Tuesday tangents

I just got back from walking the dogs and taking a five mile walk myself and now I’m sitting here watching the CSI van roll by.  Nothing tragic to report just another robbery in the neighborhood.  Another vehicle break in.

It’s so annoying to watch helplessly as my little neighborhood just repeatedly gets targeted over and over again and all we can do is just sit here like targets and it’s all because of the way we are zoned.  Just to give you a basic idea, my house is county but the house directly across the street is city and the house next door to it is county and the house directly behind it is city.  It’s a ridiculous mess and when a crime occurs such as a minor break in and the police are called, the 911 operator has no idea who to direct the call to and God forbid we have an emergency.  I’m so afraid that one day I’ll have a need to call for medical services and they won’t know who to dispatch and the outcome will be determined by the mere seconds it takes for them to decide….I shudder to think about it….

On the other hand we sort of have it made because we are zoned county so we can have small farm animals and fires, so there’s that.

fire pit

I ended up with a migraine yesterday but not because I ran.  I know this because I have been keeping really good records and I hate that I have to do this but it’s become necessary, otherwise I wouldn’t know what went wrong because Topamax does help with migraines but for memory, not so much.  Anyhow, I took a peek at Saturday and Sundays diet notes and then I looked over what I drank and I was a little shocked to see that I didn’t drink very much at all.  Bad girl!

Migraine mystery solved.  Also, Topamax and too little water is a no no since it can cause kidney stones so I won’t be making that mistake again.  We learn from our mistakes right?  I wish I would have caught it earlier instead of losing half a day to a migraine but it wasn’t so bad.  I made a fort blanket in the media room with the dogs and we chilled out for a while. I feel all better today.

I’ve got a visitor coming tomorrow and so do the dogs….

How much water do you drink in a day?


Gastritis is a bitch

On Saturday afternoon we arrived home in Clearwater well rested but exhausted at the same time. Does that make sense?

Even though we were away from the day to day stresses of work we were still running around and doing all kinds of fun things with family which kept us quite busy. In 7 days I only had two of them when I had less than 20,000 steps a day. Obviously vacations are good for my fitness!

vacation planner

Sadly, I’m that girl…I plan all the activities down to the last detail.

Fortunately vacation never really feels like working out but I guess we did do a lot of walking around at the drum circle and going from restaurant to gift shops and I did run a lot on the trail. Here are some highlights.

Shell hunting

MacGyver teaching our niece how to find sharks teeth.


Oh, how I wish but no, that is not MacGyver’s ferrari., even worse, it’s not mine either….



The closest I like to be to a gator. It’s a safe bet I would have no problem eating this one.

me and lynne

Me and the beauty behind the damsel fly project

the family

The family enjoying the drum circle.



Remember when I said gone fishin’, I meant it!


Me and Hanky poo

A little puppy love.

On Friday I had an appointment with my doctor to once again discuss my headaches as well as my recent stomach troubles. Turns out I have a case of gastritis, an infection, and a possible ulcer. I’m on 2 types of antibiotics and an H2 blocker which helps to cut down on the excess stomach acid.

I started the medications late Saturday night. They do tend to make me nauseous and they also give me a headache, (how’s that for irony) but that’s not the worst part, antibiotics can also cause dehydration.  Depending on whether they affect your potassium, sodium or calcium, you can experience muscle cramps, fatigue, an irregular heart beat and even changes in your blood pressure. And guess what, I happen to be one of those people who always gets dehydrated while taking antibiotics.  In fact, I get dehydrated without them so it’s like a double whammy for me.

I vowed not to let it happen this time and I drank so much water I drank I had to get up to pee 6 times during the night. For that reason I cut my Sunday long run to 8 miles. Apparently even that was too long because I ended up with a migraine so I may have to cut back on the long runs for the next month because yes, I’ll be on the medication for at least that long. I won’t even know the extent of my stomach problems until I see a specialist and I’m sure there will be more test so I’ll be taking extra care not to do any more harm.

Dehydration is no joke and neither is gastritis, even though I’ve been able to get even with MacGyver with my own dutch oven’s.  😉

dutch ovenThat being said, I’ll still be running just maybe not as long as I’d like to. And now, I need to get myself  to work.

Tell me about your weekend, did you do anything fun?
Have you ever had an ulcer or gastritis? How long did it take to heal?

Thirsty Thursday and a pinch test

Do you know how to tell when you’re dehydrated? Did you know that your body gives you subtle hints to let you know you need water? I mean besides that I’m freakin’ thirsty feeling, or that Oh my God, my pee is brown discovery.

There are many ways in which your body may be telling you that you’re running low on water but you may not be aware of them. Here are some things to look out for.

Bad Breath. That’s right, halitosis. When we don’t hydrate properly, the body can inhibit the production of saliva. Saliva has antibacterial properties and without it, bacteria overgrowth can occur in your mouth which can cause bad breath.

Cravings for food or sweets. Food cravings occur because when you’re dehydrated it becomes difficult for your body to release glycogens and other energy stores, therefore, you get cravings. You could crave chocolate or salt but cravings for sweets are most common.

Muscle Cramps. Many years ago I woke up in the middle of the night with the most intense pain in my calves. I was certain I had cancer. I mean, what else could it have been, right?


I needed water. I was seriously dehydrated. Of course I didn’t know that muscle cramps were a symptom of dehydration but my doctor gladly informed me of this a few hundred dollars later. Muscle cramps can be caused by an electrolyte imbalance but muscles can also seize up just from the heat. The hotter you get and the more you sweat, the more likely you are to suffer from muscle cramps.

Yeah Water!

Dry Skin. If you’re skin has suddenly become drier than it normally is, this is a pretty good indication that you could be dehydrated. And don’t be so quick to blame it on the weather because you can still get dehydrated in the winter.

Headaches. Your brain is surrounded by fluid which keeps it from bumping into your skill. If you’re dehydrated it’s quite possible for your brain to push against parts of the skull and cause headaches. If you experience headaches after a hard workout, you may want to take a look at how you’re hydrating.

So thirsty...

Fever or chills. This is actually pretty serious. You may actually have a fever if you have chills. If you have a fever of over 101°F, get immediate medical attention. It’s very dangerous.

Besides those symptoms, there is another way to tell if you’re dehydrated. It’s a trick I use pretty much every day and I call it the pinch test. Use your pointer finger and your thumb to grab a chunk of skin from the back of your hand. Pinch together a section of skin from the knuckle to the wrist. Pull it up for a few seconds and then let it go. If the skin doesn’t go back to its normal position in a second or two, you could be dehydrated.

Pinch Test
I don’t know about you but I prefer the pinch test over checking for brown pee any day!

Do you have a tendency to get dehydrated?
What steps do you take to prevent dehydration during exercise?