Throwback Thursday – Fitness Equipment we could have lived without!

It’s throw back Thursday and in honor of this social media tradition, I’ve decided to include a little throwback Thursday fun on the blog today.

So, let’s remember 2 of the absolute worst fitness contraptions of all time, shall we?

Throwback Thursday #1

The Shake WeightShake Weight
Absolutely ridiculous. I’m not sure who invented this beauty but I’m almost positive it was a man. (I’m too lazy to refer to the encyclopedia, I mean Google.) I do know that the Shake Weight is marketed by a company called Fitness IQ, how ironic, and I love watching the marketing clips. They claim that the Shake Weight works by utilizing what they call ‘dynamic inertia’. For the record, this gave me excellent fodder for describing male pubescent bathroom visits. MacGyver thinks it’s hilarious too and he has plenty of Shake Weight jokes.

I thought I’d include a throwback Thursday from MacGyver and share one of his favorite clips….

Throwback Thursday #2

dumbbell drinker
The dumbbell drinker
What marketing company actually had the balls to market this disaster? First, it’s rather small so even if you filled it with milk it would still weigh less than a pound; and second, what happens after you drink what’s inside of it? Your workout is over! It’s about as useful as that plain old water bottle on your desk.

Oh sure, maybe it’s easier to hold because it’s shaped like a dumbbell but it certainly would never give you the benefits of an actual weight.

If you did happen to purchase one of these dumbbells I suggest you fill it up with water or whatever your beverage of choice may be, and then throw it back at the inventor. STAT!

Okay, it’s your turn, tell me about a fitness product from the past that we think is ridiculous today.