Friday, Fitbit Alta Review!

Y’all know I love my technical gadgets and I especially love all the data and the analytics that I glean from them.  I currently track data with my Garmin 620, my Fitbit Charge HR, my Apple Watch and my Runkeeper app, not that I’m obsessed with data or anything like that, hardly, I just like all the statistics and I love all the comparisons.

So that’s why, through my affiliation with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, when At & T contacted me and asked if I would like to review the Fitbit Alta I said sure!  Now I should mention that I was not paid for my opinion and I did not get to keep the Fitbit Alta but I did receive two complimentary tickets to the Lowry Park Zoo.    All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

I wore the Fitbit Alta for about 10 days but right from the start I knew there were certain features that I was going to love far more than the Charge HR that I already own.  First let’s talk size, and here’s the best comparison that I can show you:

wearing two wearables

I always run like this.  That’s my Charge HR on the left and the Alta on the right.


The Alta is much smaller and more like a piece of jewelry than a fitness tracker.  It feels and looks more like a bracelet to me.  Mind you, this is coming from someone who’s used to wearing Garmin’s and such, but it feels quite dainty to me and that appeals to my feminine side so I like that.  I was a tiny bit concerned about the clasp at first as it was a tad hard to close and it didn’t feel secure.  For the first few hours I was terrified the thing was going to fall off of my wrist and I was going to lose it but the fear slowly subsided and I became more comfortable with it.


This is what the clasp looks like but I did find out there are security bands that you can purchase if your concerned about losing it.

Just like the Charge HR, the Alta comes in several different color choices and it also offers a lot of the same data, however instead of having to push a button on the side, with the Alta, you just turn your wrist towards you and it wakes up and shows you the time.  You tap on the display to see your stats.  With the HR you hit the button on the side.

Both the Alta and the Charge HR show you how many steps you’ve taken, track your sleep and can even sync with your phone.  I love the fact that the Alta, like the Charge HR can show you when someone’s calling. The Alta even shows you text messages which the Charge HR doesn’t do and  I might have gotten a little too comfortable with that feature because I really miss it now.

The battery life is about the same for both.  As a matter of fact, I found myself charging them both at the same time without any planning.  That’s a big bonus.  I wish they would have a talk with Apple and Garmin!

The main difference between the two is that the Alta doesn’t track heartrate or floors climbed and it cost about twenty dollars less. Depending on the athlete and what information they like to track you may want to keep that in mind if you plan on purchasing a Fitbit for someone for the holidays.

The perfect gift

She hopes it’s a FITBIT!  No, really, she does.

All the Fitbit’s make excellent gifts.  I got the Charge HR for Christmas last year and I have used it every day since.  I absolutely love it.  I also highly recommend the Fitbit Alta.  I’ve got three people in my family that I know it would be perfect for and you’ve still got time but you better get out there now.  Go!

Thanks to AT & T for allowing me to review it.

How many of you still have some shopping to do?

Do you have a Fitbit Alta?

Are you thinking of getting a Fitbit Alta or did you ask for one this year?