WTF Wednesday, who needs luck anyway?

This is random but why the hell is Jerry Oconnoll filling in for Wendy Williams?  And more importantly, why is he acting like such an idiot?  It’s hard to watch.  Really hard.


Don’t give up your day job Jerry.

I took Hank into the vet’s office yesterday.  I was concerned about the little lump on the back of his backend but otherwise I was happy with how he’s progressing and he’s feeling much better.  He’s been pretty tired and lethargic but that’s to be expected.  He hasn’t thrown up although he has had a little diarrhea, but it wasn’t bloody.  It’s the little things.

After reading a lot of information regarding dachshunds and health issues I was hoping the lump was just an anal gland that needed to be expressed.  Since he had had some GI issues that would make perfect sense.  So I took him in and the vet tech took him back to see the doctor.  The doctor came out with Hank in her arms about 10 minutes later and said, ‘Hank has a perineal hernia.’

a hernia

So let’s break this down shall we.  Hank takes an unassuming nap while hanging out at the house in Nokomis and wakes up with a spider bite.  After two horrific surgeries he is finally on the mend and then boom, he develops hemorraghic gastroenteritis, most likely from the medication used to treat the spider bite.  Are you with me so far?  Good.

And now the latest, he has developed a perineal hernia, which was most likely caused from the violent hurling during vomiting, which was caused by the hemorraghic gastroenteritis, which was caused by the medication used to treat the wound caused by the spider bite.  My poor little Hank.  Fucking spider.

I left the vet’s office with the understanding that they would call me today to let me know when and how much surgery will be.  They did call but they asked me to bring Hank in today so that they can evaluate him to see if it’s a surgery they feel comfortable performing or if he’s going to need to see a surgeon who specializes in this type of hernia.

Let me guess

I have a feeling what they’re going to tell me because I’ve come to realize that when it comes to medical issues, Hank and I have the same luck.

hee haw

In a strange turn of events I checked my powerball ticket just on the off chance that I might have hit it big.  Don’t worry, I didn’t.  I got one number, or at least that’s what I thought.  Apparently I read the ticket wrong and thought the powerplay number was the powerball number or something like that.  (Let’s be honest, I don’t really understand the powerball lottery anyway).

But that’s not the point, the point is, I won!  I hit one number and the powerball on a powerplay ticket.  At first I thought whoa big deal maybe I’ll get like 3 or 4 bucks but somehow I won 21 bucks and at this point, I really needed a win, no matter how small.  Maybe our luck is changing around here and it will carry over to the vet visit.  *crossing fingers*

WTF, it’s Wednesday.

Those holes in the toes of your running shoes and other tangents

Yesterday I took Hank to the vet again.  I had to leave him there for an hour and a half so that they could run some blood tests.  The vet said that he does not have pancreatitis but he does have hemorrhagic gastroenteritis.  It could have been caused by the antibiotic he was on after surgery or possibly the food I gave him to hide his pills in.  We are almost positive it was one or the other as we ruled everything else out.

Hank at the vet

Where is the nearest exit?

He seems to be doing better but last night as MacGyver and I were putting his pajamas on after changing his bandage we noticed a lump on his backend.  MacGyver feels positive it’s a hernia.  I’m not making any guesses, instead I’m just going to head on up to the vet again today because hey it’s been almost 24 hours and they probably miss us.


Anyway, I’m checking in today because I had a few things to tell you about.  First is this article about running shoes or more precisely holes in the toes of your running shoes.

holes in toes of running shoes

I have many pairs of running shoes that look just like that and by many I mean more than not.  I have always thought that it was either due to uppers that weren’t made well or my toenails were too long but this article from Another Mother Runner explains that there are quite a few reasons you could have holes in the toes of your running shoes and it was surprising to me that it could be due to something completely different than the things I thought caused them.  I found it extremely interesting and I wanted to pass it along.

Another article I read was in Shape magazine this month.  When it came in the mail I was perusing through the articles when lo and behold I saw an article title ‘The Super Nutrient You Need’ and it was all about magnesium!  Do you remember when I told y’all how magnesium has helped stave off migraines for me after my long runs?

Well, this article mentioned how you need more magnesium if you exercise a lot but it went even further and explained how you can figure out exactly how much you need.  It said you need around 310-320 milligrams of magnesium a day but if you exercise add 100 milligrams for every 45 minutes you exercise daily.  I tried to find the article online but was unsuccessful so if you would like to read it, pick up a copy of April’s issue of Shape Magazine.

One more important thing I’ve been meaning to mention, March is MS awareness month.  This is something close to my heart and I wanted to share this video with you.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

Do you take magnesium?

Do you know anyone who suffers from MS?

Surgery, round 2, what the hell is in that spider venom?

Yesterday Hank had to have another surgery.  The poor thing has lost so much skin that this time they weren’t able to fully close the wound.  It’s covered with a honey bandage and I have to take him in a few times a week to have it changed.

Hank and his cone

The vet also gave him a new cone, a larger one.  Hopefully he wont be able to wriggle out of this one.  Apparently while he was in the vets office awaiting his surgery he managed to somehow chew out even more stitches so I’m glad they gave him this larger one.  It’s awkward for him and i hate that he has to wear it but I also want him to heal properly.

The vet had to cut out quite a bit more skin and it’s unbelievable that the venom has spread as much as it did.  I found a holistic paste online which has garnered incredible reviews from both people who have been bitten by the brown recluse and the owners of dogs who have also been bitten.  They say it stops the venom from spreading and expedites the healing so I ordered it because I don’t think I can put this dog through another surgery.

Little Hank

The vet added another antibiotic to his regime as well and she feels this will help prevent any infection as well as stop the venom.  I certainly hope so.  Watching him lay on the sofa helpless, day after day, is killing me.

I had planned on writing about another piece of the puzzle in my long run without migraines success but obviously, I’ve been a little preoccupied with Hank so it may have to wait a few days.

The bandage that Hank has now is actually tied on with strings and wrapped through staples.  I can tell that it itches quite bad because he jumps up occasionally and tries to bite at it.  Unfortunately I cannot change the badge myself just yet, the vet will have to do that for another week or so.  Our next bandage change is Saturday and I sure hope we get that holistic powder before then.

Thanks for all your well wishes and comments, Hank is our little baby and it means so much to MacGyver and me.

Do you have any pets?  

Tell me about them, names and ages and anything you think makes them special?