Who is Kathy Kuo and why am I starting to hate her?

I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve updated.  Do you remember when I use to update every weekday?  Yeah, I don’t either.  Do you know why?

Evil app

This evil beast!  Dammit to Hell!

If you haven’t played this game do not start now.  It will suck you in and bleed you dry and you’ll be forced to decide between paying your electric bill or purchasing a Luxe sofa at $5,400 because it’s a requirement for the room design!  And who the hell is Kathy Kuo anyway?  Am I the only person who doesn’t know?

I downloaded the app a few weeks ago because I knew I was taking a trip to Ohio and I wanted a little game to play on the days the kid had to work.  It started out innocent enough, you pick some furniture from the items in your inventory and you design a room.  I’m a closet interior designer so this game sounded perfect for me.

Unfortunately it goes downhill quick because it becomes apparent quite early that you will never have enough money and unless you borrow items from all of your facebook friends you will need to purchase more diamonds and cash.  I spend 50 bucks in the first week!


I justified my purchases by telling myself that I was building inventory for all of my future designs but then I realized that after only 5 uses, they take your inventory away!  It’s gone.  Kaput.  Fuckers!

There are also the requirements which tend to be pieces that you don’t have in your inventory so you have to buy them.  Granted you get $500 when you complete a design and submit it but you can’t do that if you don’t have the required pieces so you need to buy diamonds and cash.

And then you submit your design and vote on other peoples designs because otherwise, how will you acquire the 25 neccessary keys to build more rooms?  Quickly you realize that no one really follow the design plan, except you.  I mean, I’m no expert but an adirondack chair in the living room of a mid-century modern room design is just fucking wrong!  Wrong!

But no matter, you submit your design and you’re so proud of it and all you can really hope for is that you score over a 4.0 because then you get an additional piece of inventory for your future designs, (that you can only use 5 times of course.)  Herein lies the biggest problem with the game.

Guess who votes?  You do.  And no offense but some of you don’t know anything at all about design.  Also, it seems like they always pit two of the best or two of the worst designs against each other, how can that be fair?

Let me give you an example.  Below are three designs that i did.  I followed the requirements of the room and spent a ton of diamonds and cash on the first two which I was perfectly happy with but they scored below four stars so I didn’t even get a piece of flipppin furniture for my efforts.

home design This next one was a design that I did when I was forced to use what I had because I had no diamonds or cash to buy extra shit and look at the score.


4.48!  Seriously?  Who in the hell uses the same two pieces of art in a room, right beside each other?  Seriously?  I must have been paired against the most God awful ugly room on the planet.  And so much purple…..UGH!  Welcome to the Barney room!

It’s so frustrating that you want to throw your phone against the wall but then you score a 4.86 and the quest for that elusive 5.0, or even better an overall score that beats all of your facebook friends, continues on.   And then you realize that you can make additional cash by going to the offerwall… and thus begins a whole host of other issues.

I won’t go into them all but lets just say that last week I spent every single spare moment that I had completing survey after survey and I was awarded another 5,000 plus diamonds.

Unfortunately I used them all in one design that landed me a score of 3.99.

what the hell

and yet, I continue to play…..

Have you downloaded this app yet?

More importantly, have you scored a 5.0 yet?