I wanna be an Iron Girl Ranger uh huh, uh huh!

The Workouts:

Last Friday I ran 4 miles in the rain and I loved it! Would have kept going too but MacGyver was worried I’d get sick and told me to stop at 4.

Saturday I ran 14 miles on the Legacy Trail in Venice/Nokomis. It was a nice run but I had to take a few breaks. I sang cadence songs in my head and made up words….I sure do know how to entertain myself….”I wanna be an iron girl ranger, uh huh, uh huh….long run with my fuel beltThere is no water fountain located directly on the trail until around mile 7 or 8 and I didn’t realize IT was there until MacGyver pointed it out the day after my long run!

Sunday, I ran 6 miles on the Legacy Trail and because I happen to be a glutton for punishment, (and I like to bring people along), I made MacGyver take a 17.5 mile bike ride on the trail later that day.

Monday, I took the day off. Probably because I was feeling all the miles of the weekend….

This morning, I ran 5 miles over every single hill I could possibly find within a 3 mile radius of my (Clearwater) house.

Rested and Ready for a RunI am trying to get prepared for Iron Girl this weekend which goes over the memorial causeway bridge AND the Sand Key Bridge and then out and then back, yep over the two bridges, AGAIN. I am not the most confident hill bridge runner. Frankly I prefer easy flat runs. I’m sorta really lazy in that way. But I guess I will have to tough this one out…..wish me luck. I’m not concerned about my time, although I would hate not to do well, but I am most concerned with finishing period; and without having to walk the bridges. This is my run in honor of my girl, Ruby and I want to do her proud. I miss her so much….

I failed to mention it earlier but you probably figured it out when I said I ran the legacy trail this weekend, we went down to our house in the Venice area but before we left I threw out some old bread to the mallards in my yard and by the time I walked in to get my purse and returned to car, we had 4 of these in our yard:

Big Ass BirdI’m not sure if they were Herons, Egrets or Cranes but they were huge ass birds! The biggest ones were around 3 1/2 feet tall and had fairly wide wingspans of at least 4-5 feet. When they were eating the bread, it sounded like chopsticks and the coolest thing happened when the little one ate right out of my hand. I aint gonna lie though, I got a little scared and almost peed my pants. I didn’t even try to feed the big ones. I just threw a little bread their way. It was very cool though and one of the reasons I love living in Florida.

Did you see any wildlife this weekend and how do you prepare for a race that involves bridges or hills? Inquiring minds would like to know!