Home for the holidays!

Happy Friday before Christmas!  Are you ready?  Have you gotten everything done?

I’m one of those people who gets everything done and then when I have a bit of time to relax, I start second guessing all of the gifts I bought.  Did I buy enough?  Did I get something they really want?  Should I go get something else?  Should I exchange so and so’s for another person?  It’s maddening!

nervous breakdownThis year I’m trying to pull off perfection because after a  long almost 14 months, THE KID IS COMING HOME!  That’s right, at 12:22AM he’ll be landing at the airport and I’ll be there to pick him up.

He’s pretty important at his job so they’re only letting him off on Christmas Day which means that he has to fly back that afternoon but no matter, I get three days with him and I’m so excited.

When I spoke to him earlier in the week I told him that I had gotten together with friends and baked cookies and he asked if I made the peanut butter bon bons.  I said no and I could tell he was disappointed.

My Mamaw used to make the peanut butter bon bons every year at Christmas and she gave me the recipe when the kid was little.  When he was five we started making them together and it became a tradition.  He wasn’t able to come home last year so I didn’t make them.  Guess what I’m doing today?

Bon BonsWhy, I’m surprising the kid of course!  Shhhh, don’t tell.

Tell me about one tradition that you do with your family every year?


The best present ever, and I got it!

Happy December 27th or as we like to call it, National Fruitcake Day!

You Fruitcake

Have yourself some fruitcake and live a little why don’t ya…or not.

You could just have an orange.  I happen to know they’re in season right now.  I know this because our Nokomis house is about 3 blocks away from Nokomis Groves and I’ve already been there three times.  I’ve also been to the orange tree at the vacant house at the end of the street and all the other rogue orange trees I can find because I cannot get enough of the sweet citrus goodness.


I could live on Oranges alone. No really, I could


So, in case you’re wondering, we’re still in Nokomis.  Yeah, I know, we WERE supposed to be back on Sunday night but then Sunday night came and MacGyver decided to sleep on it and then Monday morning came and I was getting ready to go out for a run and MacGyver was all like, ‘hey since I got the dates all mixed up and my sister is actually coming tonite’ maybe we should just stay down here for a few more days.’  And I was like, ‘yeah, since YOU got the date mixed up jackass, then yeah, we should.’  So, we’re still here.  I don’t care, I can work from anywhere.  Of course MacGyver is out fishing.

i aint mad

Go ahead and go fishin honey, I aint mad.

But enough about that, let’s get to the fun stuff and do some recapping and such.

This year was going to be a tough one for me because even though the kid is older, Christmas day is also his birthday and with him being in Columbus I knew it was going to be hard not having him here.  Thankfully, we have facetime and we were able to talk to each other quite a bit so it wasn’t so bad.

My Mother and Father in law are at their home in Englewood for the Winter and Spring so we were able to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with them which was wonderful.  I may have showered everyone with too many presents but I couldn’t help myself.

Everyone was also kind enough to indulge me and let me make a birthday cake for kid even though kid isn’t here.

bday cake

Happy Birthday Kid. We had a Gluten Free cake so you’re probably glad you missed it 😉

As for me, I only had to things on my list this year.

(It’s true, close your mouth before a fly gets in.)

The only things I wanted this year were a new pair of running shoes and I wanted to hit the double digits again.  As in miles.  I wanted a double digit long run before the end of the year.

MacGyver came through with the first thing and I already knew about them because they were sitting on our kitchen table for about a week before we came down to Nokomis thanks to the promptness of the shipping department at Brooks Running!

Brooks running

Brooks Launch 3’s

The other thing was strictly up to me and I thought I might be pushing it if I tried to do it on Christmas Eve but I was also worried that it might be my only opportunity since we may be at our cabin for the New Year and after not being there for the last 8 or 9 months, I have no idea what my running trail looks like or if I even have one anymore so, on Christmas Eve, I headed out.

I hit the Legacy Trail a bit later than I actually wanted to but I got out there and anytime that I felt I was pushing myself or the pace was too fast I took a deep breath and slowed it down.  I put my phone in my pocket and I relaxed.  I purposely did not look at my phone.  I listened for the 5 mile alert from my app, turned around and kept going.  Only, when I reached the trail head near my house did I pull the phone from my pocket and that’s when I realized I only had a tenth of a mile to go!  I was ecstatic.



Double Digits.

Best Present Ever.  I didn’t need anything else.

I have to be honest, I was a bit sore a little later in the day and I was afraid to push it the next day so I walked an easy 3 miles on Christmas day and just stretched my legs and enjoyed the fresh air.  It felt amazing.

I’ve been on cloud 9 ever since.

On Christmas Day we took a little boat ride with the dogs.  Hank really wanted to fish.


Is the little dog actually gonna steal the fish? Nah, he aint gonna steal that fish. No way.

Hank steals the fish

That fish is GONE!


The dogs were exhausted after the boat and fishing trip and promptly passed out afterward.


I ran the trail again on Monday and again this morning and I was thinking about what the new year has in store for me, and my plans for the coming months, the year, and life in general.  You may remember about a month ago while running in Kapok park near my house a bobcat ran along side of me, well this morning up ahead of me, it was a Florida Panther!


fl. Panther


This time my pictures aren’t as good but I’m going to go back and I’m determined to get more.  I’m starting to think that these are my spirit animals.  They’re beautiful creatures and the fact that I keep seeing such elusive animals must mean something right?  It must!

I’m playing the lottery.

Don’t forget your fruitcakes!

Are you working this week? 

How was your Holiday?

16 Miles and the last minute blues

Can you believe that Christmas is this weekend?

Christmas Wonder

I feel like I’m ready but then I don’t.  I mean the presents have been purchased and the ones that need to be mailed have been mailed but you know what happens is this.  Every year I get everything done about a week to ten days before Christmas and then as luck would have it, bam, I gen inundated with thousands of emails from obviously well-meaning merchants who obviously have my best interest at heart.

“Dear Flower, there’s still time for those last minute gifts.  Don’t worry if you didn’t get that special gift for that certain someone, we’ve got what you’re looking for and we can get it to you in time.”

And then I start freaking out and thinking that maybe I didn’t get enough presents.  Maybe I didn’t buy the right things.  Maybe I need to buy more.  Maybe I need to exchange things.  Maybe I need to find some more time to shop, what time does that sale end?  When is the cut off for free shipping?  Will it be delivered on time?

shopping stress

I need to just finish all my work by the week before Christmas and then shut down my email until the day after.

MacGyver and I were in Nokomis over the weekend and I ran a total of 16 miles on the Legacy Trail, the most important of which was my long run on Saturday, a total of 8 miles!  It was lovely.  Absolutely lovely.  And in case you’re wondering, no migraines.

I hope all of my future long runs continue on like this…..

I’ll catch up more a bit later.  In the meantime, I have to finish all my work and do a ton of last minute shopping I didn’t realize I needed to do!

Do those last minute shopping emails get you too?