Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope that you don’t have to work today and that you are able to spend time with your friends and family.  Today is a day to be thankful and to remember all of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country so that we can enjoy our freedom.

MacGyver and I are keeping it low key.  The Kid is off today and so the three of us will probably do a little BBQing but other than that we don’t have any real solid plans, that’s sort of the way the whole weekend has been thus far.


I ran 35 miles last week, spread out over 6 days.  I took a rest day on Sunday.  I was going to walk a bit on my treadmill but MacGyver is determined to teach all of the animals how to use it and so it was occupied.

ducks on the treadmill

Cmon Daisy, this thing is just ducky!

I also got quite a bit of housecleaning done.  I like to wake up very early in the morning to water my plants and sweep the floors before anyone else gets up.  I find it cathartic but MacGyver thinks it’s weird.  He woke up early on Saturday and after looking all over the house for me he finally came out to the lanai where I was sweeping up the floor.

Sweep walking

He just shook his head and looked over at the dogs who were out there keeping me company and said, ‘Mommy’s sweep walking again guys.’  He cracks my shit up.

Later in the day yesterday I did manage to get a little crafty and make another mermaid.  What do you think?


I’m going for a run this morning and then I’ll be spending the day with my family giving thanks for all of those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy our freedom.    I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

What are you doing today?

Friday with random photos from my iPhone

Happy Friday and all that jazz.  I’m pretty happy about the weekend, the weather, not so much.  Our humidity level is seriously oppressive and holding steady at 76.  In case you need me to clear that up for you…..


Why yes, yes it is!

That about sums it up.

So, let’s end this stellar week with some random photos from my iPhone.

I snapped this beautiful sunset as we were heading toward the skyway bridge coming home from Nokomis.


This little guy……he found his old cave which smelled so I bought him a new one.  He hates the new one and refuses to give up the old.

Hank's cave

So I sent back to new one and bought 3 bottles of febreeze. Lesson Learned.

The guys running up to me to get some food….

white ducks

They are fast!

And after they’ve eaten with full bellies!


How beautiful are they?  Right?  I just love them.

Last night Mom and I took an hour walk down to and around Kapok Park.

Kapok park

This is true Florida

Kapok Park

It’s a bit overgrown…somebody needs to do some trimming

Kapok Park

We were pretty excited to see this little bunny.  He wasn’t afraid of us at all.


Here’s a great shot my emu friend.  He was out again the other morning and for some reason he likes to run a few yards with me before turning around and heading home.

I ain’t scared, he’s friendly.


He needs a name, suggestions?

And the last random picture is one of a peacock who was just sitting on the fence but I love how peaceful he looks.


Now tell me about what you have planned for this weekend.

What’s one of your favorite pictures on your phone right now?

The surprise attack.

We didn’t go anywhere this weekend but I feel like I ran 3 marathons!  I got shit done y’all, for  real.

On Friday afternoon MacGyver and I went shopping. Typically he doesn’t go with me because well, he’s a dude, but I had coupons for epoxy resin for my sharks tooth designs and he loves a good epoxy.  Of course no trip to the craft store is complete without a trip to a clothing store and MacGyver must have been high from the epoxy fumes because look what he bought for me.

I never want to take it off!

I never want to take it off!

On Friday night I decided the lanai needed some redecorating.  Since MacGyver was able to repair my treadmill and I plan on using it a bit more I needed some ambiance.  I think I nailed it.


The left side of the lanai.


The right side of the lanai.

My treadmill is positioned smack dab in the middle.  It’s like running at a rave!  (Do they still have those?)

Saturday morning when I woke up the weather was beautiful so I decided to attempt a long run.  I ran 8 miles near the house and I was feeling so good I decided o run more.  Right about that time I felt a push from behind and then realized I was falling.  I didn’t know what had happened at first and then I felt the weight on my back and then the breath on my neck and I saw a lady running towards me.

I’m familiar with the dog, I had seen it many times in the fenced backyard, a Chow and German Shepherd mix.  I had no idea if it was nice or not but it always barked and snarled when I ran past. Now that he was standing on my back I was pretty sure he was not nice and I was extremely grateful when the owner pulled him off.

He didn’t bite me but he scared the bejesus out of me, so 8 miles was the end of my run on Saturday.  Several hours later MacGyver and I were in Lowe’s and I got an insane migraine.  I don’t know whether it was the run or the dog that caused it but I came home and took a nap.

We have some friends in town from Vermont and they came over on Saturday night for a short visit and afterwards MacGyver and I went to bed.

The kid wasn’t due to come home until very late Sunday night or early Monday morning so on Sunday morning I got up and ran 4 miles in the opposite direction of the angry dog and then MacGyver took me to breakfast.  We decided to just relax on Sunday and have an easy day which wasn’t too hard considering we had these new guys to play with.

the ducks

The white ducks

donnie and jenny

Awe, Donnie loves Jenny!

Today I have to get some work finished as soon as possible because I’ve got a special guest coming tonite……

So, enjoy your Monday!

When’s the last time a dog jumped on you and knocked you down?

Have you ever been bitten by a dog?