WTF Wednesday, really?

So I had a great little post all ready for you.  I tweaked the crap out of it, got it just right, cut and pasted it into wordpress, and then started adding pictures……

And then my computer went flippin crazy and ate the freakin post, my word doc and all the other programs I had open.  Black screen!  F*ck me!

So I walked away.  I took a deep breath.

I took the dogs for a walk.  Boomer was trying to take a poop which he does by spinning in a circle.  I dropped the leash for just a second and damned if he didn’t pee all over it!  So, yeah, I had to walk him back home holding a pee soaked leash because clearly my dogs cannot be trusted to walk without a leash!

When we got back to the house apparently Charles the peacock was upset with me for not feeding him before I took the dogs on a walk because he shit all over the front walkway.

I found out as I was walking through the living room.

At first I though Boomer had stepped in something but I realized it was my shoe as I looked over at the front door where Charles stood, with a little peacock smirk.  At least I realized it before I walked on my sheepskin run again.

I ran outside to kick off my shoes and I guess Boomer wanted to make amends for the pee incident because he took matters into his own hands and cleaned up all the peacock poop.

Boom B

It was delicious!

Yep, this is really my life.

WTF, it is definitely freakin Wednesday!  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR