Treadmills and fitbits and other gadgets that control my life…until I kill them.

And just like that, it’s Monday.


Where did my weekend go?

If you read this blog at all then you may know I’m not the best with electronics.  In fact, I may be the worst.  If there ever was a company that wanted to test out their electronic equipment in the worst possible conditions, they could just give them to me.  Seriously.

iPod's I've killed

I am the girl who killed 11 iPods in 3 years.  Eleven.  Three of those died on the same day.  Hence the reason that MacGyver refuses to buy me a new treadmill because treadmills are much more expensive than an iPod and according to MacGyver, ‘four treadmills in three years is an excessive kill amount, even for you.’



Anyway on Friday I found a perfectly good treadmill on Craigslist for a great price, see cheap, and I convinced MacGyver and the kid to pick it up for me.  All I had to do was promise MacGyver he could have the motor from the old one and promise the Kid dinner and a movie, done and done.  So, we got a new treadmill and it runs like a dream.  Runs, hehe.

And we got to see the Secret Life of Pets which I am going to highly recommend to any pet lover or anyone who has children or anyone with a heartbeat because it’s just the cutest darn movie ever.

Secret life of pets

We also got to eat at an authentic Indian Restaurant because the kid got to choose and he loves this place.


Surprisingly, we all loved it and it was very, very good.  If you are ever in Clearwater I highly recommend it.

On Saturday morning I woke up late which meant it was too hot to run outside so I opted to take the morning off and go to garage sales instead.  I noticed that the time on my fitbit was off by an hour but in the frenzy of garage sale heaven I didn’t worry too much about it.

Later in the day I realized that my fitbit said I only had around 9,000 steps so I decided to hop on the treadmill and walk four miles after which I hit the little button on my fit bit and saw 11,809!


What just happened?  Why is my fitbit not recording all of my steps?  What in the sam hill is the matter with this damn thing?

So I plugged it into the side of my computer to fully charge it and then I put it back on my wrist and it seemed to be working, so I walked around a bit and then synced it.  It seemed fine but just to be safe, I plugged it into my computer and went to bed.

On Sunday I got up to run but before heading out I put my fitbit back on.  It seemed like it was working okay because when I got ready to leave it already had 754 steps.  I ran my five miles and looked down and it said 10, 308 steps.  Okay then, all is well and it seemed to be fine.  I walked the dogs and piddled around for a bit and then I took off the fitbit to take a shower.

After I showered I decided to go ahead and sync the fitbit before going about my day and guess what?

fitbit fail

Yeah, fail!  It’s missing about 4,000 steps!  Son of a …………….

After spending three hours trying to figure out how to repair the damn thing and ending up with a  raging migraine in the process, I called fitbit.  They determined it was definitely faulty and said that they would be sending me a replacement.  Well, that’s great but in the meantime, I am missing steps!

can't move

I couldn’t really do anything about it because by this time my migraine was a full blown migraine and I had to lay down or risk throwing up all over the place.  The entire day was pretty much a wash and I didn’t get up until around 9 in the evening and then the first thing I did was visit the fitbit community and try to repair my fitbit.  Because, STEPS!

Guess what?  Even though they’re sending me a new pink one, I fixed mine for the time being.  I don’t trust that it will work for very long because it still shows the wrong time, but at least I can move again.  Unfortunately I overslept this morning.  Apparently 7 hours yesterday was not enough sleep and I needed 10 more last night.

fitbit fanatic

But hey, I’ve got a treadmill again so I’m headed to it!

Have you ever broken an iPod?
Have you ever broken a treadmill?
Has your fitbit ever acted up, lost time, or been broken?

WTF Wednesday, fitbittin’ like a boss.

Everyone keeps asking me how I am managing to log so many steps on my fitbit.  I can assure you it’s not because I’m running all the miles because I’m only running an average of five a day.  The reason I’m logging up to 20,000 steps a day is my lawn.

no, really

I’ve been working in the yard in my free time for weeks.  If you remember last week I filled every single one of my trash cans with limbs I cut from my trees.  Well, last night I went outside just to see if I needed to trim them back again.

what the hell

Where did all the trees come from????

Those freakin limbs have already grown back into full size trees!  God bless it!

One more thing….

Have you heard about this couple?


I could totally see me and MacGyver doing that.  No, really.  I would be running the race just like the lady in the picture.  And MacGyver would be there too just like the man except that he would be behind me on a bike…


Have you seen my socks?  Come home, I cant find my socks.  Where are my sooooocks?

I’ll just be over here loggin steps like a champ today because WTF, it’s Wednesday.

Besides running or walking, how do you get all your steps in?

Orange blossoms, vacuums and sex and the fitbit, in no certain order.

Good Monday morning to you.  Today is National Orange Blossom Day.  Orange Blossoms are the state flower for Florida and they also smell wonderful.  Whenever we go to the cabin we have to drive through 5 miles of orange groves to get there and I love that smell better than just about any other smell on earth.  It’s no wonder they use orange blossom scent in so many perfumes.

It’s also National Sunglasses day but every day is sunglasses day here in sunny Florida so National Orange Blossom Day seemed a better choice for me to talk about.


My in laws have traveled back home to Virginia for the summer.  They left Saturday morning so the kid drove me to my appointment with the doctor on Friday and afterwards we went to lunch with them.  We went to Brew Burgers which is one of my favorite places and it was as good as always.

We finished lunch just after 1 and headed over to the Nokomis house to pick up the mail and then got back on the road to come home.  Realistically, we should have been home around 2:30 but that didn’t happen.

trafficTake your shoes off, stay awhile….

accidentAnd just when you think you’re in the clear, NOPE.

There were 3 of them.  THREE. Three accidents with traffic at a complete standstill.

Guess what time we got home?  Guess.

my turtle

We got home right after this guy….

We got home after 5PM.

So before I get enraged again, let’s talk about running last week.  Last week I ran and walked a total of 34 miles.  Most of my runs last week were fairly easy ones due to the heat and humidity but I did manage to run 800’s one day and I also did some hill work one day.  It doesn’t sound impressive but I was happy with it.  Super happy with it.

I also managed to get around 142,000 steps for the week on my fitbit!  I was surprised I got that many and it wasn’t too shabby but I was a little shy of where I wanted to be….

fitbit sex check

Ahem, guilty.


My longest run over the weekend was Saturday and it was only 6 miles but afterward I ended up with a migraine that followed me all day long so the rest of the day was a wash which meant all the things I wanted to get done got pushed to Sunday.

On Sunday I was determined to get some yard work done and the house cleaned.  I worked in the yard all morning and I was a bit behind so MacGyver offered to help me clean, (as he always does), and typically I say no because I’m a bit of a control freak but for some reason yesterday I said yes, please.  I told him he could vacuum and asked him to do the living room rug.

So he started vacuuming and only a few seconds later he stopped and flipped the vacuum over and stared at it.  Then he looked up at me and said, “this thing is a mess, when’s the last time you took this thing apart and cleaned it?”

And I said, “you mean the actual machine, like, the mechanical parts, the innards?”

And he said, “yes, the inside of the machine, when is the last time you took it all apart and cleaned it?”

And then I said, “Um, let’s see, today in Sunday, which would make it the 26th so that would mean, um…..NEVER!”

So he sat down beside the vacuum and then he dismantled it right there on the very rug I asked him to vacuum.

good god

Some days it’s all I can do to let my people survive.

Guess who has some housecleaning to do today right after work?  Man, I sure do have the life….

Tell me, have you ever checked your fitbit during sex?
Have you ever taken apart your vacuum cleaner and cleaned it all out?  (I haven’t but I have repaired my washer and my dryer many times so there’s that.)