WTF Wednesday, a glitter gym

I got up this morning and debated whether or not I should run.  My legs and feet felt fine all day yesterday as well as this morning.  MacGyver went up to the man cave around 6:40AM to work out.  We’ve turned it back into a gym again.  Well, actually part of it is filled with all of my craft supplies and glitter has invaded most of the spaces, but I digress, in the end I went for a five mile run. 

After I ran I was stepping into the shower and I got that familiar tightness in my shins.  I should have stayed at home with MacGyver and worked out in the glitter gym.

We need two football leagues.  The Patriot’s league and a ‘those other teams’ league.  That seems fairer, don’t you think?

I had to make a regular run to the Walmart yesterday for some staples.  Unfortunately, I waited until almost 5PM which means that it was crazy crowded, emphasis on the crazy.  Anywho, while waiting in line I picked up one of my usual mags and started reading it and before I knew it my turn had come so I threw the mag on the counter and I purchased it.  Later in the evening I picked it up to read it and the realized the articles looked really familiar.   It finally occurred to me that I had already bought the same magazine, and not once, but twice.  And yet I continued to read it.

Have you gotten a cold yet this year?  Did you get a flu shot?  Well, if you’re worried about catching the flu or a cold but you don’t like needles there’s a company that will sell you a tissue they claim is pre-loaded with an infected sneeze.  Seriously.  According to the company, you can get sick on your own terms. 

Know what makes me sick?  The fact that people will actually pay 80 bucks for that tissue.  That makes me nauseous.  People please, you’re smarter than that! However, if you aren’t smarter than that go ahead and send me 80 bucks and I’ll sneeze into a kleenex and mail it to you.

Have you ever bought the same magazine twice or three times by mistake?

Do you plan on watching the super bowl and if so who are you rooting for?