Friday with photos from my iPhone

It’s Friday and time to get random with some photos from the iPhone.

Let’s start with my favorites from the week.  These are great and most were taken by my nephew.


This is a pidgey that appeared in my car and my nephew took a quick photo and then captured it.

Check out this Pidgeotto that both of us were trying to capture while sitting in the parking lot of TJMaxx.

Pokemon pics

And there’s this one in which my nephew asked me to pose and so I did and it’s not obvious at all….

“Oh my, it’s a Venonat!’

pokemon pose

And this one is my favorite of all.  And not because of JigglyPuff but because my nephew turned me into jigglypuff.


And I also want to share with you Boomer’s very first selfie.

How's the angle?

How’s the angle?

And how I sneak Hank into just about anywhere I feel like taking him.


Hank in bag

What dog?

This is my niece and the glasses I bought her 3 years ago and forgot about until this week.

Glasses or a straw?  Or both?

Glasses or a straw? Or both?

If you ever come down to Nokomis, Florida and you need to get your car washed, no problem, just do it while your at the liquor store.  We multi task like a boss around here.

cars and liquor

Yes, it’s a car wash and liquor store all in one!

Here’s a great shot of the trail I run on in Venice, Florida.

the Venetian trail

And here’s a picture of my running trail in Clearwater.

Ream Wilson Trail

And that’s it.

Tell me about one random photo on your phone.

Friday with random photos from my iPhone

Happy Friday and all that jazz.  I’m pretty happy about the weekend, the weather, not so much.  Our humidity level is seriously oppressive and holding steady at 76.  In case you need me to clear that up for you…..


Why yes, yes it is!

That about sums it up.

So, let’s end this stellar week with some random photos from my iPhone.

I snapped this beautiful sunset as we were heading toward the skyway bridge coming home from Nokomis.


This little guy……he found his old cave which smelled so I bought him a new one.  He hates the new one and refuses to give up the old.

Hank's cave

So I sent back to new one and bought 3 bottles of febreeze. Lesson Learned.

The guys running up to me to get some food….

white ducks

They are fast!

And after they’ve eaten with full bellies!


How beautiful are they?  Right?  I just love them.

Last night Mom and I took an hour walk down to and around Kapok Park.

Kapok park

This is true Florida

Kapok Park

It’s a bit overgrown…somebody needs to do some trimming

Kapok Park

We were pretty excited to see this little bunny.  He wasn’t afraid of us at all.


Here’s a great shot my emu friend.  He was out again the other morning and for some reason he likes to run a few yards with me before turning around and heading home.

I ain’t scared, he’s friendly.


He needs a name, suggestions?

And the last random picture is one of a peacock who was just sitting on the fence but I love how peaceful he looks.


Now tell me about what you have planned for this weekend.

What’s one of your favorite pictures on your phone right now?

Friday in Photos

Hey y’all!  Happy Friday!  I’m super busy today but I thought it would be fun to do a little post today with some of the random photos from my phone.  We’re a little weird down here in Florida so you’ve been warned.

Here we go.


My Plank time this morning, GO ME! #Plankathon


And this is what I look like after a 4 minute plank, it’s not pretty….



This little guy can make a bed anywhere. So freakin cute.

peacock and dog

He also lets me know when the dudes are hungry.


This is Charles, and yes, he thinks he’s in charge. Charles is an indigo peacock and he eats out of my hand. He’s a spoiled booger.  People sometimes stop their cars in the street and get out to take photographs of these guys.


Big Boy

This is Big Boy, Big Boy is ALWAYS hungry.

Mom burst

This is the first picture of a burst that mom hopefully accidentally took.  (Surely no one is this bad at taking pictures…) It contained over 40 pictures of some random dudes legs. Seriously.

burst from mom

This is about the 11th pic in the burst…


And this is the last pic. I hate this picture, it makes me want to rip that string off his damn shorts.  Clearly Mom is horny, or a bad photographer.

sweet tea

I am slightly obsessed with sweat tea. I blame my sister, it’s all her fault.


Hank is very proud of his poop. He creates sculptures with it. We call it poop art.  Sadly, I’m not kidding. 

Hanky Poo

One day people will pay lots of money for my poop art.  I AM Poo-casso!


This was my tree. I say was because it took 3 days to finish putting it up but I didn’t like it, so I took it all down and re-did it. I still don’t know if I like it.  Yeah, I said I was weird, we’ve established that.

fly fishing shoes

I got these shoes because I thought they had little birds on them. They’re actually fly fishing flies. Easy mistake right?

That’s it, gotta run.

What is the most random photo on your phone right now?