Millennium Falcons and a half marathon on the horizon.

Oh Monday, you make me soooooo tired. I was just getting used to not having to be on a schedule and then you sneak right back up on me. *sigh*

Running on Monday

I ran 3 miles this morning in ridiculous humidity. Only 3. Because high humidity is even worse in the winter and I refuse to participate in its hair frizzing, sweat soaking party anymore. So take that humidity and leave me alone! I’m over you.

Check out the two latest kitchen toys that I got:

hot dog

Star Wars Pancake Forms

The wiener dog hot dog slicer, seriously, I die,(a gift from the Kid); and the Star Wars Pancake forms are the most awesome thing ever. My Mom and I picked up the pancake forms at Williams Sonoma when she was here last. This morning I got up super early and made Tie Fighters and Millennium Falcons for breakfast.

Yes, I am painfully aware that all of the people in my house are over 18 and we are nerds and it’s okay, I’ve made peace with it.

Womens running St. Pete

So I got an email from Women’s Running St. Pete today. It was the confirmation sheet, parking and expo info. The expo starts Friday but I think I’ll go Saturday morning to pick up my number and timing tag. The expo is being held at the The Renaissance Vinoy Resort and it’s a beautiful place. I also want to make sure I get to look at all the products and visit all the exhibitors. I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures. I’m getting super excited about this race and a little nervous too.

I need a buddy like this guy has:


When is your next race? Be honest, are you nervous?