WTF Wednesday, please don’t swallow me!

Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you a sinkhole that had opened up near Tampa, about 45 minutes from my house?  Well yesterday I went to the bank and I noticed a huge hole on the side of the road, exactly 1.4 miles from my house.  I didn’t think too much about it other than damn, that’s a big assed hole.  I should avoid it because I’d probably fall in.

sinkhole location

Well, this morning I went for a walk and I heard a helicopter in the neighborhood.  Typically it’s the military but this morning I noticed it was a news helicopter.  After my walk, I walked the dogs and the helicopter was still there along with another one.  I decided that I would turn on the news as soon as I got home to see if there was an accident.

Nope.  No accident.

Sinkhole or Depression

Remember the big assed hole, yep, thar she is!


If y’all didn’t already know, a sinkhole is one of my biggest fears.  Like ever.  And 1.4 miles away is really freakin close.  Currently they are calling it a depression but that’s what they called the last one too, you know, right before it swallowed a few houses and boats and pools and such.

The one near my house is already 3 feet wide and could swallow a person, I’d say that’s a sinkhole.

No problem there, I’ll avoid it til the end of time if need be.

MacGyver has to go see some clients this morning so he’s going to drive by it.  I told him to take a picture.  He thought I would want to go with him to see it but I said ‘nah, I’m curious about the Bermuda Triangle too but I ain’t about to go look at it!’

WTF, it’s Wednesday and I’m clumsy, I don’t need to go walking by any holes!

Throwback Thursday – A convo with MacGyver

Lets celebrate Throwback Thursday with the time I learned a little bit about Man Code Stupidity, compliments of my wonderful partner in life, MacGyver.

oh boy!

Let me set the stage for you. MacGyver pulls a T-Shirt out of his drawer and puts it on. Immediately after pulling it over his head he sighs loudly and then looks at me.

MacGyver: I cannot believe you!

Me: What?

MacGyver: This shirt!

Me: What about it?

MacGyver: Why would you wash it and put it back in the drawer?

Me: Because you just wore it and I hate to break it to you but sometimes you stink and newsflash, sometimes you have to wash your clothes. It’s kind of a thing.

MacGyver: Well, we all know you have’ kind of a thing’ with the washing machine, but just look at this shirt.

Me: What about it?

MacGyver: It’s got holes in it! I wore it to a customer’s house the other day and I was mortified. There are holes under the arms on BOTH sides of this shirt! Why would you wash it and put it BACK in the drawer. It’s obviously a rag now.

Me: Really?

(I then leave the room and go to the bedroom where I retrieve another T-Shirt from MacGyver’s drawer and when I return to the living room I hold up the shirt.)

Me: Do you not also wear this shirt ALL the time?

MacGyver: Yes, but THAT is a good shirt.

(I freakishly point at the shirt like an over exuberant Teacher…)

Me: Then can you tell me what this is here? Located not only on the front, but the back, right here in this location, what is this? WHAT IS THIS????

MacGyver: Those are little holes.

Me: Are you freakin kidding me right now? What makes this shirt any different from the one you are currently holding?!?!?!?

MacGyver: Clearly you have no understanding of an acceptable T-Shirt hole. Midrifft hole acceptable, (yes, he calls it a midrifft). Armpit holes are obviously UNACCEPTABLE!

Me: Really?


Whats the weirdest thing your partner has ever done?

Does he or she mispronounce a word that drives you nuts and refuse to pronounce it correctly? See: midrifft.