Monday, time to catch up!

Hey from lovely Englewood, Florida!

Englewood Florida Crane

We’re still down here visiting with the family.  We haven’t decided when we’re heading back to Clearwater but since I can work from anywhere it’s no worry for me.  And I’m pretty sure that MacGyver would rather be fishing so there’s that.

We spent the weekend fishing and beaching and combing the island at Stump Pass for some sharks teeth and shells.  We found a shit ton.

Stump Pass

It looks a little ominous in this pic but it’s actually very pretty.  It just happened to be a little overcast that day which we didn’t mind because it made it much cooler.  It also made the dolphins a bit frisky.

dophin in Englewood

This little guy was swimming around the boat.  He had a fresh prop wound on his back which made me sad.  I wish people would be a little more cautious when out boating especially with all the dolphins and manatees in the water around here.

He swam around for quite a while as we took pictures and then MacGyver was releasing a fish that we caught and he swam right up as if he was going to eat it.

dolphin eating

MacGyver dropped the fish in the water before the dolphin could actually eat it because you never want to feed them, it encourages them to beg which unfortunately can lead to prop wounds such as the one on this dolphin’s back.

We’ve got plenty of animals to feed anyway in the form of these two:

dogs with Vinny

And believe me when I say, they are loving every minute of the attention.

The shopping has been very good too.  This weekend my Sister-In-Law and a I did a bit of garage sale-ing and holy bargains we found some great deals.  Some of those deals are actually projects but I’m sure we’ll have fun turning them into treasures.  I’m looking forward to taking a trip to the craft store after I search pinterest for a few hours 😉  You’ve been there, right?


I’ve been running a bit while we’re down here too.  I ran 6 miles on Saturday, 4 on Sunday and 5 this morning.  I haven’t taken a day off yet because I’m sort of addicted to running  I was afraid it would rain for days due to the tropical storm.

Fortunately, the storm dissipated and so far we haven’t had that much rain at all.  Today should be the worst of it and then it should go back to normal.  And by normal I mean 100% humidity and hotter than the hinges of hell.  Beats rain though.

And while its raining today, I think I may do some research to find some additional running paths.  I like to use map my run to find them.  You can also search runkeeper and there are a few more as well.  I get bored if I run the same path all the time, even the Legacy Trail is boring after a while, no matter how pretty it is.

And with that, I’m off, got some crafting, trail finding and working to do.

How do you find new running trails or paths?
Did you know you’re not supposed to feed wild dolphins?