A training update: Why me?

MacGyver went to our cabin for the weekend. I didn’t really want to go because I had a lot of things to do around here and I wanted to be here in case my niece needed me when she and 9 of her closest friends blew in to town Sunday morning. Well, there’s that and the fact that I can do all the shopping I want when the cat’s away 😉 I hit up quite a few estate sales and garage sales on Saturday and I did find a few things but nothing too remarkable.

On Sunday I got some landscaping done and painted a few pieces of furniture. It was quite a productive weekend if I do say so myself. I was glad to get so much done since next week I’ll be quite consumed with the Sarasota Marathon which I am super excited about and was totally looking forward to. I even thought my training was going really well….but then last night happened.

Why me

I woke up with the all too familiar pain in the hip and the butt, and this time I even felt it in my knee. Only it’s the other hip, (the left hip), you know, the good one.

WTF? I didn’t over train. I took my rest days. I stretched. I rolled. I worked on balance.
I suspect that maybe with all the strength training and really working hard on healing my bad hip, I have inadvertently made the left one weaker than the right!

Why God Why
I’m taking a rest day today and I’ll continue to work on my strength training but suffice it to say, I’m quite worried about the race on Sunday and how my legs will do. It’s not an overly hilly course or anything but there is that humongous bridge and that is worrisome. I’m trying not to freak out too much because I don’t think it’s too bad but it’s very hard NOT to freak out. It’s just my nature I guess.

Nancy Why

I hear you girl!

Anyway, for what it’s worth, here was my training last week…

Strength Training (Single leg lifts, Side leg lifts, rear leg lifts)

Ran 6.3 miles
Strength Training (Single leg lifts, Side leg lifts, rear leg lifts)

Ran 6.5 miles
Fitness Blenders 100 squat challenge
Pop Sugar Arm workout

Ran 7 miles
100 squat challenge
Strength Training (Single leg lifts, Side leg lifts, rear leg lifts)

Ran 4 miles
Fitness Blenders Kettlebell workout
Arm Work out pop sugar

Ran 12 miles
Strength Training (Single leg lifts, Side leg lifts, rear leg lifts)

Ran 6.3 miles
Strength Training (Single leg lifts, Side leg lifts, rear leg lifts)

And just a few training notes:

I did the Pop Sugar arm work out using 8lb and 5lb weights and I love this work out. I can definitely feel it in my arms and I am loving the way they are looking. I also loved the kettlebell routine from fitness blender but I used my 15 lb kettlebell for the entire workout. Also, be careful with the halo when you’re using a kettlebell. I nearly knocked myself out. I can only imagine what would have happened if I had used the weights they use!

Anyone else running the Sarasota Marathon on Sunday?
How’s your training going?

WTF Wednesday, I ain’t going back to prison man!

This morning I ran 6.25 miles with a 1 mile warm up followed by 5 yasso 800’s with a ½ mile recovery in between, and I finished up with ¾ mile cool down. I haven’t done any kind of speed work at all since I killed my butt, (see: dead butt syndrome), so I was a bit nervous about today.

I started thinking about it last night and how when I was injured it was like being in a runner’s prison. Suddenly, I started seeing people running all the time. It seemed like everyone in my neighborhood became a runner overnight. Even the chain-smoking lady down the way started running while puffing on her camels, and the old man with the oxygen tank sped up to a slight jog. And of course there were all the regular runners out there every day….

I was forced to watch from the sidelines because, injury. And it sucked.


I couldn’t wait to start running again but I was nervous about pushing myself too hard and too fast, which is what I had done before, and it set me back and caused me to miss a lot of races I really wanted to run. It also got me more prison time….runner’s prison that is. (Relax Mom, I haven’t been to real prison, or jail, not yet.)

In order to keep from ramping up too fast this time around, I constantly reminded myself that I’m on probation. If I don’t follow the rules and the terms of my probation, it’s inevitable that eventually I’ll go back to runner’s jail and I don’t wanna go back there y’all because it’s hard core.

My average speed today during the 800’s was the mid to high 8’s and my max speed was 7:21. It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t slow but I had no pain at all whatsoever, which means I can safely say, I’m nearing the end of my probation!

Bring on the races! Prisoner number 0823 is ready to run!

One last thing, I need to say Happy Birthday to my sweet MacGyver, the most amazing man on the planet and a pure angel for putting up with me! I love you and I look forward to sharing each and every one of your birthdays with you! Aren’t you a lucky duck :p

Have you had a running injury that prevented you from running?
What steps did you take to get back out there?

WTF Wednesday….

This morning I ran for the first time since my birthday. It did not go well!

Running FailI didn’t run into a wall but I did trip over the sidewalk. No new injuries to report but my dead butt is back with a vengeance, and since I have a hard time lifting up my right leg tripping over sidewalks are a hazard of the trade. Time for some icing and resting and we’ll see what happens…this story is to be continued at a later time.

Yesterday we went to Mazzaro’s for lunch. They have awesome Italian food but their desserts are what dreams are made of. In fact, we spent more on the desserts than we did on lunch for six people! Yeah, I know. Wanna know the worst part? My Brother in Law and the family all went to Legoland today and MacGyver headed out to work, so they left me here all alone….with the desserts. I ate every single bite of every single dessert by 9am and I really wish I was kidding but I am not. It’s by some stroke of luck (or a miracle) that I am not in a chocolate coma right now.

I ate all of the dessertsThis morning I made a quick trip over to the Wal-Mart for some essentials, and by quick I mean I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Fortunately I had gotten there early so I got a choice parking spot right in the front of the store.

After shopping, I walked to my car and began putting the groceries into the back when another car approached and stopped to wait on my spot. Now, mind you, I am nothing if not quick, and I got those groceries into my car lickety-split, much to the delight of the young lady waiting on my parking spot. It was about that time that I obviously did the unthinkable and ruined this young lady’s day because I started to roll the cart back to cart coral…..

Oh, the horror! What in the bloody hell was I thinking? How could I be so inconsiderate as to make this lady wait whilst I rolled the cart over to the coral located a ridiculously lengthy 20 feet away! Apparently this action was not only inconsiderate but I committed the most heinous crime which she felt was worthy of my death because she then said, “I hope you die”. Nice lady, nice.

Oh people of Wal-Mart, you really need to be on television.

And one last thing but I want to preface this by saying that I learned how to shoot a gun at a very young age and I also learned about gun safety at a young age. MacGyver and I have our own shooting range on our property and we strongly believe in the right to own and to bear arms.

That being said, a small caliber weapon is quite sufficient to use for teaching and for protection. I don’t think it’s a good idea to give a 9 year old an Uzi and this is why.

WTF? It must be Wednesday.

Do you have a WTF moment for the day? Please share….

Have you ever suffered from a dead butt or piriformis syndrome? (If you have tell me what helped, please!)