WTF Wednesday, that time the peacocks attacked me.

First things first, Happy Birthday to my baby brother! The kid who used to stay up with me, all hours of the night, playing Frogger on the old Nintendo system. I sure do miss those days. (I also pretty much gave away the fact that we’re old.)


Those graphics….we used to thing they were something back in the day!

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

I try not to look at the weather forecast because it’s always the same, hot and humid, but this week I heard there was a storm out in the Atlantic so I took a look and holy cold front, have you seen this?

weather forecast
84 as a high and 68 as a low, yes please!  I was so excited by the forecast that I woke up determined to run outside this morning but I forgot that the lower temperatures don’t arrive until Saturday.

Currently we’re sporting these temps:

current weather

Not too bad, somewhat tolerable

I headed out anyway determined to get in a good run. And by good, I mean at least 5 or 6 miles.

The run started off just fine. It wasn’t too terribly hot and it was still a bit dark. As the sun started to rise I finished my first mile. It was slow but otherwise fine. As I started the second mile I rounded a corner and ran smack dab into these guys:

Mama Peacock
Except there were about 40 of them, white ones too, and a lot of babies. I wish I had a picture of what ensued next, but it looked a lot like this:

Attacked by fowl

Just imagine that’s a peacock about twice the size, and picture my face, and then me screaming, yeah, that would be accurate.

Don’t they realize I’m the bitch who feeds their sorry asses on the reg?  Where do they think they’re gonna eat now?  That attack was clearly fowl!  (See what I did there?)

Anyway, after finally getting the peacock’s off of me, (there were two bastards who did not want to leave me alone) I continued on.

I ran down a street that I wouldn’t normally run on and I think I was so happy to be away from the peacock’s that I wasn’t paying close attention to the sidewalk below because if I had been I would have seen that it looked similar to this:

uneven sidewalk

This is not the actual sidewalk but it’s a very good representation.

Now, in case you don’t know me, I’m not the most graceful girl on the planet. Some might even go so far as to say that I’m clumsy.  MacGyver calls me a ‘walking disaster’ but whatever the case, the inevitable was bound to happen.

And it looked almost like this:

tripping on a sidwalk
BOOM, face plant.  Yep, I did.

Fortunately for me, the only damage was to my thumb.

thumb injury

Typing is going to be a real treat for the next few days.

After the face plant I decided that I should probably just end the run right there.  I did manage to get in 3 slow miles though so that’s better than nothing.

When I got home I noticed that my new armband was getting a bit stinky. I decided to wash it but first I had to look for the washing instructions.

And then I found them…

washing instructions
Ummmm, well, ummmm, wha, what the hell does that even mean?

Some days you can’t win for losing.  I think it’s probably in my best interest not to leave the house for the rest of the day.  Is it Wednesday already? WTF?  It IS Wednesday!

Your turn, spill it, tell me one of your WTF moments from the week.