Fishing by Viagra Falls and other things

On Saturday after I ran 5 miles, MacGyver and I put the pups in the car and headed on down to Nokomis.  Typically Boomer would be in the back seat stretched out and Hank would ride in the front because he likes to look out the window but we’ve been trying to break that habit.


I hate the back seat and I hate you.

Did I mention that I hate you?

Did I mention that I hate you?

We dropped our things off in Nokomis and then MacGyver and I went to Englewood to see his parents.  On the way over we got sidetracked by few garage sales and as we were headed to the very last one we had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting an endangered species.  I quickly jumped out to rescue it but it started peeing all over the place so MacGyver came to rescue.  In case you’re wondering what it was, it was a Gopher Tortoise.


We hung out with the parents for a while and then came back to Nokomis and watched a little TV.  The next morning I got up again and ran 5 miles and then we went to Englewood to spend the day with the parents and celebrate Father’s day.  We decided the best way to do that would be a day on the boat.


Ready for Tarpon Fishing

I love going out on the boat but it takes a while to get from the canal out to the main channel.  I entertain myself by reading all the boat names.  Most of them are typical like ‘second chance’ or ‘mystic waters’ but my favorite is the ironically titled ‘viagra falls’.


Ahead on the left ‘Viagra Falls’

The original plan was to head out to Boca Grande Pass to fish for Tarpon but that’s a long way by boat so we went with plan b which was to fish Stump Pass instead but we definitely wanted to try for tarpon.


We didn’t see any tarpon at all but we did catch some other fish and I was able to spot some Pass Crabs which I netted for the guys.  Pass Crabs are what you use to catch Tarpon.  The guys went fishing again this morning so I hope they are able to use the crabs to catch something.  A tarpon would be nice but I’ll take any kind of fresh fish.

pass crab

This is a pass crab

This morning when I went to run the moon was out.

summer running

It’s summer, time to run.

I was headed out the back gate and I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  I stopped and looked around and just as I thought it was nothing and my eyes were playing tricks on me, a spider crawled out.  I told MacGyver about it when I got home and he said if I only knew how many bugs he had killed inside the house and not told me about I would just die….


I will never sleep in that house again without one eye open!

On my run this morning thankfully I saw two bunnies which completely erased the spider from my mind.


And then as I was finishing my five miles and heading down the trail bridge, I saw a centipede.  I think I read somewhere that these kinds of centipedes are poisonous but I can’t remember where I read it or if it’s even true.


You get extra credit if you can tell me what kind of centipede that is or if it’s poisonous.

MacGyver and I are headed home tonite so I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.

Tell me what you did this weekend.

My weekend in hell

If I never have another weekend like the one I just had, I’ll be okay with it.  Trust me.

weekend over

Is it over yet?

After a day of some hard core garage sale-ing with Mom and MacGyver on Friday I went home and tried to work for a few hours, but then Mom and the Kid called me from International Mall and lured me back out.  Those shitheads!  They knew I couldn’t resist a night of shopping.  Those two are nothing but bad influences.

We got home around 9PM and MacGyver and I went to bed around 11PM.  All was well until 1AM and then it happened…

throwng up

I threw up.  And then I threw up some more, and some more, and some more.  It was one of those nights, again.

I ain’t gonna lie, there was a moment when I cursed every one of the doctors that I’ve ever seen but I finally took the medication that I have for these special occasions and it went to work a little sooner than I thought it would because at that point I fell and hit my head.

Lucky for me MacGyver heard the thud and came running to my rescue and also lucky for me the medication that I took knocked my ass out and I was finally able to sleep.  And after throwing up for four hours straight, I needed it.

As you can imagine Saturday was a wash.  I didn’t run.  I didn’t walk.  I barely moved.

sleep all day

Sometime around 7PM we all decided to head down to Nokomis for a few days.  All I had to do was pack a few outfits and lay down in the backseat so I was cool with the idea.  Besides if you’re going to be sick why not be sick in a vacation spot, right?

By Sunday I was feeling a bit better so I went out for a six mile run.  I walked a lot of the last two miles but I was glad to be out there.  Let me re-phrase that, I was glad to be out there until a few hours later when I got a migraine.  F*ck me!

Oh, and in case I haven’t mentioned it yet, Hank and Shakespeare who used to be besties for life, now hate each other and we are constantly breaking up fights as these two shits try to figure out which one of them is going to dominate with their 10 pound little bodies.

At least MacGyver had a good day.  He went out for a little fishing on Sunday morning and came home with this beauty…

large redfish

Which meant that we all had a good day because, DINNER!  Boomer was beyond excited about it.

Boomer and the red

I’ll take mine raw please, no tarter sauce.  (This one’s for you zooey!)

Here’s hoping the rest of the week gets better.  It can’t really get much worse, can it?

If you have a bad weekend or rather, a sick weekend do you think it’s fair to take Monday off in exchange for your suffering?  I do and I think it should be a law.  A LAW!

Eight miles and birds having bad hair days.

Good Morning from lovely, little Nokomis, Florida.

Nokomis, Florida
It’s been an interesting and relaxing weekend and just what we needed after a hectic and stressful long week. I decided to take a rest day from running last Friday and MacGyver and I, along with the two dogs, headed down here to Nokomis.

Shortly after we arrived we hit up a few garage sales and then worked on the house for most of the afternoon. At some point I decided to take a break and go down to the dock and just relax.

And then some random guy decided to join me.

Great Blue Heron

Why, hello there. Come here often?

I’m pretty sure that’s a Great Blue Heron.  He was majestic and he just sat there the entire time, a mere few feet from where I was. In all the time I’ve lived in Florida I’ve never actually gotten this close to one before.  When I finally did get up to leave he shook his feathers out and let out a bird sound.  They really sounds more like a high-pitched duck with a sore throat.

Great Blue Heron feathers

I wasn’t sure if he felt threatened or if this was his mating dance.

But then he did this…

Great Blue Heron, bad hairAnd that’s when I realized he was just having a really bad hair day.  I completely empathize with him.

On Saturday morning I got up and ran 8 miles. Eight. Miles. I left the house around 6:50AM and hit up the Legacy Trail. I thought about running the other way toward the Venetian Parkway Trail but it has a huge bridge going over the Tamiami Trail and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to put any stress on my ankle.  Well, there’s that and the fact that it’s a hill but in the end that eight miles sure felt good.

On Saturday Night MacGyver and I went over to see the parents and they took us to Café 776 in Englewood.  It’s not the swankiest of places but the food was really good and the portions were enormous!  I would definitely go back and if you’re ever in the Englewood area, I highly recommend it.

After dinner we took a little ride down to Blue Star Memorial Park. I never knew it was there but it was absolutely lovely.

Blue Star memorial park

blue star


Since I had 30 miles in for the week and the clocks moved forward I decided not to run on Sunday. It also sucks because whereas I used to be able to head out at 6:40 and the sun would be out, now I have to wait until after 7:30 and that is so irritating. Daylight savings time really annoys me, in case you couldn’t tell.

It was very windy on Sunday but MacGyver and I threw caution to the wind and took the boat out anyway. We also brought these two vagabonds along…

Boomer boat

Girl, who you callin a vagabound?

dachshund hank

Where the hell are all the fish?

They hadn’t been on the boat in forever and they were so excited. It was the perfect day for them, not too hot, not too cold, and fortunately MacGyver and I caught four of the largest sheephead we’ve ever seen which really impressed them. Or not, they didn’t say either way, it’s just what I choose to believe.

And with that I need to get to work, but quickly before I go, what do you think of this mailbox?

motor mail box
I want to make one of these for our house down here. I think MacGyver would love it and we need a new post anyway since I took ours out a few times trying to park the boat and trailer.  I could write our last name on the side using the Mercury or Johnson font, cute idea or no?

What did you do this weekend? Did you run?

What do you think of the Great Blue Heron?