Dog Town Running Trail is currently occupied….BY ME!

It is Friday so I guess favorites are appropriate and I do have a favorite thing this week that I want to tell you about.

running trail

Dog Town Trail!

My personal running trail that MacGyver and I built on our property. I’m mentioning it as a favorite this week because….

that’s where I am!

And guess what….the Kid is with us too! I have all 4 of my guys with me, MacGyver, the Kid, Boomer and Hank.

jeep for mudding

I photobomb like a beast!

Oh, and I almost forgot about this new guy the guys decided to adopt.

rat snake
They were calling him ratty or snakey, but I called him a snake cab and sent his little butt packing because no thank you!  There will be no snakes in the house or cabin or Dog Town or whatever.

We got here very early Thursday morning and after the sun came up and it started to get hot we went over to South Beach for a swim. Boomer was in heaven!

swimming holeBoomer
Then we came back to Dog Town and I decided to burn some garbage that had been left around the lean to. Never let me near fire. I repeat, never ever let me near fire.

After I burned most of the garbage and a bit of old grass, the Kid and I headed off to check out the surrounding areas and look at the pond and some surrounding campsites. We came back about 45 minutes later and MacGyver was in full on panic mode trying to extinguish the fire which had already burned about a half acre area around the lean to.


No worries, we got the fire out with minimal damage but I am now banned from any and all fires, matches, lighters or flammable substances.


It’s definitely a man cave kind of cabin, but I bitched it up a little.

So, that’s what’s going on here. We’re actually coming home Friday nite because the kid has to work on Saturday and the dogs have to do some trickin and treatin. So, I’ll update again on Saturday morning.

In the meantime, have a fantastic Friday. I’m going out to run some miles on Dog Town Trail and I couldn’t be more excited…

Dog Town Trail

I love my trail! Welcome to Dog Town, I’mma eat me some miles for breakfast!

Tell me one of your favorite things from this week.

TGIF, things that broke and things that won my internet.

T.G.I.F. y’all!

I’ve got a jam-packed day today but I’m really looking forward to the weekend, that’s for sure. At lunchtime today I’m going to the International Mall in Tampa to pick up race packs for the ColorMeRad 5K this weekend!

I’m super stoked about this event because I have convinced 8 of my neighbors to run it with me, EIGHT!  I’ve got legit pull y’all, it’s a fact.

Anywho, not looking forward to going to the mall though, because it’s dangerous….

For my bank account!

shopping meme

International Mall has 2 of my favorite stores, the Apple Store and Louis Vuitton! Yes, I know, totally opposite ends of the spectrum but that’s because I’m a Geek……….. who’s on fleek!   And, I totally just made that up but were gonna go with it, okay? Okay.  And I just became an ever bigger geek….

Before I head off to do a bazillion things, let’s talk about a few things that almost broke my internet this week, shall we?

Smug as a bug, Gwyneth Goop Paltrow
First, let me give you a little background info. Low income families receiving SNAP benefits, (Food Stamps) typically get 29 dollars a week for groceries. That’s appalling. But this story is also appalling.

food for challenge
The items that you see above are what Ms. Paltrow bought with her 29 bucks when she accepted a challenge to raise awareness and money for the food bank of NY city by feeding her family for only 29 bucks for one week.

Needless to say she only lasted 4 days when she broke down and had some chicken and veggies. I saw the picture of her groceries and I thought to myself, what kind of meals does she expect to make with that?  I was definitely curious.  I mean, I’m not saying I could feed my family on 29 bucks a week, I feel like that’s impossible, but I need to know why, why all those limes?

Well fortunately for all of us, the generous Ms. Paltrow has decided to share her recipe’s on her blog, but where are all the breakfasts? And the lunches? And did she eat anything else throughout the day? And how on God’s green Earth did she make that 1 tomato and 1 avocado last for 4 days?

I give Miss Paltrow credit for trying to raise awareness for an obviously flawed system but I think if you accept a challenge, you need to make a real effort. If you can’t do that, then spread the word by hosting benefits and writing checks.

Just sayin.

I have been fascinated by the Guards of Buckingham Palace for as long as I can remember.  I love everything about them including those ginormous bearskin hats.  They’re amazing to watch because they don’t move expect to march occasionally and they don’t smile or laugh.  That’s why this video caught my attention, just watch.

Now you know the guard with his back to the camera is laughing is ass off, right?  I would be.

Lastly, this is the thing that wins the internet for me this week.  Let me preface this by saying if you are at work or under 18, do NOT watch this.  I repeat, this is not for a G-rated audience.  (Kinda, sorta makes you wanna watch it now doesn’t it?)

If you thought television in the U.S. was racy, you have no idea.  This is a Japanese Karaoke television show.  The concept of the show is that these men have to sing karaoke all while getting a..a…ahem ….just watch it.

Japanese Karaoke with a pull
That’s some crazy ish!

Tell me about something that broke or won your internet this week.

Friday with favorites and a fishbowl!

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be more excited. Yes I could, but we’ll go with that anyway. In truth the real thing that has me excited is the weather that’s coming down our way this weekend.

Look at this gloriousness, I cannot wait!

MacGyver has decided to go to the cabin because it’s probably the last weekend of cool weather we’ll be having until next winter. Mom and I are heading down to Venice because she is only here for another week and we like hanging out down there a lot. I’m seriously looking forward to running on the Legacy Trail especially in 50 degree weather, woot woot!

Since we’re talking about things that have me excited, let’s talk about this awesome video.

That video is on fleek!

I ordered 4 new t shirts this week and I seriously cannot wait to get them. I ordered these 3 first:

New T shirts

But then I found this one and went back and added it:

bwah ha haBecause I love it!

I ordered them all from look human. You can find them on their website, here.

And before I go, let me tell you about one other favorite thing that I discovered last weekend and I’ll be enjoying again this week.

fish bowl drinkThat my friends is a drink called a fishbowl and just for you, in honor of the weekend, here is the recipe:
10 Oz. Vodka
10 Oz. Coconut Rum
6 Oz. Blue Curacao
12 Oz Sweet and Sour Mix
2 Cups of Pineapple Juice
Mix all together.
Use 3 small fish bowls and line the bottoms with nerds candy and ice. Fill the fish bowls with the drink mix above and then drop 3 Swedish fish and 3 lemon slices to each bowl. Pour a little sprite in each drink for bubbles.
And there you have it! Not only does it look cute, it taste ah-mazing! Enjoy.

What are you doing this weekend?
What was your favorite thing this week?