Tuesday Tangents, losing serious endurance in 2 weeks what?

Yesterday Mom and I were a little early getting to my appointment with the Vampire, I mean Phlebotomist, so we decided to hit up one of my favorite health food stores so that I could get a smoothie beforehand.  The doctor had informed me that fasting was not necessary so mom and I thought a smoothie would be a good idea and couldn’t hurt.  If anything it would help get the blood flowing because we weren’t sure how many vials of blood they would need but I had a feeling with my luck they would need 6 or 7 and maybe even 8.



It was 12

Yeah, so I was pretty drained after.  I saw Hulk Hogan at the Health Food Store next door right after which isn’t really a big deal because he lives in the area but I didn’t say anything because I was so out of it I couldn’t be sure it was him, typically I would have said something sarcastic like, ‘who are you dressed up as Hulk Hogan’ (you know cause I’m a bit sarcastic) but I was tired.

I rallied anyway though because my dogs, and in particular little Hank, loves him some Halloween and I could not disappoint.   Besides we get a shit ton of trick or treaters and by shit ton I mean around 100 plus and last night was no exception.  Around 9:30ish when the teenagers started showing up in their Purge costumes I turned off all the lights and locked all the doors.

too old for trick or treating

because parents when the costumes go from cute to gory and your kids are driving up to houses all by themselves maybe just send your kids to their rooms instead. Or juvenile detention.  Or the bar.  I hear there;s some good money in costume contests these days….

Anywho….let’s talk about some tangents shall we?

I read two articles recently which I really, really wanted to share with you.  First up, in case you’ve ever wondered just how elite the Navy Seals really are, this is what they have to be able to do just to get into boot camp, boot camp, not to be a seal, just to get into boot camp.

Navy SealsJust to make it to Navy Seals bootcamp you would have to be able to do the following:

90 Push ups.  90 is the bare minimum but more is always better

50 Sit ups.  50 is the bare minimum but 100 is better

10 Pull Ups 10 is the bare minimum but 15-20 is what they’re hoping to see

A mile and half run in ten minutes and 30 seconds but you’ll have a better shot if you can do it in 9 minutes.  That’s a really good pace by the way (Six minutes for those of you who are trying to figure it out.)

And lastly, a 500 yard swim in 12 minutes and 30 seconds but optimally in 9 minutes.

Have you got what it takes to get into boot camp?  I will be the first to admit I do not nor have I ever had it.  I am a sad sack of potatoes.

And then this article really got to me because we always hear how when we are injured we should relax because we worked so hard to get into shape and we aren’t just going to lose it overnight but then I read this article and whoa nelly, now I’m going to be really paranoid about taking it easy.  I’m going to start swimming again….

This is what happens to your body when you stop exercising…

losing fitness

From the article,

Within two weeks: Your endurance will plummet and your vitals may spike

What the hell?  Click here to read the article in full.

When is the last time you took at least two weeks off from all exercise?

Do you feel like you lost any of your fitness level?  How so?

And I ran, I ran so far….

Sometime on Friday afternoon MacGyver, my Mom and I were sitting in the living room watching TV and discussing our plans for the next day when one of our neighbors pulled up outside.  He isn’t one of our immediate neighbors, he lives a few streets over and we aren’t really close friends with him but I would often see he and his wife when I was running all the time.  Since he has a son in law who works in the same industry as MacGyver I assumed he was there to see MacGyver so I told MacGyver to go out and see what he wanted.

After a few minutes MacGyver came back in shaking his head and asked me if everyone within a 5 mile vicinity knew me as the ‘that runner girl’.

I'm THAT girl

Duh, they just all KNOW me!

So, I asked him why and he said the neighbor was just worried because he hadn’t seen me running by lately and he and the other neighbors had been talking and they decided that since he knew my husband he should come by and check on me and make sure I was okay.

So, you see, I am famous.


I’m trying to make a point.  And get to an important lesson here, which is, if you run in your neighborhood, get to know your neighbors.

They’ll watch out for you and they will help to keep you safe.  And for all of those people who made fun of me for running in circles, go suck it.

same dude, same day

Hello neighbor……and Hello Neighbor…..and Hello Neighbor…..and Hello Neighbor

The OCD dog AKA My spirit Animal.

On Saturday the cold front came through and while MacGyver went hunting with friends I decided to forgo the morning exercise and spend the day with my mom instead.  I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to take her to garage sales or to the malls or for any other shopping throughout the week so we went Garage sale-ing on Saturday and we had a blast.

We found some pretty awesome things but mostly we just had a really good time spending the day together, talking, laughing, and enjoying the weather.  We also shopped got over 10,000 steps on our fitbits so I’d say it was pretty productive.


The shopbit system

Sunday morning turned a bit cooler and I decided it would be a good day to attempt a longer run again.  I was determined to go at least five miles without stopping but more if I felt okay.



And then I danced a jig, kind of like this but maybe even more awkward.

It was epic.  Six miles felt like sixteen.  It was incredible.  It was slow and I didn’t run any spectacular trail, I didn’t master any amazing hills or break any speed records.  I ran six uninterrupted beautiful, peaceful, blissful miles and I realized that I didn’t forget how to run, my body hasn’t totally fallen apart and I am still as strong as I ever was. and I didn’t get a migraine.  F*ck Gluten.  I quit you.

I spent the rest of the day doing some things around the house and running errands with mom.  Last night MacGyver and I joined the rest of the World and watched the season premiere of the Walking Dead.  I won’t spoil it for you….I can’t anyway because there are just no words.  I haven’t even processed it yet.  I mean, I already knew what would happen, I seriously did, I called it a long time ago but still, they never cease to surprise me with the way they make it happen.  Does that make sense?  Did you see it?

Last thing…If y’all have read my open letter to Nabisco then you know how upset I was over the Candy Corn Oreo’s, but by the grace of the Cookie God’s Nabisco must’ve read my letter because Mom took a trip to Target yesterday and brought these home.

Candy Corn Oreo's

The nectar of the Gods

Great timing Nabisco.  It only took you three years.  And now that I’m flippin Gluten Free!  Nice.



If you need me, I’ll be out in the neighborhood.  I’ll be drowning my sorrow in exercise.  Running.  In Circles.

flamingo dancing

Don’t knock it til you try it.

Have you tried the Candy Corn Oreo’s?

Did you watch The Walking Dead?

Thursday, think before you speak

Yesterday I realized that I had run out of thyroid medication so I had to go over to Wal-Mart to refill it.  I spoke with the pharmacy tech and told her what I needed and she looked me over like I was a piece of beef and then she said, ‘Thyroid medication is typically given to people with thyroid problems and they’re usually overweight, you’re too skinny.’

excuse me

I took a minute to collect my thoughts because I really don’t want to be known as the girl who constantly argues with people in the Wal-Mart (unfortunately, it might be too late for that) and then I said, “Thyroid medication is a replacement for people whose bodies do not produce enough thyroid hormones and even though weight gain is sometimes a side effect of a low thyroid it isn’t always the case.”

hair whip

Science, beeyotch!

And she said, “You’re still too skinny.”  And then she walked away!  Just walked. away.

I was dumbfounded.  I turned around to the elderly lady behind me and she looked at me sympathetically and said, “Some people are just rude and speak without thinking.”

I told the lady that I wasn’t just upset because she was rude but that she totally judged me without knowing me or my situation.  She developed an opinion of me on first sight regardless of what the truth was.  I told the elderly lady that it really irritates me when people judge a book by its cover or make assumptions based on a past experience, or worse,  on misinformation.

That’s when the little old lady said, “Oh well, she is a foreigner.”

some days

I’m staying out of Wal-Mart for a while…..

I’ve been drinking a lot of fruit smoothies lately and although I typically make them myself, Checkers has a strawberry smoothie made with minute maid products which is really good.  The fact that it is so good makes me wonder how many calories and how much sugar is in it.  Especially after seeing this article.

smoothiesClick on the image above to read the full article.

And in case you haven’t read this next article, it’s not just about exercising because that won’t help you lose weight, no, according to this article, it’s all about what you eat.

food vs exerciseClick here to read the full article

Thankfully, this real housewife realizes it’s all about calories and that is why she’s keeping hers under 500 calories a day! 

Vicki housewifeI personally think that’s insane but what do I know.

What do you think about a 500 calorie a day diet?

Has anyone ever made a comment about your health based solely on your appearance?