Sorry for the late post, but I was pretty sure I was dying.

Happy Monday to you. I realize this post is a bit late but well, it was a rough later part of the weekend and a weekend in which, I was pretty sure I was dying.

I took Friday off from running and went to my beloved garage and estate sales because that’s just what I do. I didn’t buy all that much but I did get a killer pink Tupperware butter dish circa: sometime before your ass was born. I also got MacGyver some kick ass trains and train parts because we have a little project in mind. After all the shopping I came home and vegged out with the pups. All in all it was a stress free and uneventful day.

On Saturday morning I woke up early and went out for a long run. I had twelve miles on the training schedule. Guess what? I did it! I didn’t have to stop once, even when I almost stepped on a black snake, I just kept going. It was the longest run I’ve done in months and do you wanna know how I felt afterwards….


Yep, just like this!


Then I went home, showered and took the dogs for a walk. After that I convinced MacGyver to take a ride with me to run a few errands and to go to lunch. And then sometime around 11:30 I started getting a migraine.

Now, let me stop right here and tell you that I get frequent migraines and I have 3 classes of them. Class one is a mild one and I can usually stop it within an hour if I take 2 ibuprofen but if that doesn’t work, it progresses to class 2. Class 2 is a medium migraine and it usually requires Excedrin for migraines and a warm towel around my neck followed by about 30 minutes or more of rest and if that doesn’t work it’s a full blown class 3. Class 3 is a bitch. Class 3 is a migraine that ends any additional plans for the day because it requires Dramamine, a dark room, no noise, and sleep. Fortunately the recipe for class 3 has always worked.

On Saturday it did not. My migraine had progressed to a class 3 by late afternoon and my usual regime for relief did not work. The Dramamine knocked me out for about 10 minutes until the pain became intolerable. At that point, I got up and walked around which seemed to alleviate it, but it never quite went away. It just sort of hung around for a few hours. Since MacGyver was going hunting at 3am he needed to go to bed so I decided to lay down with him and eventually I drifted off to sleep. I woke up about 10 minutes after MacGyver left and it was bad y’all.

the pain is too bad
I have never felt so much panic as I felt at that point. MacGyver was on his way to the woods where his cell phone would not receive a signal, the kid was out with friends and I was projectile vomiting with the most intense headache I have ever had.

It was similar to the food poisoning incident of a few weeks ago….which only worried me more. What if it hadn’t been food poisoning? What if something is really wrong with me? What if I’m dying?

You may think I was acting hysterically and usually I would agree but this time there was a reason I freaked out. Because this time my blood pressure had sky rocketed and my heart rate was really low, as in 40 beats a minute low. Since I know I have bradycardia, it’s something I’m keenly aware of and always tracking, but it is not usually accompanied by high blood pressure or an intense headache that causes projectile vomiting. Y’all I was freaking the fuck out!

googling your symptoms

As God is my witness, I will not ever google symptoms again when I am in the throes of despair with an unknown illness. By 5 am I was pretty sure I had either a chiari malformation or Intracranial hypertension. Typhoid fever was also a contender but I quickly ruled that one out.

For the record, I can deal with either of these things if that’s the hand I’m dealt, just not when I am all alone on the floor of my bathroom in serious pain coupled with projectile vomiting which was only increasing the pressure in my head. Fortunately, I remembered I had some misoprostol which helps immensely and that’s exactly what I took. It stopped the vomiting in about 10 minutes and forty five minutes later, I was sleeping like a baby.

I spent most of Sunday in bed.

Today has been much better and my blood pressure has gone down a lot. The migraine is gone too. However, I’ll be seeing a cardiologist soon. MacGyver is insisting, and this time, I know he’s right. I’m just thankful that for now I feel much better.

Ever had a health scare that made you think you would die? Seriously die?