Catching up and catching fish

Hey!  We’re in Englewood and for those of you who didn’t guess where we were yesterday, it was Stump Pass and we had a blast.  We didn’t catch as many fish as we would have liked to but then again, do we ever catch enough?   Is there really a limit?  I think not.

Anyways, my sister and her family are here with us this week and since I’m also hella busy with some work and other things, I’ll dive right in and get y’all caught up.

First let’s talk about Hermine, you know, that little Cat1 hurricane that blew through on Thursday and Friday.  We didn’t get a direct hit, in fact, I think it never got within 150 miles of us but we did get wind gust up to 60 miles an hour and some rain that lasted for over 3 days.

Hermine rain

Do you know what happens in Florida when it rains non-stop for 3 days?  No?  Well, I’ll tell ya.  The ground becomes saturated, ponds and rivers overflow, the tides surge and everything floods.


flooding from Hermine

And then the tree roots begin to loosen and trees fall over and if that doesn’t happen the weight of all the rain on the leaves weakens the branches and they snap and fall.  Either way fallen trees is a real problem.

Trees down

Tree falling

And just as it all starts to clear up and the sun starts to shine you pick up all the debris and cut the overgrown lawn but just before you finish, proving that God does have a sense of humor, it starts to rain again.

rainy day

Is this my new view?

Fortunately by Saturday night the rain had pretty much ended and that was a good thing because I picked my sister and the family up at the airport at around 6:30PM.  We had dinner at Johnny’s and then the next morning made our way south to Nokomis and then Englewood.


My niece might have been a little excited…

Because fishing!

We fished all day Sunday and most of the day Monday.  I’m pretty sure if it had been up to the women we would have left for home a little earlier on Monday night because this happened:


It was pretty scary for a hot minute but because it’s Florida and the fishing was getting good, the rain let up and we stretched the trip out until 9PM.  We even had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful sight.


Today MacGyver has taken the family out for some off shore fishing and I am in Nokomis getting some work done and later I’ll be going for a ct scan and then I’ll meet up with them for dinner and possibly more fishing?

And now you’re all caught up….except for one thing.

I ran 3 miles this morning!  They were slow miles.  It took me 31 minutes and 20 seconds but hey, I RAN THREE MILES!

running in new shoes

I also got a new pair of the Brooks Launch! LOVE them.

And one more thing, the kid started his new job today!  His first day as a fraud specialist for J.P. Morgan Chase.  He’s very excited about it and I hope you’ll join me in wishing him the best of luck. Good luck Kid, you’re gonna kill it!  I’m biased but it’s true.

And now, I need to get some work done so I’ll catch up with you soon.

What did you do over the weekend? 

Was it a long weekend for you?