WTF Wednesday, Trick or treating and squirrels

Squirrels can fly but they can’t fly on Frontier.  And one woman in Orlando found that out as she tried to fly to Cleveland on Tuesday night with her emotional support animal, a squirrel.

squirrel on flightNo, I am not kidding.  You can click here to read the full story.  I think we should get her and the peacock lady together.  Maybe they can carpool on all their trips from now on, seeing as how they won’t be allowed to fly anymore.

So, have you heard the news?  We’re having a bit of a hurricane in Florida right now and he’s not messing around.


We try.

Speaking of Halloween, is anyone else super excited about the new Halloween movie?  Because I am.  And probably a lot of teenagers in Chesapeake, VA too, you know because what else are you going to do on Halloween night if you’re not allowed to trick or treat?

I love me some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and some Kit Kats but I ain’t about to risk jail time for them.  Of course when I was 13 I probably would have so its probably a good thing I didn’t grow up in Chesapeake.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and now I’m totally craving chocolate….

WTF Wednesday, a coffin in my car


Last weekend MacGyver and I went to some estate sales and a few garage sales.  My mom has been telling me for a few years now how she’d like to have a Lane cedar chest.  Since I have found 4 or 5 of them she wanted me to look for one for her.  This weekend I found one and even better, I got it for 10 bucks.

jumping for joy


I need to do a little bit of touch up on it to get it looking as good as it did when it was first built but I didn’t want to leave it in the front of my garage.   I just finished the dresser I had sitting out there for the past 3 weeks and I have finally started to get my respect back in the neighborhood so I opted to leave it in my car.

MacGyver was okay with that for a few days because he doesn’t really want it near his garage anyway but yesterday he said I should probably take it out of my car because it blocks a little of my view and if I decide to take the dogs anywhere, there’s no place to put them.  Little does he know, Boomer rides in the front seat and Hank sits on my lap and practically drives so I don’t need the back seat.

But the real reason I want to keep the chest in my car is because it’s a great hiding place.  I quickly discovered that I can hide all my purchases right inside the chest and then move them to the house when MacGyver isn’t home.  And since my mom isn’t coming until November, I can shop the entire month of October without having to explain my obsession with the Dollar Tree or Macy’s.  It’s a win win.  I just had to think of a reason to keep it in the car.

And then it occurred to me, Halloween.  I could get that fancy paint that comes off with soap and water and name my SUV ‘Halloween Hearse’ and then I could just dress the cedar chest up like a mini coffin.  It’s perfect. I’m doing it.

So if you see a Ford Escape dressed up like a hearse blasting this music

It’s just me.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and I am sooooo excited for Halloween.

Have you gotten a costume yet?

Vacationing, Fishing, Halloweening and a celebrity!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (Said in my creepiest poltergeist voice, which isn’t really all that creepy.)

How is everybody? I’m good, well rested, renewed, and ready to get down to some serious work this week. Bwah ha ha, that last line was probably a lie.

So, as you know, we’ve been on vacation. We were in the Venice area for the past week and as I’m sure you know (if you’ve ever read the blog before), we did a lot of fishing, and I ran on my beloved Legacy Trail. Only this time, there were some variances.

Venice, Florida
First off, we got to try a little fly fishing but mostly we watched. My sister-in-law and her husband are pretty awesome at it. In fact, you should probably go read my sister-in-law’s blog because it’s all about fly fishing and she’s amazing. Pop on over there and tell her hi and let her know I sent you. Oh, and I should mention, you’ll like her blog too, it’s really good!

Fly fishing with the Damsel Fly Project

Fly Fishing with Lynne from The Damsel Fly Project.

Besides fly fishing, my sister-in-law kept me company and headed out to the Legacy Trail with me every morning. Having someone go with me every morning was epic but having my sister-in-law go with me was even better. I am really, really going to miss her and her husband as well.

Running the Legacy Trail
Being out on the boat fishing was fun in and of itself but we also saw dolphins and manatees. At one point MacGyver fed a dolphin a bait fish as it swam up to our boat and several of the dolphins jumped out of the water into the air. But by far the best part was when the baby manatee swam right up to the back of the boat and popped his little nose up to say hi, I seriously thought I would just die from cuteness overload, it was insane.

DolphinsBaby Manatee

As you can imagine, we ate a shit ton of fish this week and it was amazing but I’ve been craving hamburgers and steaks since we got home! That’s probably why I got a steak sub when we hit up Mazzaro’s on the way to Clearwater.

I’ve mentioned Mazzaro’s on the blog before but if you’re local or visiting the area, it’s a must do. Put it on your to do list and you won’t be sorry! Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said about the next place we went.

In all fairness we went to the housewares section...but this is an accurate depiction...unfortunately.

In all fairness we went to the housewares section…but this is an accurate depiction…unfortunately.

I’ve been talking about the weigh and pay for ages and so my sister-in-law had to see it. I warned her that she would either love me or hate me after going there and it would all depend on what we could find….hopefully, she still likes me because the inventory was a bit disappointing… on top of the usually dirty. Oops!

Anyhow, we got home on Halloween and my sister in law and her husband headed home.

My neighbors put together a FREE Haunted House for all the kids in the area.  Very cool!

My neighbors put together a FREE Haunted House for all the kids in the area. Very cool!

Because we weren’t sure where we would be for Halloween, I didn’t buy candy until the last-minute. I typically spend around 100 bucks because we usually have a couple hundred kids but I only spent around twenty dollars at the dollar tree which meant we started running low on candy so MacGyver insisted I only hand out one piece to each kid so you can imagine how much they loved me. I finally insisted that MacGyver take a turn at the door at which point he handed each kid at least 5 pieces! Way to make me the bad guy!

The bright side of Halloween as always was these two because they totally hammed it up.

Dog halloween costume

Trick or Treat…uh, treat, did someone say treat?

Alligator Dachshund

Happy Halloweenie!

Hank didn’t even bark at the trick or treater’s, he just wanted to see all the costumes. Boomer was more interested in the candy…

On a side note, most of the kids I handed only one piece of candy to actually asked for more. I don’t remember ever doing that as a child. Is that acceptable? Because I was a little offended, especially when they asked in front of their parents and the parents said nothing. I’m pretty sure if I would have ever attempted such a thing, my parents would have dropped kicked me Jesus through the goal post of life! Just sayin…

The day after Halloween I had ten miles on my schedule but….I could NOT get out of bed. The weather was beautiful and perfect for a long run but I just couldn’t make it happen. In fact, other than a few garage sales, I spent most of the day on the sofa watching copious amounts of DIY shows. Fortunately later in the day my little neighbor Jayde and her mom came over and insisted I go on a bike ride with them. We rode a little over 8 miles and it was exhilarating. The weather could not have been better.

Sunday fared much better for me. I got up at 6 and hit the door around 7:30ish and I knocked out ten miles, TEN MILES! I didn’t stop once and I averaged a 10:15 pace with no pain and no stiffness.

Another Obligatory Garmin you like me now?  hehe

Another Obligatory Garmin Pic…how you like me now? hehe

Y’all, I was so excited that I sang out loud for the last 2 miles. I’m pretty sure I would have kept singing to except that one of the neighbors ran outside and asked me if I had heard the cat that sounded hurt, he said it sounded like a high-pitched moaning…..ahem, ‘No, I didn’t hear anything’. Needless to say, I didn’t sing anymore. And in case you’re wondering, yeah, it probably was that bad.

I came home and caught a bit of the New York City Marathon. I love watching all the celebrities who run every year and seeing how well, (or not so well) they do. It’s so exciting.

So you can imagine how after watching the celebrities at the NYC Marathon, I never expected to see one in my own living room but there he was….

It's Hank Baskett!  Get it?

It’s Hank Baskett! Get it?

Well, I thought it was funny….

In closing, did you catch the Walking Dead last night?
Any Predictions on what will happen with Beth?
Why do think Carol was there and what happened to Darryl?
Have you ever had a long run that felt so good you wanted to sing?