Garage MaHal

Last week I ran 35 and a half miles in 5 days.  I took Wednesday and Friday off just to be on the safe side since I was having little pains in my shins and ankles, and yet somehow, I still managed to get in 129,652 steps for the week.  I know, it even surprised me.  No weight loss of course because that would just be insane.

The good news is that I am now down to only 5mg of prednisone a day so hopefully I won’t gain any more weight and what I have gained will come off soon.  I have all of my fingers crossed. 

If nothing else works, I might try this workout.

We had a very productive weekend around here although some may not think so.  I say that because MacGyver and I started a project that we are a full two days in to and will probably take us at least a month to complete.  This weekend we took on the colossal task of cleaning MacGyver’s garage.

I did not take a before picture but if you look at the picture below and imagine a garage that is 4 times bigger and has twice as much stuff, that would be accurate.

Yep, it’s pretty bad and I’ve been promising MacGyver forever that I would help him organize.  The problem is as soon as I clear a space and turn around, he’s piling something in the space and it drives me insane.  So this time we’re going about it a bit differently and when a space is cleared, it stays that way or I will quit.  And since MacGyver hates cleaning, he’s fully cooperating.

I don’t know how long it will stay clean once it’s done but the last time I cleaned the garage it stayed that way for exactly 11 days.

It seems a shame to work on it for a month if it’s going to be messy again in 11 days…

After all of hard work over the weekend we decided to watch a movie last night and since we didn’t see anything on Cable or the 3 streaming services we pay for, we went to redbox and rented Crazy Rich Asians.  I liked it but I wish I wouldn’t have heard all the hype first because it didn’t live up to my expectations.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was good, it just wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.  Next time, I think we’ll just leave the house and go see Glass.  That’s a movie I really want to see.

What did you do this weekend?

On a scale of 1-10, how messy is your garage?