Thursday, throwbacks and swear words

It’s Thursday already and I’ve got some things to share.

First a quick little throwback.  Let’s go back 6 or 7 years ago when MacGyver and I went to Virginia and then the whole family took a little trip over to Harper’s Ferry.  Me, MacGyver and my sister-in-law climbed upon this rock and made our very own album cover, you know, if we were a 1970’s rock band, which we aren’t.  So I guess it’s just a picture….

rock at harpers ferry

Throwback Thursday, Harper’s Ferry

Yesterday MacGyver picked up some additional cameras for the security system.  We’ve noticed a lot of animals coming around at night and he wanted better cameras with really clear night vision so we can see them.  We also put out some humane traps in the yard to find out whats been digging so many holes.  We caught a cat in less than an hour.

stupid cat

It’s a trap dumbass, now stay out of it!

MacGyver released the Kitty Einstein and then we reset the thing.

This morning I overslept a bit.  I knew MacGyver and the dogs wouldn’t get up before sunrise because they all have fearoffrostaphobia.  That’s when you are afraid of temperatures below 40 and possible frost.  Anyway I got up and got dressed to run but I decided to take out the trash since no one else was getting up anytime soon.  I screamed when I saw this…

rocky raccoonRocky the Raccoon.  MacGyver says I can’t name him because if I name him I’ll want to keep him and we cant have a raccoon.  Too late.

I hope he gets along with peacocks and mallards and wood storks.

Yesterday I was just sitting in my lazy boy watching reality TV doing research when I decided to check my fitbit to see how many steps I needed to reach my goal for the day.  I scrolled through all the stats and this was my heart rate….

heart rateI realize that may seem low but I have a really low heart rate.  Most days it hovers around 40-42 unless I’m exercising.  Apparently I go from full on aerobic heart rate to semi catatonic state on the reg.  Go figure.

At some point on the blog I showed you my peacock coloring book that my mom got me and I may have shown you the nautical themed one that the kid got me for Christmas.  I love both of them but I needed something even more therapeutic for the days when all hell breaks lose.  I bought this one…..

Swear word coloring bookI’m already having fun with it…

What’s your resting heart rate?
Do you like to color?
Do you like to swear?

Sorry for the late post, but I was pretty sure I was dying.

Happy Monday to you. I realize this post is a bit late but well, it was a rough later part of the weekend and a weekend in which, I was pretty sure I was dying.

I took Friday off from running and went to my beloved garage and estate sales because that’s just what I do. I didn’t buy all that much but I did get a killer pink Tupperware butter dish circa: sometime before your ass was born. I also got MacGyver some kick ass trains and train parts because we have a little project in mind. After all the shopping I came home and vegged out with the pups. All in all it was a stress free and uneventful day.

On Saturday morning I woke up early and went out for a long run. I had twelve miles on the training schedule. Guess what? I did it! I didn’t have to stop once, even when I almost stepped on a black snake, I just kept going. It was the longest run I’ve done in months and do you wanna know how I felt afterwards….


Yep, just like this!


Then I went home, showered and took the dogs for a walk. After that I convinced MacGyver to take a ride with me to run a few errands and to go to lunch. And then sometime around 11:30 I started getting a migraine.

Now, let me stop right here and tell you that I get frequent migraines and I have 3 classes of them. Class one is a mild one and I can usually stop it within an hour if I take 2 ibuprofen but if that doesn’t work, it progresses to class 2. Class 2 is a medium migraine and it usually requires Excedrin for migraines and a warm towel around my neck followed by about 30 minutes or more of rest and if that doesn’t work it’s a full blown class 3. Class 3 is a bitch. Class 3 is a migraine that ends any additional plans for the day because it requires Dramamine, a dark room, no noise, and sleep. Fortunately the recipe for class 3 has always worked.

On Saturday it did not. My migraine had progressed to a class 3 by late afternoon and my usual regime for relief did not work. The Dramamine knocked me out for about 10 minutes until the pain became intolerable. At that point, I got up and walked around which seemed to alleviate it, but it never quite went away. It just sort of hung around for a few hours. Since MacGyver was going hunting at 3am he needed to go to bed so I decided to lay down with him and eventually I drifted off to sleep. I woke up about 10 minutes after MacGyver left and it was bad y’all.

the pain is too bad
I have never felt so much panic as I felt at that point. MacGyver was on his way to the woods where his cell phone would not receive a signal, the kid was out with friends and I was projectile vomiting with the most intense headache I have ever had.

It was similar to the food poisoning incident of a few weeks ago….which only worried me more. What if it hadn’t been food poisoning? What if something is really wrong with me? What if I’m dying?

You may think I was acting hysterically and usually I would agree but this time there was a reason I freaked out. Because this time my blood pressure had sky rocketed and my heart rate was really low, as in 40 beats a minute low. Since I know I have bradycardia, it’s something I’m keenly aware of and always tracking, but it is not usually accompanied by high blood pressure or an intense headache that causes projectile vomiting. Y’all I was freaking the fuck out!

googling your symptoms

As God is my witness, I will not ever google symptoms again when I am in the throes of despair with an unknown illness. By 5 am I was pretty sure I had either a chiari malformation or Intracranial hypertension. Typhoid fever was also a contender but I quickly ruled that one out.

For the record, I can deal with either of these things if that’s the hand I’m dealt, just not when I am all alone on the floor of my bathroom in serious pain coupled with projectile vomiting which was only increasing the pressure in my head. Fortunately, I remembered I had some misoprostol which helps immensely and that’s exactly what I took. It stopped the vomiting in about 10 minutes and forty five minutes later, I was sleeping like a baby.

I spent most of Sunday in bed.

Today has been much better and my blood pressure has gone down a lot. The migraine is gone too. However, I’ll be seeing a cardiologist soon. MacGyver is insisting, and this time, I know he’s right. I’m just thankful that for now I feel much better.

Ever had a health scare that made you think you would die? Seriously die?