WTF Wednesday, Cocks and Peckers, get your mind out of the gutter.

You may have heard about this on the news but 4 people in Florida were recently diagnosed with Legionnaires’ Disease.  The one thing they all had in common was, their gym.

exercise knocks me outLiterally!

MacGyver and I were scrolling through movie channels and we landed on Mamma Mia! which had just started and since I had never seen it, I insisted we watch it.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how thrilled MacGyver was.  He left the room often but at one point he came back in during a scene involving Meryl Streep’s character, Donna and Pierce Brosnan’s character, Sam.  They were singing.

MacGyver:  Is that James Bond?

ME:  It’s Pierce Brosnan and yes, I think he did play James Bond.

MacGyver:  Double Oh Hell NO!  This is horrible.  My Bond image is ruined forever.

Is it evil that I felt a sense of victory in that?

If you haven’t seen this parody, check it out, Orange is the New Snack.

Googley Eyes is the best!

So MacGyver left for work this morning and came back 5 minutes later with something in his hands.

baby peacockWe went all around trying to find the momma but to no avail.  In case you couldn’t tell what it is, it’s a baby peacock.


That face! Could you just die?

We stopped by the store to get a paper and were discussing the issue and I said, ‘Listen, I’ve already got a pecker, I can’t also raise a cock.’  Within a millisecond I heard the elderly lady behind us gasp.  I almost turned around to tell her we were talking about birds but then I decided it would best to let her try to figure it out all on her own.  *insert evil laughter here.


He is a cute little booger, but I think we’re gonna continue to try and locate the momma for this one.  I’m sure he’ll end up in my backyard with the rest of the neighborhood peacocks anyway.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, and I’m the equivalent of the neighborhood fire station, just leave all your birds with me, no questions asked, no charges filed.