WTF Wed, Getting lost for 12 hours running your first half marathon!

Last night MacGyver and I went to Costco to pick up the essentials and by essentials I mean a 30 pound bag of dog food because really, what else could two people actually need from Costco?

snack city bitch

Besides eating all the snacks, while we were there we walked around checking out all the holiday gift items and I noticed they were all the same as last year.  Unfortunately MacGyver did not.  Well, not until I pointed it out to him AFTER he suggested he get a few of them for me as Christmas presents.  That’s when I reminded him that he already did, LAST YEAR!

He asked me if I was sure

uh duh

And then he asked me what I did with them?  I assured him we no  longer had them.  At first he asked me if we used them or if they broke and then he thought about it.  I mean seriously how would you use a yonana frozen treat maker so much that you’d actually break it?  Or a fancy super-sized dish drainer?  Then he said, ‘those were not very good gifts and you returned them huh?’


Let’s not last minute shop at Costco this year sweetie, okay?

I read a story yesterday about a woman who ran who very first half marathon over the weekend near my vacation house in Venice.  Her very first half marathon.  FIRST.  Remember that.  Now, y’all remember back to how nervous you were the very first time you ever ran a half marathon.  Remember the jitters?  The unknowns?  Remember how unsure you were?

Now, keep that in mind and let me tell you about Melissa Kitcher.

Melissa Kitcher

She ran her very first half marathon this past weekend and she chose the Trail Hog 13.1 which is a trail run at the T. Mabry Carlton Reserve.  This is not an easy race and it is definitely a trail.  There are roots and shrubs and bugs and mosquitoes and there have even been panthers spotted in that reserve.  It’s a beautiful place and I’m sure the course if spectacular but I’m not sure I would have chosen it as a first race but Melissa did.

Somewhere around the third mile Melissa took a wrong turn and that’s when things went downhill.  By her own estimates, Melissa says she probably went about 7 miles off course and then turned around and headed back when she realized she had gone the wrong way but by that time she was lost and realized no one was looking for her.  She had brought along a cell phone but it stopped working before the race even started.   She had no choice but to keep going so that’s what she did.

Melissa’s husband called the race director at 4:30 when she didn’t return and a search party located her 12 hours after the race started!  How’s that for a first half marathon experience?  It hasn’t stopped Melissa, she says she’ll be running the Sarasota Half Marathon in March and Melissa, if you want, I’ll run it with you, I’m directionally challenged myself, probably more so than you, I’ve gotten lost during a regular race on a route in my own neighborhood that I run weekly!

Melissa ended up running over 16 miles in those 12 hours on some pretty bad ass trails so in my opinion she’s one pretty tough runner!

WTF it’s Wednesday and that’s one heck of a first half marathon story!

Tell me about your first half marathon story!

The First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon Recap & Review



I ran the Sarasota half marathon last year and y’all know I really loved it and was looking forward to running it again, in fact, I was hoping it would be a sub 2 for me. You can only imagine how excited I was when I happened to be fortunate enough to receive a free entry through my affiliation with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, however, all opinions about the race are my own.

Until a few days before the race, I would have said I was well-prepared and I would have said a sub 2 was definitely possible but that was a few days before. I did everything I could to ensure that my hips were in top shape and even though I did get a little tight in the IT band area, it was all good to go by race time.

Originally I had planned on staying at the house in Venice the night before the race since the drive would be shorter but that didn’t work out and instead I left from my house in Clearwater which meant we had to leave at 4:30am! My Mom is in town so she and the kid came along.

Van Wezel

Because the drive there was rather long, we stopped at a gas station close to the start so by the time we arrived at the Van Wezel, (near the start line), I didn’t have to visit the port-a-john and believe me that was a first, I highly recommend it. (There is nothing worse than standing in a port-a-john line and barely making it to the starting line.) We arrived around 6:15 so I had plenty of time to stretch out and get ready and I felt great.


As always I dedicated this race to #TeamJaimie

The race started just a few minutes late but I felt really good and super confident. The kid even shot a quick video of me at the start line. You can see me when it goes into slow mode. I’m in the blue tank.



That’s totally my game face!

It was a slow start due to the amount of runners but I was in the B coral and I got going and got through the first mile with no real issues. The first 3 miles felt awesome. I decided to keep the pace at around 9:30 until mile 3 because I knew the first half of the race had us running across a large bridge twice! I nailed my pace on the first 3 miles with no problem and planned on taking it down to 9:15 for the next 3. The plan was to scale down 15 seconds a mile every 3 miles to hopefully finish with a sub 2.

running to bridge

Sometime after mile 3, I got a pain in my abdomen. Not the typical runners pain but the pain I got when I took my in-laws to Mazzaro’s. This was bad y’all, really bad. It didn’t let up at all and sometime in that 3rd mile, I had to walk. I thought if I walked for a bit it would go away but that wasn’t happening. I was seriously concerned that I might have my first DNF.

running over bridge

I walked as much as I needed to because I didn’t want that pain to escalate into the pain that I had before. I didn’t know if I could make it go away and if anyone could have heard the inner diatribe in my head, they would totally have committed me. Somehow, I made it back over the bridge and by mile 6 the pain was barely there so I continued on. I won’t lie though, when I passed the relay point I secretly wished I was switching out with someone else.

running in sarasota

Miles 6-9 take you through the streets of Sarasota and there are tons of spectators to cheer you on. It’s one of the things that I love about this race. I got through those miles and had picked up the pace a bit but I knew there was no chance for a PR. The last few miles take you through some of the neighborhoods and there were lots of people outside cheering and offering words of encouragement. I needed it.

going to the ringling


When I saw the finish I was elated and couldn’t wait to see my Mom and the Kid.

running in

They weren’t there.

where are they

It seems that when I didn’t finish in 2 hours, Mom was convinced that I was dying or dead so she marched right over to the medical tent to have them locate me…..EMBARRASSING!

Fortunately, I located the kid and we called and stopped her before they were able to do a full on search!

finishing time

I finished the race in 2:21:22 (chip time), the worst time I have ever run, but if it makes any sense, it was the most proud I’ve ever been of myself and my efforts because I fought through some pretty bad stomach pain to get there.

my medal

I still plan on getting that sub 2 and I will and I’ll also be back to run this race year after year because the scenery is beautiful, the course is fun and full of support and cheerleaders, and it’s extremely well-organized. If you plan on putting this race on your bucket list, I highly recommend it.

And so do Boomer and Hank!

I love my medal

this weighs more than meHere are the particulars:

Location: Sarasota, Florida
Host: Lifetime Athletic Events
Race Fee: This race offer blitz registration which offers huge discounts to those who register early and that’s a good idea because it does sell out!
From their website:
Blitz pricing
Tuesday, March 17 – 55% off
Wednesday, March 18 – 45% off
Thursday, March 19 – Sunday, March 22 – 35% off
Packet Pickup: I picked my packet up at Fit2Run on the Friday before the race. It was quick and easy and all of the people there were super nice.
Parking: Parking fills up pretty quick but I got there early so I didn’t have a problem. I do suggest getting there at least an hour early to find a good spot.

support crewSupport Crew: There were a ton of water stops and most also had Gatorade. I’m pretty sure one of them had gels as well, though I can’t remember which one.
Swag and Bling: This was the 10th anniversary of the race so we received a very nice T-Shirt and a bad ass jacket! This half also gives out the largest and best medal, ever! Seriously.
After Party: The after party was a ton of fun and I really like the fact that they encourage you to bring your friends and family. I would have stayed a lot longer too, if I had felt a bit better. I did manage to have a little fun on the way out too…

Fish Pose
Overall: Overall I think this is one of the best races I’ve run and I’ll be back year after year! I can’t wait to see what we get at the 20 year anniversary!

And in case you’re wondering, we still have no idea what is going on with my stomach and causing the intermittent pain and I suspect it will be many more weeks and a few more doctors before we do.

Have you ever had a dnf or a near dnf? Tell me why.

A training update: Why me?

MacGyver went to our cabin for the weekend. I didn’t really want to go because I had a lot of things to do around here and I wanted to be here in case my niece needed me when she and 9 of her closest friends blew in to town Sunday morning. Well, there’s that and the fact that I can do all the shopping I want when the cat’s away 😉 I hit up quite a few estate sales and garage sales on Saturday and I did find a few things but nothing too remarkable.

On Sunday I got some landscaping done and painted a few pieces of furniture. It was quite a productive weekend if I do say so myself. I was glad to get so much done since next week I’ll be quite consumed with the Sarasota Marathon which I am super excited about and was totally looking forward to. I even thought my training was going really well….but then last night happened.

Why me

I woke up with the all too familiar pain in the hip and the butt, and this time I even felt it in my knee. Only it’s the other hip, (the left hip), you know, the good one.

WTF? I didn’t over train. I took my rest days. I stretched. I rolled. I worked on balance.
I suspect that maybe with all the strength training and really working hard on healing my bad hip, I have inadvertently made the left one weaker than the right!

Why God Why
I’m taking a rest day today and I’ll continue to work on my strength training but suffice it to say, I’m quite worried about the race on Sunday and how my legs will do. It’s not an overly hilly course or anything but there is that humongous bridge and that is worrisome. I’m trying not to freak out too much because I don’t think it’s too bad but it’s very hard NOT to freak out. It’s just my nature I guess.

Nancy Why

I hear you girl!

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here was my training last week…

Strength Training (Single leg lifts, Side leg lifts, rear leg lifts)

Ran 6.3 miles
Strength Training (Single leg lifts, Side leg lifts, rear leg lifts)

Ran 6.5 miles
Fitness Blenders 100 squat challenge
Pop Sugar Arm workout

Ran 7 miles
100 squat challenge
Strength Training (Single leg lifts, Side leg lifts, rear leg lifts)

Ran 4 miles
Fitness Blenders Kettlebell workout
Arm Work out pop sugar

Ran 12 miles
Strength Training (Single leg lifts, Side leg lifts, rear leg lifts)

Ran 6.3 miles
Strength Training (Single leg lifts, Side leg lifts, rear leg lifts)

And just a few training notes:

I did the Pop Sugar arm work out using 8lb and 5lb weights and I love this work out. I can definitely feel it in my arms and I am loving the way they are looking. I also loved the kettlebell routine from fitness blender but I used my 15 lb kettlebell for the entire workout. Also, be careful with the halo when you’re using a kettlebell. I nearly knocked myself out. I can only imagine what would have happened if I had used the weights they use!

Anyone else running the Sarasota Marathon on Sunday?
How’s your training going?