Eleven miles, monkeys, meerkats, and more!

Friday came and went and the project I’ve worked so hard on remained in limbo due to the domain name transfer that is still in process.  Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt about it but I couldn’t dwell over it.  The weekend was here.

MacGyver and I have a new obsession and we are half way through it.

The OA

So, that’s what we did on Friday night.

We decided to sleep in on Saturday because it stormed for most of the night and when we did finally get up on Saturday it was still pouring and it didn’t stop until much later in the day.  I walked a few miles on the treadmill but that was about it.  I ran a few errands later in the day and then MacGyver and I went to dinner and I did a little shopping but mostly just because I wanted to wear my duck boots, not because we needed anything.

The rain also brought with it some very cold weather and when we woke up on Sunday it was 30 degrees.  THIRTY DEGREES!   In Florida!  So I looked at MacGyver and said, ‘I’m gonna go out and get in a long run’.  And his reaction was something like this….

Have you lost your mind

I’m pretty sure we know the answer to that.  Mind or no mind I had a mission, and by around 8:15 or so I headed out the door with some hot hands in my gloves and some miles on my agenda.  The plan was to stick with my ten mile long run and if I felt good near the end to tack on an additional mile.

This is what I ended up with.

all the miles

I’d call that a pretty good day.   Right?

When I got home, I managed to wrangle MacGyver and Hank out from under the electric blanket and then Boomer and I dragged them out the door for a walk.

Have I ever showed you the smoothies that I refuel with every day after I run?

My smoothie

That’s the nectar of the God’s right there.

After walking the dogs I jumped in the shower and then I told MacGyver to get dressed and we hopped in the car and headed over to Tampa.  I forgot about a little game that’s going on here this week between Auburn and Alabama but somehow on the way to Tampa I got sandwiched between 5 of these buses.

Bama Bus

I have to say that all of the football fans MacGyver and I encountered were so sweet and so nice, it was a pleasure meeting each and every one of them.

In case you’re wondering where we were going, we went to the zoo.


I don’t want to bombard you with a gazillion photos from the trip but I do have to show you some of my favorites so here are a few.



me at the zoo

This is the Runner species. This runner almost fell in the splash fountain while trying to pose as she was freezing!


Florida Panther

My spirit animal!





Black bear

You really wanna go to the zoo right now don’t you?

All right, let’s recap, shall we?

Last week I ran 33 miles, walked 2 miles, did 2 strength workouts, 2 weight workouts, and 1 yoga workout.  Not bad.  My diet was totally on point.  All Gluten free and extremely low sugar all of which was completely natural, (mostly from fruit).

How did you do last week?  Strong areas?  Weak areas?  Anything you want to talk about?

How is your weather right now?

When is the last time you went to the zoo and what’s your most favorite animal?

Is that a dog? What the?

Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays? Extra credit if you know what movie that came from.

I hope wherever you are today, you’re not dealing with mountains of snow. That stuff just looks nasty. I mean, it’s white and pretty and all, but it just looks mean and nasty.  Well, unless you’re 10 years old and your school is closed, then I’m sure it looks like a little slice of heaven.

If it makes you feel any better we did get some pretty cold weather here.

cold in florida
I got up early Saturday morning to run but the high was in the thirties so I waited until after 8am to get out the door. I managed 9 miles and had no migraine later in the day so I’m pretty happy about that but I won’t lie, it was cold.

running in cold temps
Worse than the cold was the wind. We had gusts of up to 40 miles an hour and twice it blew me off the sidewalk, literally, all kidding aside.  Running into a headwind of 30-40 miles an hour is no joke. I was exhausted after that.

Of course, there is no rest for the weary and I spent the next 8 hours cleaning my house, because I knew we had somethings to do on Sunday and it had to get done. Sometime around the 7 hour mark (and I really mean 7 straight hours of cleaning), MacGyver decided it would be a good idea to finish a project he started around 3 years ago and he started cutting holes in the ceiling.

After he finished with his project, hand to God I swear, he looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘you can go ahead and clean all that mess up now’.


And you can go ahead and write your will now!

He’s still alive, but it’s a miracle.

Sometime around 9pm my neighbor texted me to tell me not to let Hank outside by himself because….

she had just seen a coyote running toward our house.  a. coyote.  As in Wile E.

coyote what?
I kid you not.  We have ourselves a coyote!

Then I got another text from her telling me another neighbor had also seen it.  So MacGyver and I rewound our security camera footage, and holy shit y’all we have a coyote in the neighborhood.

635780182435136123-coyotes(Not my picture but this was in out county, click on the image for the source.)

That shithead ran right past our house and even stopped to peer in the front door!  And he wasn’t small either, he was probably around 60 pounds!

I was going to take a picture of the security cam footage for you but it was filmed at night so it was hard to see but then I figured I’d just google pictures of Florida coyotes. Imagine how surprised I was to see this article first thing. Apparently coyotes are a thing here in Pinellas County, who knew?  Stay tuned for this developing story….And don’t worry, Boomer is protecting Hank.

On Sunday morning I got up and ran a frigid 3 miles before packing up the car.

florida bridge

It may look nice but it was cold!

MacGyver and I got the dogs in the car and headed on down to Venice, which is where we are now. We’ll be here for the next several days getting some things done and visiting the parents. It’s still a bit cold but Tuesday is supposed to be in the mid 70’s so I think there may be some boating in our near future. At least there aren’t any coyote’s out on the water, at least, I don’t think there are.

Have you ever seen a coyote before?  I’ve seen them but never real close
Do you know anything about them?  Tell me what you know, please
What movie did that opening line come from?