Yeah, we run in paradise around here.

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery.


I haven’t much felt like running, as you probably already knew if you read my last post, but I still managed to somehow squeeze out around 24 miles last week although a lot of it was walking but the highlight of my week was Sunday.

On Sunday my sister and law and I went over to the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail and while MacGyver fished, we walked.  It looked like this:

Courtney Campbell TrailIt really makes you want to come run this trail doesn’t it? Because if it doesn’t then you’re not normal.  Come on down.  I’ll just wait for you, right here, under this palm tree.

We walked about four and a half miles of the trail although the entire length of the trail from Clearwater to the other side in Tampa is ten and a half miles long.  It’s one of the most scenic trails you will ever run on and I highly recommend it.  I’ve actually seen dolphins while running this trail and (what I believe was a devil ray) sailing out of the water.  It’s truly epic.

It is hot and muggy in Florida, I’ll give you that but seriously, we run in paradise around here.

Where is your favorite place to run and why?

The Courtney Campbell Trail is breathtaking…even if you have to poop

So yesterday morning I got up and I was all prepared from the night before.  The coffee pot started brewing at precisely 5:50AM, my clothes were all laid out in the bathroom, my shoes were in the hallway and my electronics were all charged and ready to go on the kitchen island.  The only problem I had that morning was the inability to poop but I decided to run anyway.

Since my sister-in-law is in town and she’s been back into running for a while, I have someone to run with.  She was all ready to go that morning and so I went into the kitchen and put on my fitbit and then I picked up my Garmin to put it on.


Are you kidding me?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  MacGyver saw that my Garmin was at 100% the night before so he unplugged it.  Unfortunately something must have been running and now, it was dead.  I immediately yelled at MacGyver who responded with the usual, “why do you need a Garmin anyway?”

‘Because I’m training’, I said.   Then he asked for what and I’m all like, ‘the god damn senior Olympics, what the hell does it matter, don’t unplug my shit!’

Fortunately though MacGyver is a miracle worker and he not only calmed me down he made an excellent suggestion and told me that I should take my SIL down to the Courtney Campbell Trail, the trail that runs parallel to the Gulf of Mexico.

Excellent choice.  MacGyver got a reprieve and you get to see one of the most awesome trails ever.


cc trail 2

I mean, seriously?

CC Trail 3

I live here!

CC Trail 4

That’s my sister in law behind me.

At about mile 3 we turned and headed back because about that time nature called me and she wasn’t gonna hang up and try again.


We ran the three miles back to the car and I managed to somehow stall the nature train so we walked into the water for a brief few minutes and chilled our calf muscles and our feet.

Gulf of Mexico

The water was calling….



And then we headed home and that was my day in running.

Have you ever freaked out if one of your gadgets wasn’t charged?

Have you ever ran near the ocean?