I’m a bit of an addict.

Yesterday my fitbit flashed a message to let me know it needed to be charged. Thank the Lord I was sitting down working when it almost went dead because y’all know the overwhelming sense of dread you feel if your fitbit goes dead and you don’t get an accurate step count. Oh, the horror!


That’s just not possible, sir.

Anywho, I charged the old girl up while I was working and the second I got up, I put her back on. She did the usual thing she does after I charge her, she flashed me a quick message. I barely caught it but when I read it….

fitbit message

Bitch called me a step geek!

WHAT? As opposed to a regular geek? Is this a bad thing? Ms. Fitbit thing continues to surprise and amuse me.

Anyway, I’ll be the first to admit I have gotten a little obsessed with getting all my steps in lately. I may have mentioned that I increased my step goal to 15,000. What I haven’t really mentioned is why.

It’s the 5-10 pounds that came on board last year and that I haven’t been able to get rid of no matter what I do.

eat all the things

This is me….ALL the time!

I could work out til I’m blue in the face. I could run all the miles, lift all the weights, swim all the laps, and bike all the bikes? The reality is, if I keep eating ALL the food, those 5-10 pounds that are hanging on for dear life are going to be permanent.

Yesterday I was reading about a new study that determined people who perform moderate exercise daily burn an average 200 calories more per day than sedentary people. But the study also determined that people who exercise vigorously, even more than the moderate exerciser, don’t really burn many more calories because the body adapts to higher levels of activity!

So it all boils down to diet. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat a totally unhealthy diet. In fact, some people might think I eat really healthy and for the most part I do but I also engage in quite a few sweets and treats and I’m really bad at counting calories because God bless it, I’m always hungry! Always.  Sometimes I wish it was a tape worm so I’d really have an excuse but it’s just me, glutton girl.


I’m addicted to the good stuff and by good stuff I mean chocolate, sugar and salt!

Here’s the challenge. I’m addicted to Wendy’s Vanilla Frosty’s which I put ‘tons’ of reeses mini peanut butter cups in and I’m addicted to biscoff spread which I melt and dip my apples in….daily! I also tend to pig out on baked lays bbq chips throughout the week.  I need to break my addiction to these 3 things.

food, food, more food

Now seeing as how, I’m not all that creative when it comes to food and cooking, do you have any suggestions?

What can I substitute my frostys, biscoff and chips for that still tastes good and isn’t loaded with calories or my beloved sugar? Suggestions please…..