Drums, drums everywhere!

Since my Mom left on Thursday morning Wednesday evening would be the last night we would have the chance to get everyone together and we thought the drum circle would be a fun thing to do.

the family at the drum circle

The drum circle on Nokomis beach is one of the largest around and it’s one of the things you really must do if you ever come to the area.  It’s a spectacular sight to see all of the drummers but there are also belly dancers, hula hoopers and many, many others interesting people dancing about.

I’ve uploaded a little video but I can’t figure out how to make it rotate to the right direction so you have to use your imagination, (or do a quick shot and it should look okay).

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably already seen the picture of me and my sister-in-law but if you don’t, shame on you, here we are.

me and lynne drum circle

There are many reasons to love Florida but in case you weren’t aware of them, here’s a few.

perfect sky sunset sail

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I really hate to run but I’ve got a boat to board, some shells to gather, and a fish or two to catch.


Come back tomorrow for the best dolphin tale of your life, seriously.  You don’t want to miss it!!

14 miles, drum circles and fishing…we must be in Venice again…

Hello from Venice! I may have mentioned we were coming down here to spend some time with my SIL and her husband who are in town for the week and we are having a blast.

Me and Lynne

Me Lynne MacGyver

Me and Buck

I have still managed to run 14 miles in the past two days. Yesterday was a pretty decent tempo run and today was 7 miles, negative splits. I just love running on the legacy trail and who wouldn’t, check it out:

20131015_073750This morning I saw the largest racoon I have ever seen in my life and I wanted to take a picture but he wouldn’t cooperate. He found it funny to hide behind the tree every time I took a shot and then laughed at me as I wasted 6 minutes and half of my memory card, stinker! If I see him again tomorrow, I’ll try again.

After this week, I’m going on a major diet, for real. I am having a blast but also eating like a boss. Not only are we going out to dinner a lot…..

Crow's Nest

but there’s also the little matter of all that fish we’re catching…

Me and my Jack

Somebody’s got to eat it, right?

Buck and his Redfish

You gotta love fresh fish!

We spent most of the day on the boat today so after all that sun, I got a little stupid and took this fantastic selfie:

me with curlers

Nice, huh?

After my stupid selfie party, we went to the Nokomis Drum Circle and had a blast! I met Lori there, she’s is a total sweetheart. (Hi Lori)

Lori from Drum Circle

Lori had the coolest LED hula hoop ever! SIL and I really want to get one now except I can’t hula hoop. unfortunately, I have the rhythm of a stick bug. I’m still gettin one though…I’ll learn it. I’ll just look like a stick bug who hula hoops.

Look how cool these things look all lit up at night:

led hula hoop

Kinda makes you want one, doesn’t it? And it has to be a great way to work out, don’t you think?

We’re headed off for some ice cream now so I’ll catch up with you again tomorrow. Good night from Nokomis Beach.

Nokomis Beach Florida

Do you run or work out when you’re on vacation? Ever been to a drum circle?