Christmas Eve Training Session

Merry Christmas Eve y’all!

Are you getting ready for tomorrow? Baking? Wrapping Presents? Done and Done over here. I did that shit last night.

baking brownies

Now, I’m prepping for my day tomorrow. I’ve got my feet up on the coffee table and my ass planted on the sofa. I’m perfecting my ‘I have the whole day off to do absolutely nothing’ pose. I’d give myself a 9.2 but after my training today I should be a 10 just in time for tomorrow. I love holidays!

Seriously though, I love Christmas and not just because it’s Christmas, but because it is also the Kid’s birthday! So we have two celebrations tomorrow. MacGyver and I are making the Kid his favorite dinner, chicken fettucine alfredo. This is our first attempt at making the alfredo sauce from scratch. I’m a little nervous but MacGyver has mad kitchen skills so it should be okay, I’ll let you know.


Did that make you laugh? You’re welcome!

And with that, I need to get back to some training. Oh, and did I mention I’m doing a marathon? Yeah, Orange is the New Black. I’m on episode 7.

Happy Christmas Eve!

How are you spending your day?