TGIF – Watermelon Bread

TGIF Peeps! I am sooooo glad it’s Friday and that we are headed out of town for a long weekend. At the same time, I’m a little stressed out that we are leaving the bedroom unfinished and the house in disarray.  But, MacGyver really wants to go fishing and after all the work he’s done on the bedroom there was no way I could deny him that.

Casey Key

      So, I guess I’ll just be stuck here for the next 4 days…..

Oh well, looks like I’ll just have to take one for the team…it’s a rough life.

I’ll update again later today if I can but before I go, I wanted to tell you about something.

Watermelon Bread!  You heard that correctly, I said WATERMELON BREAD and holy moly does it look awesome.

watermelon bread
This bread is made by Jimmy’s bakery in Jiaohsi, Taiwan.  Although they say it taste nothing like watermelon that doesn’t stop hundreds of people from lining up every day to purchase it.

Only 100 loaves are made each day and they sell out fast. Unfortunately unless you live near Jimmy’s bakery in Taiwan or you happen to be visiting there, you’ll have to make your own watermelon bread.

But how is it made?

Don’t worry, I scoured the internet for you and I found this DIY video on YouTube. If you make it send me a picture so that I can post it.  I’d love to see how it turns out….or better yet, you can send me some and I”ll taste test it for you.  For reals.


You’re Welcome!

Do you have the day off today?
Are you going to make the watermelon bread?  And send me some…..

Yesterday, 14 miles, Today, Rest!

Happy Sunday to you! I’m taking a rest day. And by rest day, I do not mean I’m laying on the sofa watching reality TV, snacking on candy, and drinking soda because we are completely out of soda.

Yesterday I ran 14 miles at a really easy pace. It was a nice run around Kapok Park and on the Ream Wilson Trail.

Kapok Park

Kapok ParkKapok Park, Clearwater, Florida







Nice, huh? Isn’t this another trail that just makes you wanna move here and come and run with me? Yes? Well, do me a favor then and call my Mom, and tell her that she needs to move here permanently. She went home today and I am not happy about it.

I am missing her already. She and I went to Nokomis beach on Casey Key on Friday, and spent some time looking for shells and sharks teeth. (Sometimes we do take a little break from the shopping), I took a lot of pics, of course, as well as a video:

Nokomis BeachCasey Key






Casey Key, Nokomis, FLNokomis Beach






Nokomis, FloridaCasey Key, Florida

Sharks Teeth in Nokomis, Florida on Casey Key

Can you believe she left all that? I know!

MacGyver brought home an advertisement from Radio Shack today that says,’ Accidents Happen’, it has a dachshund on it. We also found a can of spray used to deter dogs from urinating where they aren’t supposed to. It also has a dachshund on it. Both Dachshunds look eerily similar to Hank:

Dachshund Ads

Are you noticing a recurrent theme here? MacGyver says we are doomed.

That’s all I got for today. MacGyver made this awesome homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and I am going to destroy that bowl! YUM!

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Tell me what you did?

Peacocks, Oranges, Casey Key, Rosie O, Wait, Wut?

Hello from Venice, Florida. Yes, I’m in Venice now….I’ll explain in a sec….

This morning I got up and ran 5 miles. I ran fartleks. That wasn’t the original plan, but when you’re trying to chase down Pre the Peacock to take a friggin picture, you run fartleks or you don’t get the picture. And in case you didn’t know it, Pre is fast….but I caught up to him anyway:

Pre Peacock

My Peacock from the neighborhood

You should really come over and run with me sometime just so you can see how he taunts me. It’s so obvious. But you should come and see it anyway.

After my run, Mom, MacGyver and me decided to come to Venice for the next few days. It’s a little cloudy but there are still a lot of things to do and malls that we haven’t been to yet, duh.

The first stop was Nokomis Groves, YUM! Must have oranges and tangerines and fresh squeezed orange juice and orange jelly, orange marmalade, and, you get the point.

Nokomis Groves

Nokomis Groves has been open for 65 years in the very same location and they are famous not only for their oranges, but also for their orange ice cream. People stand
in line forever! And it’s totally worth it. We get the orange ice cream mixed with vanilla and it taste like the best creamsicle EVER!

Nokomis groves ice cream

After we stocked up on the basics fruit and ice cream, we took a drive over to Casey Key. It’s an absolutely beautiful 8 mile long island located only 5 minutes from my house down here. I wanted to go drive down the entire key to look for a certain celebrity who just bought a house here just because, it’s so beautiful:

Casey Key Florida

It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. And there are a lot of celebrities and famous people who live there. One of the residents told me a famous author, somebody with a last name like King or something like that, lives here. And more recently, a former talk show host who may or may not have been in a movie with Madonna, purchased a home on the Island. I’m not a creeper or anything but I wanted to see her it and so we took a little drive down. This is one of the neighboring homes:

Casey Key home

Oh wait, actually, that was the guest house. Oh, to live like the rich and famous.

And this is one of my favorite places on the Island. It’s a quaint little hotel on the South end.

Casey Key Hotel On The Beach

It’s called ‘On the Beach’. It’s cute, isn’t it?

So that’s my day so far. We’re headed out now for some more shopping and sight seeing and maybe a bike ride on the trail.

I’m so excited to run the legacy trail in the morning! I just love it! Venice is awesome, you should come down here and run with me.

What’s your favorite place? Tell me why?