Dog Town Running Trail is currently occupied….BY ME!

It is Friday so I guess favorites are appropriate and I do have a favorite thing this week that I want to tell you about.

running trail

Dog Town Trail!

My personal running trail that MacGyver and I built on our property. I’m mentioning it as a favorite this week because….

that’s where I am!

And guess what….the Kid is with us too! I have all 4 of my guys with me, MacGyver, the Kid, Boomer and Hank.

jeep for mudding

I photobomb like a beast!

Oh, and I almost forgot about this new guy the guys decided to adopt.

rat snake
They were calling him ratty or snakey, but I called him a snake cab and sent his little butt packing because no thank you!  There will be no snakes in the house or cabin or Dog Town or whatever.

We got here very early Thursday morning and after the sun came up and it started to get hot we went over to South Beach for a swim. Boomer was in heaven!

swimming holeBoomer
Then we came back to Dog Town and I decided to burn some garbage that had been left around the lean to. Never let me near fire. I repeat, never ever let me near fire.

After I burned most of the garbage and a bit of old grass, the Kid and I headed off to check out the surrounding areas and look at the pond and some surrounding campsites. We came back about 45 minutes later and MacGyver was in full on panic mode trying to extinguish the fire which had already burned about a half acre area around the lean to.


No worries, we got the fire out with minimal damage but I am now banned from any and all fires, matches, lighters or flammable substances.


It’s definitely a man cave kind of cabin, but I bitched it up a little.

So, that’s what’s going on here. We’re actually coming home Friday nite because the kid has to work on Saturday and the dogs have to do some trickin and treatin. So, I’ll update again on Saturday morning.

In the meantime, have a fantastic Friday. I’m going out to run some miles on Dog Town Trail and I couldn’t be more excited…

Dog Town Trail

I love my trail! Welcome to Dog Town, I’mma eat me some miles for breakfast!

Tell me one of your favorite things from this week.