It’s Funny Friday!

Happy Friday!

I’m still not running. I thought I would just go ahead and throw that out there in case you’re wondering. What I am doing is watching far too many home improvement shows and eating far too much ice cream. It looks pretty much like this lately:

But at least it’s warm here and we don’t have to worry about bad weather like snow, even though it’s supposed to be the best ‘texture’ to run in according to this person:

I am sort of worried though because I never take a lot of time off from running. Except for my Achilles injury which happened ages ago, I never take off more than a few days. I’m a little worried that when I am ready to run again, it might go something like this:

I’m seriously going to work on my running form because I think if I can improve it just a little, I can avoid any future injuries. I’m thinking this guy has the perfect form:

The absolute worst part of being injured is that I have this new outfit to run in and I don’t want to wear it unless I can do a long run or wear it in a race. Do you do that to? Or is it just me? This is the outfit:

cute running clothes

Cute, right? And I cannot wait until I can run again because I’m almost positive, I’ll get a reaction like this:

Oh Gurl

Now tell me this, do you save your new running clothes for special occasions or just wear them anytime, even when you aren’t running?

Do you like my new outfit?

Do you think Strong is the new Beautiful? I do!