nearly as much as we did the previous days.

Since there was a high chance of rain and we had gotten caught in a rainstorm the day before, we decided to head back around 1 in the afternoon. Once we got back, we cleaned up the house and packed the car and headed home. It was a fun weekend and we were worn out.

I woke up this morning and decided to run on my treadmill. It was so humid on my lanai at 6:30am that my treadmill was covered in condensation! I wiped it off but apparently I missed a few areas because the belt was pretty slippery. I almost fell a few times when I first started running, but fortunately, I didn’t.

And guess what?

I managed to run 5 miles!

okay runner

So, maybe running will be better for me this week. I’m crossing my fingers.

How did your running go last week?
Have you ever seen a shark up close before?

I’ll breath again in December

When I woke up this morning the sky was pretty dark and there were flashes of lightning. That’s okay by me because I wasn’t planning on running outside anyway. It’s far too hot and humid.

Todays weather

Instead I ran 6 miles on my treadmill. It wasn’t too bad. I didn’t push myself too hard but what made the run enjoyable today was Elle King. If you haven’t listened to her music yet, you really should. She’s amazing. Let this be my contribution to music Monday, you’ll thank me for it later.

Of course, I still need to take the dogs for a walk so I’m hoping this bad weather ends soon. Hank gets really impatient if he has to wait too long. For some reason my dogs aren’t all that concerned with the weather but for me, the humidity feels like breathing water. No thank you.


Last Friday I finally finished priming the walls of my bedroom and over the weekend I put on two coats of the new paint color… still needs an additional coat. It’s a good thing I only paint once every 10 years because the fumes are doing a wonderful job of jackin up my sinuses.

I still have to paint the ceiling and then I can do the cut in, after which MacGyver can replace the trim and the doors and put it the new flooring. Oh, and I have to paint the new doors too….


So, maybe in December we’ll be able to sleep in there again. That should coincide nicely with the end of the God awful humidity and the dissipation of the paint fumes.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to deal with it the best way I know how.  Shopping.

I sure wish the Dick’s Sporting Goods in my neighborhood was located beside the grocery store, like in this picture I found.  That would make shopping so much more fun.

Giant Dicks

Have a fabulous Monday!

Is it humid where you live?
At what point is it too hot for you to run outside, and do you resort to the treadmill?