Birds of a feather flock, wait don’t tell the dogs….

It’s still raining here.  Mind you, I’m not complaining because just last month it was me who was saying that we desperately needed rain, it’s just that it’s sort of miserable when it rains all day and we don’t really get a break from it for several days.  I mean, I need a little break.

girl in rainNope?  Okay then.  We’ll move on.

Or not….because this morning MacGyver and I took the dogs for a walk in the rain for the second day in a row.  They hate it too.  Woody also hates rain.  He just sits on top of his cage and looks outside as if he wants to go out but he isn’t going to because dry is soooo much better.

It must be hard to learn to fly in the first place but imagine trying to learn to fly with soaking wet feathers.  Not gonna happen.  This morning we took Woody with us along with the dogs on their walk.  He rode on Boomer’s back.

Woody and Boomer

What?  Like you never seen anything like that before?

The neighbors think we’ve lost our minds.  Obviously they’re new to the neighborhood.  They’ll learn.  At least it’s interesting around here.

How’s your weather this week?

WTF Wednesday, Woody updates!

Was it Oscar Wilde who said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?  Well, it doesn’t matter, because I’m completely flattered anyway.

Me and Woody

Here we are making kissy face.

Woody Allen Jac imitates practically everything I do and it’s so adorable that I thought I’d just make it the Wednesday Woody update.

So, from this weekend, here’s the proof that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery for me.

Whistle Woodpecker

Can you whistle Woody?

Look at the camera and whistle.

Whistlin Woody

laughing with Woody

Every time he does what I say it cracks me up and then he laughs too!


Whistling again.

And now, we sing!

Because he is so good at mimicry, I’ve decided to teach him how to do my job.


He’s a fast learner!

And a lot of you have asked me how the dogs get along with the pecker so I thought rather than tell you, since this is a Wednesday Woody update why not just show you.

Two dogs and a woodpecker

They’re all three here, you just may have to look really hard.  The dogs are taking the bird for a walk.

Woody likes to ride dirty.

Woody and Boomer

He literally flies out of his cage and right to Boomer every single day.

Boomer and Woody

Most of the time Boomer doesn’t even notice.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and I love my life!

Animal updates!

A little later this afternoon MacGyver, the dogs, the bird and I are all going to pack into the truck and head down to Nokomis for the weekend.  It should be epic.


But I didn’t want to leave without first giving you an animal update.

First, I’ve recently gotten a few emails from some people asking about Boomer.  Some of you were wondering how he’s been doing and what he’s been up to lately.  I can tell you that he’s been pretty busy,


Boomer Sleeping

Woody is growing at an alarming pace.  I can’t even believe how fast this bird has grown.  He’s tripled in size in only three weeks and he can fly for a few feet now.  He still doesn’t really have any major flight feathers but don’t tell him that.  He thinks he can soar through the sky!

Red Bellied Woodpecker

He knows his name too.  He comes when you call him.  He is also starting to get the red coloring on his head which is clearly evident in the next picture.

You can see the red just at the top behind his head, or not, depending on how closely you look but it’s there, I swear.  He’s so darn cute.  Have I mentioned that?

Did I mention that Boomer is still the champ at sleeping?  Or that he’s also cute?

Boomer's philosophy on sleep

“When you’re this good at something, there’s no reason to quit.”

And it wouldn’t be an update without a status report on this little guy who is, you guessed it, also a cutie pie,

Hank the Dachshunds

“Psssst, single adoptable male here, loves women! Not afraid to share the bed or my toys, just not with other dogs, cats or birds! Looking for a new family, preferably a sane one. Currently taking applications.”

I don’t know why he would say that, he loves it here.  He might be a tad bit jealous is all.  Maybe I could get the in-laws to pecker sit this weekend so I could give the wiener some extra attention.

hmmmmHope you have an excellent weekend!

What are your plans?