My internal GPS is faulty, or not there.

Looks like I missed a post yesterday, oops.

We’ve been down south since Sunday morning and just got back home late last night. What is typically an hour and 10 minute trip took three hours last night because MacGyver decided to go around the skyway bridge and then to South Tampa because, batteries.

yep, the long way
Yes MacGyver had to pick up some batteries at a Home Depot, the only one within a 100 mile vicinity that had the ones he wanted, on the cheap. Of course it probably cost us the difference in fuel…but whatever.

The point is after that super long trip we’ve decided we will never go around the bridge again and if it’s ever closed, (which happens from time to time), we’ll wait it out.

There’s a valuable lesson here somewhere…oh yeah, bridges are hella convenient!

scary bridgeAnd sometimes scary as hell but then again so is three hours in the car with my dogs.

I ran 3 miles around the neighborhood in Englewood yesterday. I wanted to stay close to the house because there was a rain storm coming. It turned out to be a bad idea because I ended up getting lost in the neighborhood. Yes, the neighborhood. Yes, less than a mile away.  Yes, I turned the GPS on my phone on to find my way back, which was literally 2 blocks away.

the race of no sense of direction
I obviously have no sense of direction.  At all.

I knew it was going to rain again this morning but I still wanted to get a few miles in after my fail yesterday so I put on my rain jacket and went out to run. It was pretty slow going for the first few miles because I had to watch out for serious puddles and debris that was in the street but it got better.

When I was heading into the last mile a little dog came bolting out of his house and straight toward me. I was a little worried that he would run into the busy street because as I ran, he began to chase me.

So, I turned around and ran toward him hoping to scare him back toward his house. I was saying ‘it’s okay little buddy, run home’, ‘go home little guy’, ‘don’t follow me sweetie, go home’.

And then little guy ran back for a hot minute, turned around and looked at me like this:

mean dog
Nice.  It’s always the little ones….

Anyways, I’m back home now and we’ve got a little break in the rain so I’m going to get out there and walk my monsters.

How is your sense of direction?
When’s the last time that you got lost?